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  1. With the introduction of Army Program, new Awakened skills were introduced into the game for all existing token skills, however, prior to their release there were many balance adjustments to their un-awakened counterparts. This suggestive guide aims to point you in the right direction, and let you know which skills might prove useful in certain scenarios. As an introduction, a brief explanation on what Awakened cubes are and where they can be obtained. There are two types of Awakened cubes, for simplicities sake, we'll refer to them as <Purification> Awakened cube and <Army Program> Awakened cube for the remainder of this post, named after the places from which they can be obtained. Awakened cubes completely change the skill in most cases, and cannot receive the benefits of Advanced, Expert, or Master cubes, which are obtained through leveling the skill. Here you can see the difference between the borders, indicating where they're acquired Left is <Purification> and Right is <Army Program> <Purification> Awakened cubes can be crafted through crafting in Purification Ops Center, in the Puri Ops: Gear tab. <Army Program> Awakened cubes are obtained in the Army Program dungeon, located in Gremory's Dimensional Gate in Planar Gate. At the writing of this post, the only Awakened cubes exclusive to <Army Program> apply to the [Locked Skill] of each character, while <Purification> Awakened cubes vary greatly, but also always include the locked skill as well. Credits: @VioletHime @Kali and @CDawg for giving me much of the insight listed below. I largely handled the formatting, but the insight below is their work, meaning this would not have been possible without them. So make sure to give them a round of applause. Lastly a disclaimer, this guide is largely opinion based. Opinion based on experience, but opinions nonetheless. No matter how the below statements are worded, nothing is said with the intent of telling players what is the "right" or "wrong" way to play. This is merely meant to be helpful for those curious as to which variant of a skill may be most useful to them. At the end of the day, all skills are functional and useable, so use this guide as as its namesake, a suggestion. Thank you. Seha Awakened Cubes - Phase Aura Blade, Point Blank, Focus Fire Seulbi Awakened Cubes - Electric Storm, Railgun, Psychic Satellite Yuri Awakened Cubes - Supersonic Slash, Roundhouse Slash, Lightning Fast J Awakened Cubes - Neck Grab, Hit the Deck, Full Body Massage Mistel Awakened Cubes - Tempest, Magic Lance: Muspelheim, Magic Lance: Fenrir Nata Awakened Cubes - Lasso, Endless Pursuit, Lunatic Explosion Levia Awakened Cubes - Tail Whip, Designated Sacrifice, Hell's Trap Harpy Awakened Cubes - Draw, Exciting Again!, Four Cards Tina Awakened Cubes - Dive, Heat Shot, Cool Your Head Violet Awakened Cubes - Exceed, Post-Initiative, Hyde! Wolfgang Awakened Cubes - Iron Claws, Dark Portals, Ritual - Exsanguinate Luna Awakened Cubes - Orion's Hunt, Hydra Strike, Meteor Jump Soma Awakened Cubes - Destructive Strike, Skanda, Lion's Roar Bai Awakened Cubes - Strike at an Opening, Draw and Slash, Freeze even Tears Seth Awakened Cubes - Toth's Collection, Apophis's Confinement, Bastet's Mercy Chulsoo Awakened Cubes - Mercy - Silencer, Mercy - Desperado Mirae Awakened Cubes - Stargaze, Azure Wail Eunha Awakened Cubes - Protruding Teeth, I told Ya It's Gonna Get Rough Lucy Awakened Cube - Cheering Ishtar
  2. For preservation purposes, I've collected all the flavor texts that are used on skill descriptions in one nice and neat place. More will be added / edited as more refined translations become available. Thank you for your understanding! Seha Seulbi Yuri J Misteltein Nata Levia Harpy Tina Violet Wolfgang Luna Soma Bai Seth Chulsoo Mirae Eunha Lucy
  3. It's as simple as the title suggests, which names do you, who play J, prefer for his skills. His KR or NA translations. NA Localization KR Original Names Health Drink -> Germanium Power Punch Through -> Ion Punch Neck Grab -> Ocher Catch Hundred Fists -> Omega-3 Rush Kung Fu Hustle -> Calcium Charging Groundbreaker -> Magnesium Strike Last Hurrah -> Golden Time Clothesline -> Chiropractic Hit the Deck -> Headache Acupressure Sonic Jab -> Vitamin Combination(?) Swan Song -> Feels like Flying(?) Second Prime -> Golden Time Again
  4. Mrs. Young-i We entered the virtual reality education program, Closer School. Mrs. Let's take a basic class with Young-i. Heh heh heh...... It's nice to meet you, Closer. Welcome to <Closer School>. <Closer School> is a virtual reality program created to support Closers who are busy carrying out their missions. Recently, there are more young Closers who are sent to missions. It would be a problem if the missions would cause them to neglect their studies. As for the adult Closers who've completed the compulsory education, most of them don't have enough time for self-improvement. So UNION has put a lot of effort to create the virtual reality education program called <Closer School>...... And I was assigned as the teacher of Closer School. I don't think I've properly introduced myself. I'm "Type II Teacher artificial intelligence" that's in charge of education at Closer School. I'd appreciate it if you'd just casually call me "Teacher Young-I." Ha ha... My role is to provide education services to Closers who have entered this program. My objective is to provide the best education service to you and improve your academic performance. That's right. That's the only reason why I exist...... Helping your growth... is the only purpose of life...... Heh heh, heh heh heh heh...... ......All right. Shall we begin the class right away? Please enter the classroom through Entry. There is a beginner's class prepared for you. Let's start the class. Please open your book. Ha ha. You've completed the beginner's class. Well done, Closer. Please relax and take a short break. Based on the results from the class you've taken, I'll analyze your academic performance and give feedback. Black Lambs [Season Event] Closer School! Wolfdogs [Season Event] Closer School! Wildüters [Season Event] Closer School! Rattus [Season Event] Closer School!
