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  1. why am I still playing CODE:Closers?

  2. If by staff you mean staff in general, they do communicate quite a bit in discord. Although that is not the case for Devs since they're not there and they only goes on forum when there's server down or like once every 2 weeks or so Regarding that, would you trust important data to unknown person at this point? And knowing C:C is private server, working with them in the first place posses some kind of risk. Not quite sure on that risk thing though. Again, other staffs do exist in discord. Despite them not being active most of the time. as far as I'm concerned, Bai, Gitae, and Soma are the only one that are not in discord. Bai dealing with mostly background work. and Soma getting stuff from KR to implement to CC. Keep in mind that all that above is my personal opinion as a player that is you can say "active" in both discord and forum.
  3. Bai Guide totally not forgot about the existence of this thread
  4. other than the name literally burn out the shit out of my bank, the event is so damn good. and with addition of VVIP in both craft and License, it'll be good resource for a while. Although the requirement for Ash and Dust dungeon kinda hard to do (for those who dont have enough time).
  5. razh


    You should finish quests to unlock Beelzebub raid first before being able to take Asmodeus Quest. As that Another Nightmare quest is related to BB, you can try to finish that one first
  6. So, since forum got Thanos'ed, the old gold guide is gone. I decided to make a new one, not as detailed as old one. But with updated Skill Information and mostly good information about Bai. Yes another wall of texts if you will https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x8RzzSm11Jfb2q5ajJPlHi1P56XTi87GjLmI7q_nOd4/edit?usp=sharing Dont ask why I use spreadsheet. If you have question or want me to add something in the guide, you can contact me through Discord: √¡[-#8772 IGN: Kusohime now shut up Jedo Edit: Changelog July 26, 2021: Added some more information (Chips, SP priority, better formatting); Fixing some typing errors
  7. IGN: Razha Member/Guest: Guest yes, I'm applying for guest Discord: √¡[-#8772 Reason to join: market channel and place to chat
  8. If it's the thing called "Absolute Code" something, it was removed some time ago.
  9. So, here's my guide from before. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jHDYR8XxuZsJKRaMWwseTEElzrNGhaGcNSiHA7uMWr4/edit?usp=sharing If you want to add something or find a mistakes, you can contact me in Discord: razh#8772 In-Game: Winxester Edit: Edit test. dont mind it
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