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  1. Levia's Skill Patches Buffed or Nerfed? Buffed! She became much faster (Images sent in #off-topic on Discord) [Screaming Matan] Doesn't require to hold the skill key anymore. When holding down, you'll cast a one-hit. [Finishing Move 3 - Judgement Star] Can now be cast much faster. [EX - Fang Stab] Movement Speed increases when casting. More info here: Link to Skill Patches here: https://closers.nexon.com/News/Notice/View?n4ArticleSN=143296
  2. Gremory Arcade - Boss Mechanics New guide going over Arcade Gremory mechanics is out! I know it's been out for awhile but figured id make this for newcomers!
  3. Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (3).mp4 Due to the refined skill changes, Levia's [FM4] can no longer reset her skipping skill for [Snake Signet] So what you do now is do what we did before but instead, hold down the Snake Signet skill to skip all animations at once.
  4. An event is currently going on now! Be sure to join us if you wish to participate β™‘ https://discord.gg/2whbDkuP?event=1192941354356056294
  5. Levia guide has been updated! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fMt_9DgZ07jeO1e7_qOnY-QsARHLBqKzQ3Z9-rZA_9o/
  6. I have an idea of having materials like TSP in future events and as well as the credit burner. Stop making the TSP's black marketable or tradeable so players don't exploit these materials with alternate accounts (includes lvl boost) - it's still possible to quickly get them to 30m, ask for a carry certain dungeons/raids and just reserve the stuff on BM, give to the original ACC, or sell to others. This same thing applies to any kind of material that you get - maybe not make it happen to the materials with flame king and the rest of the content now since it wouldn't be fair for those that didn't get to experience it but instead change it in the future content like gatewave v2 posted in off-topic to prevent all of this skipping - make players actually play the game. I've made some suggestions about this in the past like creating dungeons that actually require you to have a certain amount of TCP. Let's say your character is 8m but you want to enter a 10m dungeon, you can't until you end up reaching 10 million combat power. Now... as much as I'd want this to come to life, it wouldn't work for many reasons. Due to the game already going so far without doing this, it would be unfair for those who are nowhere near 50m+ as anyone higher up wouldn't have to worry about those entries. I was hoping that maybe future dungeons instead should require you to have a certain amount if possible - that would require a lot of work though and would probably even break the game... Another one I was thinking of is possibly creating custom dungeons that could change the game around for players across the server. I'm not exactly sure how this would be pulled off but it sounds good on paper. If there were different alternatives, I'm pretty sure the time spent online for each person would obviously be longer since everyone has to do their part on the grind.
  7. Here I explain the issues I have with the gearing process for Closers. I would post this in the fan-media section but I think this is something that can't just be ignored. Things has simply become too easy. Creating a character from scratch, you could get them to 40 - 50m within a span of 2 to 3 weeks - even the base end game equipment... It's great to get benefits but it becomes a point and time where it's too much. The new patch of Gatewave v2 posted in Off-topic doesn't make things any better, either. This means more black marketable materials. Please keep in mind that I mention the word: Purchasing a lot. This is referring to every player in the server that can buy things off of the black market or discord. Players can simply grind their way to purchase the main source material: Elixirs. Those are what really makes us skip the gearing process.
  8. I'm happy and unhappy - Happy about the new content, unhappy about what it was like and hoping things become more rewarding than given. To be completely real here - benefits are nice and all but there's a point and time where it's too much. Just like Gitae said - and even GMs on KR stated that it's more like a hand me game - literally an auto mode cause of the way one shots happen with every dungeon. I stated this constantly before in my videos and streams and heavily touched the subject when the skill point changes came around. After everything, people are able to get to 50m like nothing now and it's kind of beginning to feel like things are just too easy. This causes things to feel less rewarding. Thankfully, Flame King came around and it's really starting to test things out for everyone as a player and showing what it's really like to drop something that's legendary or rare. I'm hoping things will start to take a turn later on. Making mats black marketable like the Gatewave stuff was surprising - a bad kind of surprising. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. I want to actually earn things.
  9. X-Mas Event is on-going! Create your own meme regarding the CODE: Closers server in our discord to have a chance to win credits
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