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  1. I made a revamped Reading Rainbow for the "Gear" section and I even revamped the section. I will warn you that it may be a little bit confusing. I'm sorry for a lot of text. This is mainly because I had to also think about the New Players/Returnee benefits so there's going to be a lot of text but there are pictures and hopefully, you can use the video with it. Anyways, I hope it helps.
  2. I did some revising or revamping on my guide since some stuff are outdated. I'm still revamping the guide but you guys are welcome to look and see what's new.
  3. I put a video of how to find which side to attack a back shield on the first page. You're going to have to scroll quite a bit to see it though.
  4. Just a small heads up for people who still use my guide. The section of videos that was on the main page for how to do dungeons and such? The videos are moved to the following sections: - How to Clear Wolfgang, Hoffman, Gina and Omega Knight will be in Gear. - How to Clear Hell will be in Purification Ops. - How to Do BBv1 and v2 will be in Beezlebub Content While still teaching people how to Raid. - How to Do SoP (Yod's Sea) will be in Sea of Pollution aka Yod's Sea. - How to Do Misook and Untouchable will be in Busan. - How to Do Asmodeus v1 and v2 will be in Asmodeus (Salt Raid). - How to Do Belphegor will be in Belphegor (Asgore Raid). - How to Do Dust and Ash will be in White Night Fortress.
  5. I'm just going to casually plug-in my separate guides in the initial post and in order so y'all won't get lost so that way, y'all can access shit. P.S: It's also on the guide. Which is in the very first link of the post. P.S.S: Y'all scroll down the thread because there are also videos. Ok? Ok. P.S.S.S: I put the Information on Triggers in the Initial post as well because Triggers.
  6. I've been seeing people having trouble with tuning or what to tune so on the first page, I put tuning information that will also be put on my guide. No need to thank me, just doing my job.
  7. 1)Are you satisfied with the sector's difficulty? And which character are you on? Yes. I play Bai. 2)How do you feel about the sector rewards? They're cool. They help with money. 3)How do you feel about the Abyss crafts? They're good. I look forward to more stuff being in the craft. 4)What do you think about the new custom Abyss special PNA? I love it. I look forward to maxing it out. 5)Have you encountered and practical issues/bugs that need to be fixed? I would say F4 but Harpy said that she can't add a F4 option. 6)What other Feedback would you like to give us? Not much, really. I like the content so far.
  8. So y'all remember when I said that I was going to make a revised Reading Rainbow Edition for Busan? Whelp, I made it. It's on the first page. Hopefully someone merges this with my other comment. I also made the guide much more easier to navigate so that way, y'all won't really have a hassle with finding sections. Seriously, whoever made those changes to Google Document, we need to have a talk. 7-7r You had my people looking lost as fuck on my guide, we fighting lol. Where the fuck is my Karen Wig. Hello, I would like to speak to your fucking manager.
  9. I'd like to take this moment to say bless the staff for shortening the grind for certain part of the gearing progress. This means that there is little to no reason for people to skip gear. However, that means that people like us need to update our guide a bit. I don't mind. I'm just happy that the grind is easier for people. Still, thank you for making the changes. Anyways, the guide's been updated. I'll keep the outdated Asmodeus and Busan Reading Rainbow editions for now as a general idea on what to do. Yes, it's now outdated but it still holds useful information. I'll get around to redo'ing the Busan one though.
  10. O k. Sometimes, I want to stab Google Documents. No one told me that it removed my Outlines and I found out by someone commenting on one of my videos. Outlines are somewhat updated.
  11. There most likely will be, however, the majority of this thread is about how people who skip gear be showing up to raid and expecting to get a carry 24/7 or to leech off of people and not everyone have time for that. If you were referring to Omega Knight and Gina, I can understand. If you were referring to Belphegor, that's been the majority of this thread's topic. How people who skip gear be showing up in Belphegor and fucking up the raid for everyone else. This also happens in Asmodeus as well but we can talk about that later. Naddic's got a thing for making content where if one person fuck up, everyone pays the price. That's one of the reasons why this thread came to be. I'm giving you context just in case you didn't read everything but I do agree with the current endgame being somewhat easy since all you literally have to do is just learn mechanics and then you're straight.
  12. IGN: Chiharu Warrior of Spring Entry:
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