  5. Disclaimer: While the Omega Knight & Suyeon costumes are traditional 5-piece costumes the Young-I costume is a 2-piece costume consisting of a Hair and Full-body. Seha Seulbi Yuri J Misteltein Nata Levia Harpy Tina Violet Wolfgang Luna Soma Bai Seth Chulsoo Mirae Eunha Lucy
  6. As we branch out into a new format of smaller scaled events during down periods, we'd like to extend the ear to you all for feedback on it. What do you like about it, what do you not like about it, and what would you like to see improved? Keep in mind, this event is meant to be smaller in scale to full-fledged events, as such it's not intended to compete with the likes of other events in terms of crafts, but rather, give players some small objectives to spice up their weekly routine.
  7. Happy New Year, Anniversary, and Valentines day all rolled up into one agents. I hope all of you are both doing well, and enjoying the festivities as well as content that has come in our recent update the [Lovely 5 Year Celebration] patch. It's been a while since one of these threads has been created so while the primary question still remains as How are you enjoying the event? I'd like to extend the question to Is there anything you'd like to see added or done more that we have done previously? in honor of this being CODE: Closer's 5th Anniversary. Cheers and have fun everyone.
  8. A recollection of balance patches from the dates of 3/11/21 -> 4/8/21. Please bare in mind some translations below may not be entirely in-game accurate. Thank you for your understanding. If there are any errors or inconsistencies, whether in game or on this thread please ping [FO]Nata in the official discord with any errors found. Seha J Mistel Nata Levia Harpy Tina Violet Wolfgang Soma Seth Chulsoo Mirae
  9. Welcome to the Closers Gallery thread. This thread is a collection of all the cut-ins in Closers. Only official cut-ins will be showcased here for the time being the things being excluded but are planned to be added at no eta point in the future are; Pet Cut-ins, CC's custom portraits, anything else I want. In the post below you'll find icons in 128 x 128 under 0.05mb quality, so they'll be ideal for profile pictures on the forums if you so desire. By clicking the icon, you'll be redirected to the full sized version of the art. NOTE: Just because a portrait is showcased here does not mean it is available in game currently! And a thousand thank yous to @Soma for making this guide possible. This post will feature arts exclusively from the 2021 Higher Quality Illustration update so they may not look 1:1 with the portaits in game currently. Thank you for your understanding. This thread will be updated at my leisure. If something is incorrect feel free to DM me here or ping me in the official discord. Base Official Agent / Official Crew Special Agent / Special Crew / Resolver Task Force Prime Agent / Fatal Crew / Shadow Agent Dark Command Cybernetic Zenith Nightfall Draconian Awakened Draconian Shining Star Solomon's Vestments April (Dungeon) April (PvP) Housekeeper April Cat Summer Vacation Royal Sovereign Rhapsody Beach Nightmare Snow Princess Schrodinger's Cat Spring Fairy Storm Rider Lovely Lace Sky Fleet Sunshine Wave Butterfly Dream Desperado Santa's Helper Victorian Reaper Ti-85 Half n Half Dreaming Girl Windbreaker Relaxed Morning UNION Secret Service Ground Division Midnight Crusader Summer Island Lollipop Twist In Wonderland Imperial Guard Serving Master Neo-Seoul Fox Spirit Cozy Winter Prometheus Arcana Joker Urban Warrior Ice Elf Racing Girl Track Shooter Ocean Romance Good Night Kiss Marching Band Floral Picnic Moonlight Edge Office Life Midsummer Melody Starlight Dreamer Magic Shuffle Space Walk Wild Downtown Little Devil Ancient Dream Cheer Up Bitter n Sweet White Rabbit Picnic Vow of Love Arcade Girl Aqua Wave Training Wolf Sweet Punk Private Outing Holy Night Bunny Trouble Shooter Miracle School Girls Dear Crescent Sparkling Ocean Misc Pets (These are not Player Cutins) Leave a like if you enjoy threads like this!
  10. How's it going agents. Welcome to the discussion thread for the CODE: Closers Summer 2021, A Summer Burnout Event! What are you enjoying about the event? What could be changed to provide a better experience? Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback below!
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