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  1. The guide has been updated!
  2. Gearing guide is being close to done! Here's a bit of sneak peek images if you're curious!
  3. We had a level skipping event 3 months ago - because of this coming to C:C for the first time, we aren't sure whether it'll come back or not soon.
  4. Document now updated Abyssal Hell Levia Skill Tunes 1st row - [Flash of Pain Tune] 2nd row - [EX Horn Smash] 3rd row - [Possessed Spirit]
  5. Levia's Skill Patches Buffed or Nerfed? Buffed! She became much faster (Images sent in #off-topic on Discord) [Screaming Matan] Doesn't require to hold the skill key anymore. When holding down, you'll cast a one-hit. [Finishing Move 3 - Judgement Star] Can now be cast much faster. [EX - Fang Stab] Movement Speed increases when casting. More info here: Link to Skill Patches here: https://closers.nexon.com/News/Notice/View?n4ArticleSN=143296
  6. Gremory Arcade - Boss Mechanics New guide going over Arcade Gremory mechanics is out! I know it's been out for awhile but figured id make this for newcomers!
  7. Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (3).mp4 Due to the refined skill changes, Levia's [FM4] can no longer reset her skipping skill for [Snake Signet] So what you do now is do what we did before but instead, hold down the Snake Signet skill to skip all animations at once.
  8. An event is currently going on now! Be sure to join us if you wish to participate β™‘ https://discord.gg/2whbDkuP?event=1192941354356056294
  9. Levia guide has been updated! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fMt_9DgZ07jeO1e7_qOnY-QsARHLBqKzQ3Z9-rZA_9o/
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