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  1. I like it a lot, exactly what I wanted so I'm looking forward to seeing how it expands, e.g bosses in a weekly rotation. I dislike the timer, some characters struggle with it more than others, imo it should be removed as doing the bosses properly is the main focus. Perhaps have reward penalties, rank penalties, if you take a certain amount of time to incentivize gearing up and getting better with your character. I hope the abyss craft system will be expanded upon, I like attack speed but it is an inferior option right now, then again we do not really have too many options at this game.
  2. Not big poblem imo, current endgame content is still easy, maybe if some content from busan onwards had 40m tcp variants for good rewards that highly rely on doing it properly it would matter.
  3. Imo potions just add a lot of busy work which is annoying to do if you want to min max.
  4. I only have 2, 3 hours a day at most, more on weekend, I will never be able to get most of the rewards. Dailies, raid, now I need to farm dungeons with no real other reward? If I wanted to be rewarded for having no social life I would play korea or china. Small event is fine, this is just mindless grind, if ears were 8-10 per kill it would be fine, have some "ear fodder" additional reward which can be bought, maybe 1 gacha coupon per 20~ runs.
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