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  1. I see you already applied to the crew, i'll add you and DM you the discord server and i hope you enjoy your stay in the crew~
  2. 🦢 BlackSwan - A place to get comfy Welcome to Noddles crew! I created this crew for people who wants to chill. We accept people who talk in english (obviously) but portuguese people are welcome too! This crew was created at first just for me to chill out, but now this crew is recruiting active members who wants to chill and have fun! All i want is to have a place where people feel comfortable. We're recruiting any type of players, new players, veterans and such, everyone is welcomed! Our Crew has 8/120 and we're looking to grow! If you wanna join the crew DM me on Discord Miyury#9497 or make this application: Account name: IGN (main or sub character's names): Member or Guest: Your Discord: Timezone: Reason you want to join: hope you have fun in here and thank you for reading~
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