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[CONTEST] Code: Recolor!

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Come one, come all!

Have your chance at seeing your own work added to the game!

Follow the theme, create the requested item and have a chance at having it added to the game!

So start up your programs ladies and gentlemen, and let's get ready to create!







This event will not be a weekly or monthly event, but may come along randomly with different requests each time!

If this theme and request does not suit you, please be sure to keep an eye out for the next one!

Though it's named Code:Recolor, please feel free to create whatever you would like from scratch!


For this edition of the event, we'll be looking for Title Images, Frame cards, and Character Portraits! What are these exactly?
Title Images are the images received through achivements or events. When enabled, they'll flash over the character's name! An example one can be seen when VVIP is activated and enabled through the Title UI.
Frame Cards are an item also received through achievements, events and other daily activities around the game. When enabled, they'll be present on the loading screen to sectors, and an icon will be visible on your character's portrait. An example one can be seen with the Crew's Frame!
Character portraits are a displayed image of a character in certain costumes! These can be seen through the character information screen, loading screens and various other locations of the game! An example of one of these can be seen with the Draconian set (Harpy's)!
These portraits will be tied to an armband that activates the image when worn.
Rules and Regulations:
  • Follow all CODE:Community Guidelines
  • No +18 content is permitted
  • No stealing/copying of other's work
  • Do not use multiple forum accounts to spam likes or entries
  • If you liked to vote for a winner, please "like" the post. While it doesn't pick the winner, it may help decide the winner(s)
  • Any post not related to an entry will be removed
  • Please do not reserve a post!
    • Any post reserving a spot will be removed
  • Please be sure to provide your in-game character name
  • If you'd like your item to have a specific name/title - please specify that name in your entry
  • Please upload all entries to Imgur and add the image to your post



Title Regulations:

  • Must be saved in .PNG format
  • Any white space must be transparent
  • Size MUST be 100x50
    • Any smaller or larger may have the entry disqualified


Frame Card Regulations:

  • Must be saved in .PNG format
  • Any white space MUST be transparent
  • Size MUST be 512x180.
    • Any smaller or larger may have the entry disqualified
  • It is recommended to keep designs towards the left of the image and keep the designs towards the right side to a minimum


Character Portraits Regulations:

  • Must be saved in .PNG format
  • Any white space MUST be transparent
  • Size of all images must include: 512x512, 1024x1024, 128x128
    • Any smaller or larger may have the entry disqualified
  • Any character can be used as a base design - you do not have to design for all characters
  • Original concepts are welcomed and encouraged
  • Work in Progresses are required when submitting an entry
    • This is no longer optional but is now required




Due to the nature of this event, by submitting your artwork to us, you give us the right to use/change/edit/modify your work for the purpose of applying it in-game.

If it does not fit or if it requires any changes for the purpose of applying it in-game, we may rescale or modify the image so it does.

Should we be unable to do it ourselves without large changes to the original concept, we will contact the original owner to fix it. If they cannot or do not answer, a new winner will be chosen in their place.







The theme for this entry shall be: Everything and Anything! It is an open theme!

If you need somewhere to start, Summer is coming! So if you need some inspiration, look to summery, coloful and bright images!

Summer is mearly a suggestion though, you do not have to follow this if you do not want to!


Deadline: June 30th, 2021


With this multiple item event, you can enter for all types of items but can only win for 1!

You can enter for just a title image, or you can enter for all 3!






All winners will have their creations added to the game as well as receive a free copy for themselves!

All winners will receive 10,000 bits for their work!

Character portrait winners will instead receive 15,000 bits for their work!


Note: The amount of winners may change with ever addition. If there's some really nice pieces, we may put in multiple winners!


All prizes (bits included) will be sent out once the items have been added to the game.

After they have been added, please contact @Harpy on the forums if you have not received your prizes within a week.



Good luck everyone!

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  • Harpy changed the title to [CONTEST] Code: Recolor!
  • 3 weeks later...

IGN: Fukuhime

Title: Summerish Bai



Sketch and lining


Base coloring






Crop & Editing





1024 x 1024


512 x 512



128 x 128




Edited by Lin
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IGN: Ara
Title: Blossom Dress








did some fixing up on the face and dress:








Finished Version


1024 x 1024


512 x 512


128 x 128



Edited by Miia
Last minute fixes (6/24)
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