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Levia - Guides & Showcases!


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This thread is all about Levia! If you're looking to learn the character, tips, skill showcase, check out her costumes - this is the thread for you

Document To Levia Guide

Levia's Guide Playlist

Tips and Tricks


Due to the refined skill changes, Levia's [FM4] image.png.6313dcfcc7104b6019a9267b27fbb60c.png can no longer reset her skipping skill for [Snake Signet]image.png.138d22b4f2abf870a985fd1dee6290c2.png So what you do now is do what we did before but instead:

In the beginning of the YoD phase, use image.png.a8fd59847b8f7622e0de83dd2f43c5d8.png [Designated Sacrifice] since it activates the quickest. Hold down the [Snake Signet] skill to skip all animations at once.


Without Using Refined [Snake Signet] you do this:

If you aren't using Snake Signet refined passive, In the beginning of the YoD phase, use image.png.a8fd59847b8f7622e0de83dd2f43c5d8.png Designated Sacrifice since it activates the quickest. 

After that, quickly use image.png.a4caaee7da8f9ad13095aa7f97a52e75.png and image.png.86c782ff38b2e96d6cad6c838955d03f.png Dragon's Salvation resets the cooldown of Snake Signet.


P.S: If your Levia doesn't do enough damage, something Snake Signet wont be enough to defeat YoD in time due to lack of DPS. However, you can use other things like her Ultimate image.png.ff3fa58d85c935c737bdcbd17a366e6f.png - It's not recommended to use it though since it takes longer than if you were to skip using image.png.a4caaee7da8f9ad13095aa7f97a52e75.png and damage him over time.

Levia's 5th Promotional Video


Levia Final Promotion Rotation: Tips & Tricks


Full On Guide Video: - OUTDATED


More Levia Videos:


Levia's Costume Showcase Emotes!

New Skill Previews

Levia's Solomon Preview [Old version]



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