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  1. Nightglow is a lv. 10 International (English as main language) crew founded in August 2018 We're a group of old and new players who have been looking for new, active members. We’re accepting any type of player - old veterans who know game mechanics well or new players who want to learn how the game works. Our goal is to make our members feel relieved from any toxicity and make daily adventures in game easier and funnier. To find out more about our crew, please read more information posted below. Our discord link is sent after joining the crew in game. We also allow guests to join the crew, but only crew master/crew admins can accept them. Hiya, I'm Jangmi. I main Eunha, Seulbi and Violet (this one mainly for fashion). I started playing Closers back in 2017 and I can't count times I've been quitting due to lack of motivation. I can call myself a weird person, because I can never tell what exactly I want and I'm really obsessed over Crypto from Apex Legends. I'm addicted to Genshin Impact and I'm future Kokomi and Gorou main (Kokomi and Gorou mains, where are you at). If it comes to crew activities, I'm trying to help as much as I can. I often translate a lot of korean texts from Closers KR, so many people can see what awaits us in the future. For a while I'm supporting Code Closers, doing my duties as a Field Officer. If you will ever need any help, don't be scared to ask! Mirae main, playing since 2017. You can call me Minos or Helen. As a person with long experience, I’m trying to help players as much as I can. I’m not expert in every category, but I will always try to find other people who have information which members are looking for. I’m playing this game mainly because I enjoy the design of characters, story and gameplay which was different from stuff I played before. I do like collecting fashion stuff, it’s like an additional achievement (my main goal is to gear my character to a certain point). I’m trying to help solve any problem which happens in the crew. I hope new players who join the crew will feel welcome by everyone. Hello, I'm Rexi. I play as well in Code:Closer (I’m just a normal player). I have been playing closers since 2016, first on Indo and Japan servers, I play Closers just to find fun and excitement in the game. I try to help players who need help or info about gear or other things. I thank Minos for entrusting me to the position of representative in the crew. I hope that I can help new players who come on the crew for the future. Hello! I'm Misaniel. I'm Harpy main. I started my journey with Code:Closers this year but with Annyeong I really grew up. I can tell that I'm a person with lots of positive energy, jokes and always ready to help new players with gearing or with dungeons. I'm a king of fashion and always trying to look stunning on the battlefield. I'm really grateful that Minos chose me to be Crew Deputy~ I hope you will feel in Annyeong like at home and I wish we will see each other in the game. Account name: IGN (main character): Timezone: Previous crew: Why you want to join?:
  2. Recruitment closed for a while, sorry for troubles
  3. Just one thing I notice during reading It's damage, not demage - and I see this typo everywhere Also since Soma is chase/aerial, I'm not sure why she has PNA back in your guide. Even she does some back, chase/aerial should be priority on her. Although I played her before revamp, so I might be wrong (I still consider her chase/aerial > back)
  4. Update (07/02/2021) - New gear added (end-game), - Triggers updated, - Updated few other information
  5. Hello, please contact me on discord (Eden#6615) or through game (ign: Minos)
  6. PS. I'll be absence on game for 2 days, so please DM me on discord for recruiment: Eden#6615
  7. IGN: Minos Frame Ver. 1 (Royality) Ver. 2 (Soma's Flamingo Dream) W.I.P for Soma image Title Vacation Time
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