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Hello Agents!
[FO] Seha is here this time and I am back with your favourite contest. The UNION Paparazzi!  Are you ready?
Do you like taking screenshots in game and share them to friends? Do you like environment which game offers, while making a good screen? Or maybe you love taking pictures of your character? If so, then UNION Paparazzi is for you! 

Take a screenshot to fit in theme below.
Three lucky winners will receive bits at the end of each week. 
Please, make sure you read and follow event protocol.


All standard rules within the CODE: Closers official [Community guidelines] should be followed, however this event has additional protocol.
👑18+ content is strictly prohibited.
👑 Do not edit your screen-shot with any editing software. (Cropping your screenshot is allowed!)
👑 Don't steal and/or copy each others' work.
👑 The screenshot must be taken within CODE: Closers.
👑 Stick to the theme listed below.
👑 Display your entry in a spoiler.
👑 Do not enter using multiple forum accounts.
👑 Don't submit more than 1 entry per contest.
👑 If you have won this edition, you can't enter for next week one.  Does not count to this edition! Anyone can enter and win!
👑 If you want to vote for an entry, please do so by pressing the "Like" button. This will help, but most certainly not decide the ultimate winner.
👑 Any posts that are not related to an entry will be removed. 
👑 Make sure to provide your character's in-game name (IGN).



Theme for this week: Christmas
Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is here and Santa is here as well! Have you been good this year or have you been bad? Santa will decide! I hope everyone has been good because Santa has lots of presents to give. Celebrate the occasion and take a picture with your friends or with Santa alone.  May all your wishes come true!

Merry Christmas! 

31st December

Entry Form Template:
Description (optional):


If you have won and haven't received bits, please contact Harpy!
👑 Each winner will get 3600 bits
👑There will be three winners!

Last edition's winners:
Format = IGN [Forum Name]
IGN = Entry, Forum Name = Profile 



Misalia [Misaniel]


IGN: Misalia
"Let the darkness consume you"




Kei [Kurumi]


IGN: Kei

Watch your back or you'll get stabbed! 😈




MrsLevia [Miia]


IGN: MrsLevia
The darkness has awakened ~






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                                                                                                                      IGN: Walkz

                                                                                               A difficult year but a successful end!


                                                                                                          "Merry Christmas!!!"

                                                   "Brr! Brrr! It's a cold season! But staying with my beloved people make my heart warm!"

SCREEN_CAPTURE_UNIT 2021-12-25 01-38-03-355.PNG


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