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  1. Thank you ^^ , I've sent you a message on discord Great! Sent you a message on discord
  2. Thank you for all your support guys Welcome! I've sent you a request on discord ^^
  3. ~Animated Banner~ All Artworks made by me ~ A place where Data is everything ~ Base of Operations: Ch.7 - Centrum City Crew Teaser Trailer: In progress MEET OUR CREW MASCOT AND HELPER: LOGI-CHAN (Credits to @TakerofSin for kindly building her) "Hi I am Logi-Chan, I serve the Logistics Crew as Seha's assistant in keeping the server up to date and helping each and every member ^-^ I look forward to seeing you! " Welcome to Logistics! I am [FO] Seha. Some of you may remember me from the Blue Academy Community Server. We are a newly made rewarding crew (Lvl 1 for now) and
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