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To J players, which skill names do you prefer?


To J players, which skill names do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which skill names do you prefer?

    • KR's Names
    • NA's Names

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It's as simple as the title suggests, which names do you, who play J, prefer for his skills. His KR or  NA translations.
NA Localization                     KR Original Names
Health Drink                      -> Germanium Power
Punch Through                  -> Ion Punch
Neck Grab                          -> Ocher Catch
Hundred Fists                    -> Omega-3 Rush
Kung Fu Hustle                  -> Calcium Charging
Groundbreaker                  -> Magnesium Strike
Last Hurrah                        -> Golden Time
Clothesline                         -> Chiropractic
Hit the Deck                       -> Headache Acupressure
Sonic Jab                             -> Vitamin Combination(?)
Swan Song                          -> Feels like Flying(?)
Second Prime                     -> Golden Time Again

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