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  1. Thank you for applying ♡ go ahead and apply in-game and we will accept you in asap. I'll go ahead and send over my friend request to you through discord as well
  2. Hello ♡ thank you for applying! I'll go ahead and send you over a friend request in-game and invite you there! I'll let one of our deputies know to add you on Discord as well so you can join our discord
  3. Hello ty for applying ♡ we will add you on Discord and invite you in-game
  4. I honestly think that would be a bit too easy
  5. I'm happy about this event - especially the license! The price to buy it is also reasonable as well ♥ The missions are also a lot better than the first time we've seen it in-game & it really does add variety towards dungeons we can run. Trial and error at it's best! Thank you guys so much for this, really pumped ~
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