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  1. i mean as i kinda pointed out the main problem is when players get to asmo and MK as they are more focused on everyone pulling their weight.
  2. and also when we talking bout not having not much tcp i think chi will agree we talking bout people who are no where near close to 18m tcp obviously if you like 17m and you got the right gear you may be let into a spam group
  3. but the minimum tcp requirement for belphegor is 18m tcp?
  4. But like chi said "Most of the time" those who are way under the requirement of the raid very much go in blind without researching beforehand and therefore increase run time. I'm not against people going in blind but again you can't really fault some people for not having the patience to deal with that.
  5. and in response to this while yes people who gear skip can ask for carries to do content they may not have the stats for yet, you also can't really fault some carries for not wanting to increase their run time because someone may not have the right stats because they've cut corners in places. especially when it comes to belphegor.
  6. I agree with that but I do still think it would be nice to make newer players aware of why gear skipping may not be the best idea which was my original reason to write out that post. if after letting them know why gear skipping ain't a good idea they still decide to do it? that's completely fine and I wish them the best of luck
  7. Hi everyone! this is my first forum post so please bear with me if it looks kinda rough, I wanted to talk about an issue that I know has been around for a long time but I feel like now more than ever it's becoming more important to address it. Gear-Skipping, we've all done it at some point so please don't see this as me trying to mock the way that you play the game but I feel like not enough people talk about how much of a bad practice it is and the people who do try and talk about it get drowned out by a lot of experienced players promoting gear-skipping. by the end of this post, I'm hoping both experienced, new and returning players will realize why gear skipping is so bad and why a lot of people who gear skip on c:c or Official closers end up dropping the game in a week or 2. So why is gear skipping bad? By gear skipping and rushing your TCP not only do you: Hit a progression wall faster you also probably struggle to solo bosses that someone who didn't gear skip can solo you also miss out on the learning experience of how to attain a certain gear set. Take it from me I used to be a big gear skipper for literal years until I was finally told how to do stuff properly and now I have been having the most fun with the game than I ever had in the almost 4 years accumulative time I've been playing closers and it's only just now that it clicked and I have plenty of people to thank but the main one I have to thank is Chiharu if it wasn't for her guide and also her offering her advice on how to gear properly I probably no, in fact, I Would have done what I always did and gear skipped and then eventually dropped the game again. Because also closers is a grindy game we all know this even for people who don't gear skip its a pain in the fucking ass especially when you get to acquiring Asmo gear it's a long process but honestly the payout at the end when you see yourself organically getting stronger and being able to solo a boss you couldn't before is the best feeling in the world I think. I also understand it from a new and returning players point of view I understand why people do it, you wanna be able to do the new content and experience all the cool stuff players who have been playing for a long time are currently doing, and I respect that but I have to ask what is better? being able to enter a new raid but not being able to damage it at all and also being so fragile that if a boss breathes in your direction you instantly die. Or would you rather enter a raid that you can contribute towards damage-wise and you won't die so much in? Why is gear skipping more of a problem now? Simple. Raids now are more reliant on all members in the raid group knowing what to do and being able to contribute damage-wise. this is not Tiamat or purification or even bb (Beelzebub) anymore. Closers now purposefully design their raids to punish people for not being prepared and the problem is all the players in the group receive the punishment. Just as a quick example ill talk about Lorelei one of her phases is a DPS Check. all 4 Clones need to be killed to pass the phase so that EVERYONE doesn't get KILLED. Or a more recent example is the Belphegor core cube phase if everyone doesn't put the cube in the right spot EVERYONE even the ones who did it correctly get killed. and as an honorable mention I'm gonna show yall a quick screenshot of essentially why a lot of high TCP players kick people out of their parties: So again not only does gear skipping leave you at a disadvantage from a damage point of view but also from a knowledge point of view. Don't get me wrong I watched guides for asmo v1 before I did it for the first time and when I did it I still messed up in places but the difference is I had an IDEA of what to do especially for the conditional damage shields (Back Attack, Aerial) so many people don't know how to break those shields. They never took time to learn because they are trying to rush to hit "endgame" but if I'm completely honest you may have reds and have 15 million TCP but if you haven't got the knowledge you won't be able to use that gear effectively. I've Gear skipped and I want to fix it how do I? Hopefully, now that you've read me rambling you've decided that maybe I've got a point and now you want to fix your character or characters. Fortunately, while it may take a while it should be easy to fix you just gotta power through. It's hard for me to say What exactly you should do since I would need to see your gear to tell you exactly what you need but you just need to go back and get what you skipped. I will link a guide made by Chiharu as that's what I've personally been following its got pictures of where you should be gear wise in order and its constantly being updated and changed to make sure it has the most up to date information (ty Chi <3) GUIDE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15IJBH8lSIBcAVIUUL4LZRjkJlSKJBJX8_xtCwXio1GI/edit?usp=sharing Conclusion I don't think there is much else for me to say just that if you do decide to gear skip after reading all this that's completely fine and ill respect that decision but please do not be surprised if you face being kicked from parties and just overall struggle to progress because of said decision but regardless of that I wish you the best of luck! if any of yall want to talk bout what I've written and maybe want some advice on how to fix your setup I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to help and I'm in The C:C discord too so feel free to drop me a ping and we can chat.
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