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Give your Feedback about the Abyss!


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Now that it's been a full week since the release of Abyss we'd like to get everyone's Feedback!

Please give us your positive or negative feedback and try to be as constructive as possible!

Example questions: 

1)Are you satisfied with the sector's difficulty? And which character are you on?

2)How do you feel about the sector rewards?

3)How do you feel about the Abyss crafts?


4)What do you think about the new custom Abyss special PNA?


5)Have you encountered and practical issues/bugs that need to be fixed?


6)What other Feedback would you like to give us?


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1.  yes,seulbi.
2. it's good for now ,maybe add more reward like pna material stuff.
3. it's all good for craft, but some items can't be moved to account bank like mutant capsule. i already max out all my mutant PNA , feel like useless to craft mutant capsule.
4. i have no problem for it.
5. i haven't seen any bug.
6. yes, about the timer, it seems there are some characters that have problem with the timer, when the battle starts boss do an intro and it will consume the timer, the most important thing is in vitus, some char can't skip the intro and waste time like 10-15 seconds, feels like an imbalance therefore. Maybe add more time like 30 seconds or remove the timer.

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For the difficulty, i think it's fine and challenging. I'm on Mirae and even if you have good TCP, you will have to learn the pattern to dodge it and do well on it.
For the reward, i think it's already good for weekly runs and considering the maleks too, it's another way to farm.
For the abbys craft, i think it's also good since  abyss will be permanent content, i can keep farming the material for the extra thing like frames, fonts, accs, etc.
The PNA is also good considering it's custom content, it's a nice thing to make player have a purpose (Maxing the PNA) playing the abyss weekly.
For issues, maybe it's only me but vitus fog make the framerate dropping.

Overall, it's a nice content to have for now

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1)Are you satisfied with the sector's difficulty? And which character are you on? Yes. I play Bai.

2)How do you feel about the sector rewards? They're cool. They help with money.

3)How do you feel about the Abyss crafts? They're good. I look forward to more stuff being in the craft.


4)What do you think about the new custom Abyss special PNA? I love it. I look forward to maxing it out.


5)Have you encountered and practical issues/bugs that need to be fixed? I would say F4 but Harpy said that she can't add a F4 option.


6)What other Feedback would you like to give us? Not much, really. I like the content so far. 


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I like it a lot, exactly what I wanted so I'm looking forward to seeing how it expands, e.g bosses in a weekly rotation.
I dislike the timer, some characters struggle with it more than others, imo it should be removed as doing the bosses properly is the main focus. Perhaps have reward penalties, rank penalties, if you take a certain amount of time to incentivize gearing up and getting better with your character.

I hope the abyss craft system will be expanded upon, I like attack speed but it is an inferior option right now, then again we do not really have too many options at this game.

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1.Yes it have suitable difficulty, I’m playing Bai.

2.The rewards are good.

3.They’re good, I hope it reduce material for cosmetics ( not power-up consumables ) and more stuff will be added.

4.It’s good and will be cool if we have Ultimate PNA for credit bonus ;)

5.Abyss will need F4 to next stage but if it can’t, make a warning instead ( if player passed the stage ).

6.My other feedback : Abyss shouldn’t count failure turn.Will make everyone has chance to get prize at lower stage.

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1)Are you satisfied with the sector's difficulty? And which character are you on? I play these runs on 4 characters. 2 of them going to the final stage (Levia & Mirae). Based on the difficulty, it's fine but Vitus gets real annoying on the final phase. You dodge before he grabs you but at the same time, it's real difficult. This makes you spam healing pots as youre being grabbed every second. Maybe make Vitus grabs take a bit longer in between? Being grabbed so many times can be frustrating every second after you touch the ground. Other than that, it's all doable but annoying. The ressurection limit are also reasonable considering you're going from point A to point B which increases it's difficulty.

2)How do you feel about the sector rewards? The increase in materials are resonable & MALEK CRYSTALS is super generous ♡ It's one of the most things that motivates me to grind it despite the difficulty with Vitus.

3)How do you feel about the Abyss crafts?  It's great! Definitely useful for PNA of course. Items such as the perfdct PNA kits are really generous and I'm not complaining ♡ Also, the cosmetics - ITS PRETTY! The aesthetic really fits my preference. 


4)What do you think about the new custom Abyss special PNA? Based on looking at the PNA alone already shows how much of a big help it can be for your character, I have no complaints for this ♡ The custom PNA I've yet to put it on but I will once I hop in-game (actually forgot I can craft it).


5)Have you encountered and practical issues/bugs that need to be fixed? As far as bugs go, no bugs have been encountered.


6)What other Feedback would you like to give us? Just as stated in the first question, if you can, try to make his grabs take a bit longer for Vitus in his final phase. I know his eyes pretty much tell us but it's a bit annoying being constantly grabbed every second which caused me to rage quit running the boss after stage 7. I'll be running the stages again for Vitus once logging in again.

