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  1. Yes, I could accidentally made typo, it happens a lot to me I'll note it down This is also something I forgot to fix, my bad, I forgot to mention it As far as I know they added this option on KR, but maybe again, I misread patch notes (or more - it's badly translated which mislead my thinking) And reason I didn't put Shaping Dew was due to cooldown (24 sec + whole cast time for all 3 steps makes it around 30 sec; back isn't forced in all steps also). Nightmist Rip is still best option, Dawning as second. If someone did tune Shaping Dew to bad rng, they could keep it an
  2. Got ya, updating it. I also have few more stuff to update so I'll post it soon fixed
  3. For the last few days since her release, I notice a lot of people completely skipping Shadow Call or using it wrongly. Let me make it clear: Shadow Call is a must for Mirae's gameplay and her main buff. Without this buff, she loses tons of ABC/True Damage which are casted with her shadows in skills. You also skip enhanced basic attacks by not using the skill. Shadow Call was created around the whole Mirae kit and should be used on the beginning of every dungeon and after rotation of skills (or when it's cooldown ends). So do not underestimate this skill! Debuffs
  4. Now [Dark Leader] is upgraded to [Dark Master] Can stack up to 5 times, instead of 7. [Dark Master] When you use special ability Shadow Call, you gain an additional buff [Twilight]. [Twilight] is casted everytime you’re using Dusk Shroud. [Twilight] Can stack max. to 20 times [Shadow: Finishing Moves] When using Finishing Moves, [Shadow] spirit tracks enemies for additional damage. Can chase up to 3 enemies, deals [True Damage], guarantee Aerial/Back/Chase and Critical. This attack gains the same damage as Shadow Call and Finishing Moves skill levels.
  5. In this guide we gonna take a look at Rattus team character - Reaper Mirae Mirae is a physical character. Her kit is focused on buffing skills with [Shadow] and using [Dark Master] passive Mirae can shroud herself in darkness and can manipulate the shadow. With each death and resurrection, Mirae gains [Dark Leader] buff, which can be stacked up to 7 times. Each time Mirae casts [Shadow Call], she gains a [Master of Shadows] buff for 7s.* Combat Dodge Quickly dodge backward and evade enemy attacks, decreasing incoming damage by 60%. Can also be used in the
  6. Annyeong is a lv. 10 English crew founded in August 2018. Crew has been known in the past under the name Vicious. We're a group of old and new players who have been looking for new, active members. We’re accepting any type of player - old veterans who know game mechanics well or new players who want to learn how the game works. Our goal is to make our members feel relieved from any toxicity and make daily adventures in game easier and funnier. To find out more about our crew, please read more information posted below. Our discord link is sent after joining the crew in game. We also
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