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  1. April 8th 2024 Update: With the expansion of Level 95 and Flame Wave gear, the only changes on these skill builds are the following: -Characters will have to increase the level of the skills which got a level cap increase. (mainly Special Agent/Crew/Resolver skills as well as Task Force/Black Hand skills) -Characters who use the Basic Attack Training passive should level it up now that an extra level has become available. -Characters who do not have Finishing Move 1 leveled to max will need to level it up +1 (5 SP), to account for the level loss that the trinket set bonuses used to give in the past. -The addition of the 3rd refined skill had already been taken into account in the making of this suggestion guide, so characters who wish to use the new refined skill should be able to do so right away. The SP of characters have been adjusted appropriately to account for all the changes.
  2. Disclaimer: These builds are mainly considering high damage output into account and don't take into account potential defensive builds or drop rate bonus builds. If you're interested in those refer to possible notes on each character's section or the suggestions of other players. All the build screenshots below don't include level increases you may be getting from trinket sets and so on. As such when you see something like Finishing Move 1 level 5, in reality, it'll be level 6 after accounting for trinket set bonuses. Lastly, they take into account the potential want of a player to play with all available Refined Skills. For some characters if you're not interested in playing with Refined Skills, levels of certain skills can be reduced. If you believe there is an overall better damage output build for any of the characters, feel free to DM me about it on discord (extradark) so we can discuss on it. Seha Seulbi Yuri J Misteltein Nata Levia Harpy Tina Violet Wolfgang Luna Soma Bai Seth Chulsoo Mirae Eunha Lucy Aeri
  3. Hello. There are currently no plans to implement +20 boosters even if it's just 1 per account. SS/SV accessories appearing on the Battlepass is also out of the question as they are still Best in slot for characters and the differences between unique accessories are just cosmetic ones for the most part. T4 chips haven't even come out and it's very unlikely for them to be given out as rewards early on. As for improvements on chip convenience and increasing the quantities that can be acquired, it is something we are considering and you'll hear more about this soon. Reaching the top in leaderboards and managing to beat the end game content is something that can be done while being completely F2P. There have been a lot of players in the top who are F2P and we try to release newer content in a way that it is more F2P-friendly compared to officials when needed.
  4. "United we Stand, United we Conquer"Base of Operations: Ch.7 - Dream Theater <<Reverse>>Crew Teaser Trailer: Not made currently Welcome to the 𝕴𝖒𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖆𝖑 army We are a Level 10 crew, open for recruiting all types of players whether they are new, casual, active or returning. Join us to achieve strength beyond your limits. We heavily rely on having AND delivering the best information and facilities possible so our members can make the most out of it and enhance their gameplay and experience in Closers to it's fullest! This is a place where you can relax, find people who can relate to you, have fun and feel at home. Now you may be thinking, Why join us? Organized Discord - Our discord is really organized with lots of amazing custom features, so you will have no trouble navigating around and accessing information. All Crew Buffs - Our crew has every crew buff unlocked with guaranteed 3+ years of uptime! Area Reputation - Almost every area's reputation is maxed out so you can make use of those juicy buffs.Giveaways! - We host giveaways of in-game items or more!Polls - We don't enforce our changes, we let our members decide whether they want them or not through voting. If you are interested in joining us as a Member, feel free to join our discord server and apply there: https://discord.gg/jPSX9PCJj7 Guests are also welcomed We all may walk on different roads, but towards the same destination, towards victory and honor!
  5. Ideas 1 and 2 look very promising. Naddic can't bring themselves to make difficult/limit testing content so it's really nice that we're taking some steps towards that with custom content. As far as bosses go, some bosses I'd personally like to see are: -Team Challenge 4 bosses. I remember seeing a boss similar to team challenge Bai in an event a while back, so assuming we have the files for all the team challenge bosses, it'd be very exciting to fight them again. Team challenge Astaroth/Irina/Vitus were some of the most fun content/bosses I've played. Time limit in combination with the at time unique boss mechanics and player skill to adapt and optimize rotations was very fun. This is probably the boss group I'd love to see the most out of any potential boss. -Misook&Untouchable. They are possibly the most or some of the most iconic bosses in the game's time. Seeing them come back in a scaled-up version so that they don't instantly die would be great. -Wolfgang&Hoffman. The bosses had some internal issues in the past but purely from a mechanical perspective, they have quite interesting mechanics. Would be nice to see them make a comeback. -Yod Sea's Block 3 Yod. Similarly to Busan bosses, Yod sea was also a popular sector for players to test their characters strength and try to achieve better times so I think it'd be fitting to see that Yod as endgame difficulty again. When it comes to making bosses more difficult aside from increasing their HP goes, an attempt like someone already said, could be increasing their AS/Casting Speed on mechanics. It'd make us need to react a bit faster and needing to adapt to the new speeds of each boss but I'm not sure how that would work out in a practical fighting scenario. Another way could be to take mechanics from one boss and potentially use them for another. Not sure whether devs can code that and some players might find it very annoying. I'm not sure what's the best way to go about this issue. Lastly, for rewards... Relatively early stages that the majority of community can clear, should probably give items useful to progression. Even if someone is geared, they could give them to alts or save for