I also wish the F4 option (an option that automatically takes you to the next dungeon) was able to be implimented. I mainly spoke for other people but now... I never had the retry on accident problem until yesterday which prevented me from being able to progress over to stage 9 as of this week for Misook.

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1. Yes,but please stop the time whenever the boss getting killed . Im using Seha
2. Reward is good
3. we need more Ascension mats 
4. it's good ,but can we have one more slot since there's 2 PNA XD
5. sometimes there is a hit that count twice so sometimes my character just died immediately (i'm not talking about sudden death pattern) "ex: when vitus grab and throw at hp bar 30x  sometimes the grab hit twice and then throw)

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9 hours ago, Laplus said:

I would like to see a "next operation" button for a little QoL 

Unfortunately this one is not possible. A comment from Harpy in a suggestion thread:

On 8/9/2022 at 7:48 PM, Harpy said:

Unfortunately with how the dungeons had to be set up, an F4 option is not possible to add.

Unlike bable, puri, etc, these stages aren't technically "connected" in a way that'd allow us to set up this option. So while we understand players would love to have this option, with how the dungeon is set up, its not possible to do.

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1. Yes, Nata.

2. The rewards are okay.

However, I don't like when failed the dungeon give nothing. Instead, make it dropping like Hall of Dragon, or according waves like Nightmare Bearland. Because this will make some players will just stick for lower Stage to ensure their rewards come out.

3. The crafting list is fine so far. However, a slightly reduce on cosmetic item is more preferred.

4. It's fine, but uPNA for credit is even better.

5. So far no bug that break gameplay is encountered. But there are some issues I'd like to address:
- x2 damage receiving is pretty annoying and can ruin the run because each resurrection is important. If you guys can solve this.

- Vitus grabbing is fast and don't leave time to prepare, lead to healing can't be intime at all. I might suggest make the 100% HP cake is available for this kind of situation. Or make Vitus before grabbing, he always stand at 12 o'clock direction for easier notice his glare attack pattern.

6. Time attack & resurrection limit are doubled PTSD. I'd like the timer only start after boss intro animation is done and stop immediately after boss HP reached 0.

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10 hours ago, Accelerator said:

Instead, make it dropping like Hall of Dragon

+1 with this point here. The reason I say this is because of the simple fact players will take lots of time attacking the enemy but... what if theyre not strong enough or end up dying? The time spent in the dungeon would be meaningless.

Maybe adding something along the lines of this would be nice.

Edited by Miia
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1: It's a bit too hard for me... with 30m cp Wolfgang it's impossible for me to clear Misook stage 5 in time even if I perfectly dodge all her patterns... Not to mention that crystal pattern in Vitus has efectively destroyed most of my runs for this week along with my plans to craft the new PNA.

2: The rewards themselves are really good, but it'd be better if we also got something out of failed runs. Otherwise there's not much incentive to try to really challenge ourselves if it's our drops on the line.

3: I like them, so nothing to say here

4: I really like that there are two types of it, so weaker players can also get one. The speed one can be really helpful to at least free the special PNA slot that some people use for speed PNA.

5: None

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1)  Regarding the mechanics and dodge timings with J and Bai, it is generally fine.  Misook is good.  Vitus' last grab phase is annoying but doable.  The bosses are pretty tanky and the content does just seem more like a TCP check though.

2)  Sector rewards are good.

3)  Abyss crafts are good.  I like that the new large PNA capsules are craftable if you do the mid-tier levels and that they aren't locked behind the last ones.  Additionally, I am happy that you brought back the old Team Challenge frames and they only need the level 1 (purple) crystals!  I hope only stuff like nametags, effects, and footprints will require a lot of crystals.

4)  New custom PNA is ok so far (I think mine is only at level 14).  However, there should not be a chance of failing upgrades.  

5)  Only issue I can think of right now is the timer continuing to run even after you land the final hit on the boss.  

6)  Fighting some of these old bosses again is fun and a little refreshing. 

Removing the timer would be nice if you do not want to change hp values, especially for people that don't already have high TCP and/or those that don't use strong characters, but I don't want that if it means you will just make the bosses even tankier.  Moreover, if possible, I don't think a dungeon entry should count if you fail a run.

Thank you for the custom content

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This turned out to be much longer than I had anticipated.


End-of-dungeon screen issue

This is important and must be changed ASAP. You introduced Abyss content with it being a DPS race and to facilitate that put a flat 5 minute timer in all stages. It's supposed to be hard, demanding, test of your skill etc. and I can understand that. What I do not understand is why the dungeon doesn't end the moment boss' health drops to 0. This makes absolutely no sense and is against any kind of healthy competition.

