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  4. IGN:ErenYaeger1 Member/Guest:member Discord:TheEternalSnake#3309 Reason to join:looking to make frirends in the game and someone to help me in the game
  5. Hello Agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! Cash Shop Update Additional Changes and Bug Fixes Cash Shop Update Ribbons (10 Colors) Ribbons Accessories have been added to the "Accessory" tab in the costume section! These are a permanent addition to the cash shop! Bunny Boy and Bunny Girl have been disabled and removed from the cash shop. Full Body options of these costumes have also been disabled and removed. Applied a fix to the Bitter n Sweet invisible Bottoms Applied a fix to the Bitter n Sweet stacking Brooch The following items can now be placed into account storage
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  7. As long as Ex Aegis Rush's Master cube is unlocked, Release! will always have +50% damage and ABC. The tooltip has not been updated in this server.
  8. Thank you everyone for all of your submissions! We've read through every single one and will be sending bits and rewards out to EVERYONE who participated in this! There's no real way to determine who made the better guide, so we're just rewarding everyone who took the time to write a thread. All character threads will be pinned to their section, and will also be pinned to their class section on discord (if submitted to the #code-forum-guide). General guides, or guides with no clear character will be pinned to the general guide section. Everyone who entered will receive the frame and bits depending on the amount of effort and work placed on their guide. Please send a mail to me on the forums (or ping me on discord) with your IGN and your bits and reward will be sent to you! As stated in the initial rules, all participates will receive an amount of effort placed in the guide. We tried to keep this as fair as we could and gave all character guides a base amount and went up from there if the guide went above and beyond. Once again, thank you all for submitting your guides!
  9. I'd just like to touch on some points there: I imagine you mean our step by step process of what our day to day work is (as I've seen some game companies do)? If so, that is not information we are allowed to openly give out. Though I do give tidbits of things being worked on and what's being tested on discord from time to time. Content does get teased when it is being worked on. If its not in the process of being tested/prepared, we do not tease or release what's to come since nothing would be set in stone. You can see what's coming in KR and what may eventually come to C:C in @Jangmi's off topic posts here. Like Razh said here, I'm usually always on the discord watching or talking if I see a conversation I can jump into. If you see me on, you're more then welcome to ask for any information and I can give it if I'm permitted to.
  10. I'm online on Discord every single day. You should also know that since I've talked to you there too. I also always make sure to say that if anyone has questions or concerns, ping me since I may be able to help. Harpy is also in the Discord daily, along with the other FOs and FA. We're always there if you have questions or concerns. As for "why does the staff not communicate with the players regarding the future developments", there are multiple reasons. If we could, we most likely would. Giving "updates" has backfired on us since people start to expect it. Even just saying "maintenance is on Monday" has people stalking our profiles on the day and constantly asking "maint when?" "what's in the maint?" etc. What happens if we're unable to deliver on that specific day? "lol staff can't do anything right". You may not realize it, but even the smallest word can be taken and ran with, so we have to always make sure we're explaining clearly enough and have to constantly repeat ourselves (because even if we e.g. post in a thread or the announcements channel, people still don't bother checking it). It's also not as easy as it sounds. It's not as simple as copy-pasting things and having them work-- updates can take days, weeks or months to perfect, and we still may have bugs on release. If we are comfortable enough with our progress, we may tease it here and there (we've had thread teasers, and even given smaller teasers to our Nitro boosters as a perk for supporting us). It should not be expected, though, because we can only do so much. I've had experience with this on Void. No matter how much "transparency" we gave, no matter how much we explained and clarified for people even when we didn't have to, it was never enough. I completely understand player's frustrations with not knowing what's coming next, however again, there's only so much we can do. I hope this clarifies things a bit. If you're not seeing us "communicate", then you may have missed it, since we do communicate fairly often.
  11. just give up already it's not worth our time debating over the same things that has been said for the past 4 years. They don't want to hype you for jackshit and are afraid of not being able to delivery because of the backlash of memes we are making. This server is just dead and it's pointless to play it for now , even some small updates could have been done over the past few months i'm heavily dissapointed but you get used to it when you play on C:C.
  12. 1 - Doesn't necessarily mean there will be faster updates. 2 - Probably not any of your/our business to begin with as a player 3 - The content you've listed barely came out on the Korean server... I don't know what you're expecting here. Also, the staff do provide teasers once they're ready and the update arriving in the following weeks after.
  13. If by staff you mean staff in general, they do communicate quite a bit in discord. Although that is not the case for Devs since they're not there and they only goes on forum when there's server down or like once every 2 weeks or so Regarding that, would you trust important data to unknown person at this point? And knowing C:C is private server, working with them in the first place posses some kind of risk. Not quite sure on that risk thing though. Again, other staffs do exist in discord. Despite them not being active most of the time. as far as I'm concerned, Bai, Gitae, and Soma are the only one that are not in discord. Bai dealing with mostly background work. and Soma getting stuff from KR to implement to CC. Keep in mind that all that above is my personal opinion as a player that is you can say "active" in both discord and forum.
  14. Hello everyone, some of you may not know me, but I'm a fellow player on this server since 2017 if I'm not mistaken, but let's get right to the point. Although C:C is not linked to naddic, the global server recently started to update some things from KR server in which we don't have yet, example: PNA mutant, they are still outdated in some contents, like, Lucy is coming in November and Solomon in December, but that's not the case. That's what worried me and made me wonder: how code will be if we continue without not only updates, but also the lack of communication with the players by the staff? So, I'm not asking for ETA of x or y content, but instead, I'm bringing the point: why does the staff not communicate with the players regarding the future developments? I know that coding, programming all the stuff to work without bugs and even along with the code custom content is such a hard work, since I am a programming student, and it indeed is a pain to work on it, and to get worse, we only have 1 single developer working on all this, which is Soma, however, I have some questions to make after I told all this. 1: even though the earnings with PGC are spent on maintaining the server machines working, it is enough only for that, or it isn't possible to hire more developers to do the updates faster? 2: the "internal privacy policy" of the staff or whatever doesn't allow them to give any information regarding the server state, in terms of how the coding/programming stuff is going on it's progress? 3(probably the main one): although if the staff gave a "future content sneak peek" or something, that would hype the players, hence, the time for developing it would frustrate them, then why the staff can't talk with us more often? Plus, I'll list here the contents we are still lacking, as far as I know: -centum city chapter 2 -mutant PNA -KR latest balance patch -Mock Battle(Hecatoncheir) -black market/teamwork buff/union watch rework -selfie mode -footprint visual slot -belphegor raid boss -Legion program/skill cube system rework That's it, my apologies if the post was too long, but I was in need of telling all this in a place in which the staff could see properly. Thanks for reading.
  15. can i join your crew? im new(just start playing 2 days ago) and rarely play any games so i dont really know what should i do IGN: MadFist Member/Guest: Member(?) Discord: tobias bot#7716 Reason to join: i need someone to help me
  16. New channel - all meant for Elsword!


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