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Should C:C allowed to use Buff potions in Wargame ?


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First, Naddic said that it was intentional for people to be allowed to use buff potions in a Q&A. Honestly, you can have all the pots in the world but it all boils down to your playstyle. I really don't see no reason why C:C need to change anything. I understand not having enough pots to raise your score and ratio because you either missed an event or can't burn credit burners for pots for whatever reason, but people are going to look at you and say that it's a "you" problem. I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm telling you this so you won't be surprised.

Secondly, Wargames being unfair was inevitable, considering the fact that we have whales and then on C:C, we have people from different parts of the world so no one on this server have the same ping. So again, playstyle.

Third, This mode was also supposed to be a way for Naddic to benchmark characters to see who needs a buff or not. I forgot when they hinted that, but yeah that's supposedly why they made Wargames to begin with. It was supposed to be a DPS check but a poorly made one because again, this topic goes back to everyone, including me, saying that this mode is unfair. 



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Most people I've seen doing war game only uses Strength Drink, Stat Juice, and Cake.

Other potions like Satelite Candy and Rainbow Rice Cake doesnt add that much stats.

Rainbow Rice cake for example only adds 10% Phys/Mag crit damage, which is miniscule compared to 1000%+ that we have with endgame gear

All in all it's their option to use which potions and buffs in war game.

Or what, are you saying that skill buffs are also unfair? :miraemeh:

It's not like you would compare J and Bai for example. Or Wolfgang and Seha. You can only compare same characters with similar damage type (Machine, Angelic, Dragonish).

People will use potions to increase their ratio or score. That's fair. It's not like those potions are given to specific players anyway.

You have the option to get those too.

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