To illustrate the absurdity of your current flawed design picture the following situation:
Let's imagine you participate in a sports competition and it's a 500 meters race. This is a classic time attack trial where you're tasked with covering those 500m within 45 seconds. Failing to cross the finish line within that time frame means instant disqualification.
You start running, the clock is ticking precious seconds but you're doing your best to beat the challenge. You keep going as fast as you can while nervously glancing at the timer on the display above your track. The timer mercilessly counts down the time you've left and when there are 5 seconds left on the clock you cross the finish line. Happy that you managed to complete the challenge in time you look at the referee who is supposed to whistle your victory and end race as soon as your foot crosses the finish line. But the referee is not whistling - in fact they're only just about to slowly stand up from the chair preparing to announce your victory. Meanwhile timer went down to zero instead announcing your failure despite you crossing the finish line within the specified time. You unjustifiably lost because you didn't save up extra time for the referee to slowly stand up and actually finish the race.

This isn't about the drops which you get even if the timer runs out during animation - it's about robbing you of your achievement. Either remove the pointless end of dungeon animations for bosses in Abyss or make it so the reward screen comes up immediately the moment their HP drops to zero.

Abyss rewards

So, to incentivize the dungeon you decided to put in some rewards cause otherwise Abyss would very quickly end up abandoned much like Wargames is. And since Wargames is mostly done more out of necessity (cause free contribution plates) by people rather than to test themselves, Abyss will most likely go the same route once those interested (or forced cause of new PNA) get their desired stuff.
You often say you care for CC economy and want to avoid inflation or minimize it. Why then put in Abyss exactly one thing that feeds the inflation the most = more malek crystals. There are so many more interesting choices that you could've went with and yet you opted for the most uninspiring solution. It's already insanely easy to generate money in the game.

Instead of boring 'moar free muneh' route make it so Abyss dungeons drop rewards that will help people improve their gear. I suggest swapping malek crystals with Origin Chip boxes. I'm not going to give you exact numbers on how much each stage should drop how many boxes. Whether that's going to be 250 total origin chips per 5 runs of stage 10 or 125 chips per 5 runs of stage 5 is up to you to decide and adjust accordingly. Change from simple maleks to another source of weekly origin chips achieves few things here:
1) you incentivize trying out Abyss much more for new players who need the chips badly
2) Abyss remains relevant even after you're done crafting cosmetics/PNA
3) incentivizes alts' gear progression for old players
4) all of the above make it so money is spent in greater quantity cause you'll be more likely to overclock chips whether it's your still developing main or one of alts

This could be boosted further by adding alongside Origin Chip boxes different tiers of Phase Fibers to different tiers of Abyss dungeons. But for the love of all that is holy stop going the path of least resistance and add malek crystals everywhere. It's supposed to be aspirational content so make rewards worthwhile. If I wanted more money I'd just go farm Centrum or Rooftop 24/7.

Ultimate PNA costs

These aren't quite right.

While I appreciate the fact the new PNA strains don't have ridiculuous success rates of 30% something they still feel off. When you approach, say, lv20 onwards the rate starts to drop to 85% whereas Ascension points gain per week allow only for one upgrade at much later levels. It feels very demoralizing to wait a week only to hit that magical 15%. One great thing about many progression systems in Closers (and possibly in other krMMOs) is their deterministic nature. This is especially true of upgradeable Phase Wings. With Phase Wings you cannot fail but each upgrade has steep cost to balance that out.
What I would suggest is restructuring upgrade costs to mimic those of Wings system i.e. make each upgrade of new PNA always have 100% chance to success but there's much higher credit cost for each level so that the final one costs for example 300m.

Vitus grab reset position

After the initial grab Vitus likes to stay on either right or left side of arena when charging subsequent grabs. This is very problematic because of how portrait cut-ins appearing during FM casts effectively hide Vitus' entire model. This can kill you because you try to squeeze in additional DPS and portrait will hide him while the boss charges up next grab. I can't imagine everyone will disable their selected cut-ins every time they plan to go in.
Make it so Vitus resets his position after each grab.


Why did you decide to make lowest tier mats purple, middle tier blue and highest one red? As far as progression goes in this game or any classic MMORPG it's white > green > blue > purple > golden/yellow > red. IMO it's confusing and out of place. Also naming them 'Tier x' is kinda redundant since each stone has unique name already.

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  • 1 year later...

I'm really enjoying it! I'm eager to see how it evolves, especially with bosses on a weekly rotation. However, I'm not a fan of the timer. It seems to disadvantage some characters more than others. Instead, I'd prefer to see the timer removed, with penalties for rewards or rank if you take too long. This would encourage players to gear up and improve their characters. I'm also hoping they expand the abyss craft system. Right now, attack speed feels like a subpar option, and we could use more variety in the game.

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