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  1. Sorry for bothering into this topic, but that last statement lifted up a question into my mind. The fact of the delay is given by the lot of debugging needed, the fact of the server itself having only 2 devs(as far as I know, you and gitae are the only ones), or both of them? Plus, if you are allowed to say about it, Soma, how is it going the current development, as of now? Thanks for reading.
  2. Hello everyone, some of you may not know me, but I'm a fellow player on this server since 2017 if I'm not mistaken, but let's get right to the point. Although C:C is not linked to naddic, the global server recently started to update some things from KR server in which we don't have yet, example: PNA mutant, they are still outdated in some contents, like, Lucy is coming in November and Solomon in December, but that's not the case. That's what worried me and made me wonder: how code will be if we continue without not only updates, but also the lack of communication with the players by the staff? So, I'm not asking for ETA of x or y content, but instead, I'm bringing the point: why does the staff not communicate with the players regarding the future developments? I know that coding, programming all the stuff to work without bugs and even along with the code custom content is such a hard work, since I am a programming student, and it indeed is a pain to work on it, and to get worse, we only have 1 single developer working on all this, which is Soma, however, I have some questions to make after I told all this. 1: even though the earnings with PGC are spent on maintaining the server machines working, it is enough only for that, or it isn't possible to hire more developers to do the updates faster? 2: the "internal privacy policy" of the staff or whatever doesn't allow them to give any information regarding the server state, in terms of how the coding/programming stuff is going on it's progress? 3(probably the main one): although if the staff gave a "future content sneak peek" or something, that would hype the players, hence, the time for developing it would frustrate them, then why the staff can't talk with us more often? Plus, I'll list here the contents we are still lacking, as far as I know: -centum city chapter 2 -mutant PNA -KR latest balance patch -Mock Battle(Hecatoncheir) -black market/teamwork buff/union watch rework -selfie mode -footprint visual slot -belphegor raid boss -Legion program/skill cube system rework That's it, my apologies if the post was too long, but I was in need of telling all this in a place in which the staff could see properly. Thanks for reading.
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