future use. Later stages, even though better progression items would be nice, players will complain about not being able to clear said stages so it's probably better if it's something more cosmetic oriented. Custom enhancement glows , rare fonts or name tags could be very nice as rewards. ( Black&White enhancement glow when :pls: ) That's all the feedback I have for now as far as this custom idea goes. On this latter portion of my reply, I'd like to touch a bit on feedback other players have given Seeing how it's supposed to be an extremely difficult dungeon to clear for end-game players, the rewards for it would probably be just some cosmetics. Weaker players wouldn't really be missing out by not clearing it. It'd be fine even if endgame players were only interested in making a squad with other endgame players. Time limit and p2w have nothing to do with each other in this case. Sure, someone can speed up the gearing process by paying but that goes for all MMORPGs. There's many f2p players that are very well endgame geared and would definitely be able to clear things like these. It's just a matter of people having time and not being lazy about grinding. If someone doesn't have time to grind, it isn't required by any means to clear the hardest stages of this custom content ( as long as the rewards don't end up being progression materials ). If someone is too lazy to progress then they don't have the right to complain in the first place. MMORPGs are known for being grindy and taking official servers as a comparison, we're living in heaven. As far as the time limit concept goes, even though I already stated how it has nothing to do with p2w, I'll go over the concept itself. Currently in the game, there's not a single combat dodge that is difficult. It's just a matter of failing it 1-2 times then you're able to get it. Deadly mechanics mean nothing because they are extremely unbalanced. A character with 10 iframes will destroy a character with 2. The only deadly mechanic the game offers is low Ilvl and it's a good example that suffers from the issue I just mentioned. Time limit exists to restrict the groups of people able to clear a sector. It's meant to serve as a talisman for people to not be possibly lazy and have a reason to progress more with the game's gear if they wish to clear the certain dungeon or let newer people know that they aren't ready for that specific sector yet. Without a time-limit, like in many sector a 4m player could go on a 30m dungeon and clear it with barely any damage. That's just silly from a progression perspective. Sitting on a sector with relatively easy mechanics for 1 hour barely doing any damage doesn't sound difficult or fun. It sounds difficult in the sense that you must not get bored. Of course the game will have to rely on the right gear to clear things. It's like saying you're in an MMORPG with classes and you want to be a DPS carry on a lvl 100 dungeon with a level 10 gear set. There's no reason why you should be able to do that. That's what time limit serves. Naddic's code and their current bosses aren't able to bring a challenge by any means when it comes purely to mechanical fights, therefore time limit is there to add a layer of difficulty. If you are expecting Code:Closers staff to code and make their completely own mechanics, I'd imagine that's expecting a bit much. Lastly, this would be the case when you're overgeared. But when you're on the roughly actual recommended gear for something, that's not the case by any means. Player skill is super valuable compared to just gear. Actual lastly, MK raid won't be nearly as insane and hard as people are expecting it to be. ( Assuming as always you're not extremely undergeared ) Thanks to all the staff members who are taking part into making this custom content come to life. I'm looking forward to seeing the dungeons if you guys end up going through with these ideas
  6. Hello everyone o/ This is my Violet guide. Hopefully it's of use to everyone and if you have any questions or want to suggest something that I could add, feel free to let me know. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bQy3Rw_yekUY5uTDMtNz_Mhrub2UmbEGhr4u-vMwFYg/edit?usp=sharing
  7. VioletHime


    I don't think this question should be here? Regardless, you want to go for Black/Thievery triggers
  8. Good job! Very informative guide Some things to point out about it are Accidentally misspelled worth as worst I think? Figured I should mention it just so no one gets confused. There's also a typo on BB triggers section but doubt anyone would get confused from that one Shaping Dew can actually skip on the 3rd input but the timing is very tight. Most notably I use this for PG5 Morax since there's easier skips to use on most other bosses that are also on less important skills Shaping Dew is also a very good Skill tune choice alongside Dawning as long as it doesn't take more than like... 6-8s to be used after it comes on CD Also, you can't tune BlackHand FM/BH Skill on core Lastly, Skill cost reduction really isn't useful at all in Mirae's case so for both genes, it should be Damage bonus during Empowered State x1, CDR x1 ( until CDR reaches 30-40% as you said. Then use all slots for Empowered State Damage ) Even at 10-15% with no pet, just using her skills and empowered state whenever she has it and at times a potion will provide more than enough MP to make Skill Cost reduction not worth Again, great work. Very nice guide overall
  9. Nicely made guide. Good job! Some corrections to point out are -Tiamat gear doesn't exactly exist anymore, people keep PG related stuff up till Lv.75 and use Extreme gear then. -The purification gear shown on the link is the gear you can only get after Lv.86 and not 80. Maybe link a guide for the Lv.80 ones or change it to say Lv.86 -Busan gear is a gear-set that you can get after Lv.85 and not 88. -Similar case being with Asmodeus, it being a gear set you can acquire/use at Lv.87 and not 89. This schedule is heavily outdated and not accurate anymore. A more updated version would be: Mon: Tiamat Heart Tue: Tiamat Castle , BBv2 Wed: Tiamat Castle[Nightmare], BBv1 Thurs: BBv2, Asmodeus v1 Fri: Tiamat Heart[Nightmare], BBv1 Sat: Tiamat Heart, Tiamat Castle[Nightmare], BBv1, BBv2, Asmodeus v1 Sun: Tiamat Heart[Nightmare], Tiamat Castle, BBv1, BBv2, Asmodeus v1 I did not include Sea of Pollution as it's a daily dungeon currently. Hopefully this helps a little. Good work overall
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