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  1. We are no longer recruiting. This is due to other players outside of the crew not allowing members to join them in parties, channels, trades and so on just because of being in the crew. It was simply unfair for everyone and I don't want more of this to go on. Thank you all for joining as well as the people that were in the discord as guests. Now the crew only has me in it and is officially private. Thank you for understanding and I'm really sorry for the unfortunate news... R> Lock @Icarus @Ghost
  2. Hello! Thank you for applying! Feel free to apply in-game when you're ready β™₯ Also, yes we have a few harcore PvP players in our discord server as well
  3. Hello, Welcome back! There's guides you can look at if you're interested in doing so in the general guides section. Just to let you know what you need right now though is YOD sea trinkets, Busan trinkets that replaces your HN, your 2nd BB module, 2 other red triggers in the trigger slot. Feel free to check out my YouTube guides if you prefer to just listen Here's the whole thread - the link above is a specific video covering this topic!
  4. Miia

    Levia Guide

    β˜† [New] β˜† Levia's Skill Previews:
  5. Hello! thank you for applying! Go ahead and apply in-game and we will accept you as soon as possible! Welcome back to C:C β™‘
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