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The Great PNA-volution!


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Hello Agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!




Patch Notes

  • PNA Revamp - Awakening Strain
  • PNA Revamp - Mutation Strains
  • Abyss Update
  • Gremory Arcade
  • Machine King and Beast King Update
  • Skill Point Changes
  • Miserable Abyss Season 2
  • Halloween Union Pass
  • Additional Content Updates & Changes
  • Gacha Rotation
  • Cash Shop Sales
  • Pet Gacha Update






PNA Revamp - Awakening Strain



PNA has been completely revamped and is now an account wide system!



New Requirements

Characters must reach [level 51] to unlock this PNA.



New Changes



The largest change with PNA is the new Awakening Strain. These strains come in 3 types and can be unlocked through Gremory's Advanced Classes (Normal and V.Hard) using one of 3 vials.



       spacer.png  spacer.png  spacer.png  spacer.png  spacer.png  spacer.png  spacer.png  spacer.png  spacer.png


These new strains provide various buffs ranging from cooldown reductions on various skills, damage increases when jumping, dodging or cancelling, HP/MP regeneration and various other stats.

These new strains also allow for synergy - giving you additional buffs when 2 or 3 of the same strain (A/B/C) are used!



Upgrading Strains



Like all PNA before this, these strains can be upgraded using the matching color Awakening Material (A is required to upgrade A strains, B for B strains, C for C strains).

Materials for upgrading can be found in Gremory's Advanced dungeons as well as by dismantling unused strains.

Strain A can be obtained from Advanced Central Lab, Strain B can be found in Bear Land, and Strain C can be found in the Science Facility.





Left click on the strain you wish to upgrade and click the [Arrow] button to upgrade. You can also dismantle unused strains by clicking the [Trash Can].

Please note that once a strain is dismantled, it is lost! So dismantle your strains with care.




PNA Revamp - Mutant



Mutant PNA is now account wide!

All EXP gained from each character has been combined into 1 and all stats will carry over for all characters who have unlocked Mutant PNA.



New Requirements

Characters must be [level 75] to access this PNA and have [PNA level 80] to unlock Mutant PNA.



New Changes

Mutation max level has been increased from [20] to [75]. The EXP required for Mutation PNA has also been adjusted.


As each mutant PNA levels, you'll unlock permanent stats for each type. Damage types no longer need to be selected, and will be applied at all times!


The overload level for item exchange has been increased from [4] to [8]. As the level increases, the amount of materials and credits consumed will increase.




As you level and reach [Manifestation] checkpoints, you'll be able to reroll from 15 different additional stats to add alongside your Mutant PNA.


This system works similar to tuning, and each stat has a C~SS version. These slots can be manipulated up to 10 times. When you use all 10 chances, it can be reset by using a [Perfect PNA Evolution Kit].



Abyss Update



Abyss PNA has moved to it's own tab!

Please note that this PNA is still [Character] based. You will still need to level and max this pna on each character if you intend to use it.

All PNA related features have been moved to it's own tab and any possible future updates to it will remain within this tab.


Abyss recommended TCP has been updated. Please see the spoiler for the new recommended TCP.


Stage 1: 20,000,000

Stage 2: 24,000,000

Stage 3: 28,000,000

Stage: 4: 32,000,000

Stage 5: 36,000,000

Stage 6: 42,000,000

Stage 7: 46,000,000

Stage 8: 50,000,000

Stage 9: 55,000,000

Stage 10: 60,000,000

Stage 11: 70,000,000

Stage 12: 80,000,000



With this TCP change, the stats for each tier will be updated to reflect this change.


Material drops for each tier has been updated.

The amount of [Prestine Abyssal Gemstones] dropped at stage 10 has been increased from [3] to [5], and the amount dropped at stage 11 has been increased from [5] to [6]




Gremory Arcade


The massive decrease of teddy bears is akin to sacrilege


Level Requirement: 92
Recommended TCP: 25,000,000 (Normal) - 45,000,000 (V.Hard)
Entries: 2 Entries per week per character

Quest Requirement: Gremory Arcade - Retro Challenge


A new gremory dungeon has appeared! She's seems to have lost her memory as a side effect to her Growth Acceleration test. She only remembers the love for her 2D games and the strong need to hermit inside. Join in her games and lure the real Gremory out before it's too late!


All entries have a chance of dropping the following items:


spacer.png - PNA Growth Activate Agent (gives PNA Exp when used)

spacer.png - Mutation Material Capsule (gives PNA Mutation Materials when used)

spacer.png - Dr. Gremory's Arcade Dot Phase Wings

spacer.png - Dr. Gremory's Arcade Coin Phase Wings

spacer.png - Adult Gremory Illustration Armband (V.HARD Only)



With the introduction of the new Gremory Dungeon, all other Gremory dungeons have been adjusted in difficulty and entrance amounts.

PNA EXP for these dungeons has also been adjusted.


Advanced Central Laboratory, Bear Land, and Gremory's Science Facility can now be completed [3 times] per account per day (these share entries with their V.HARD version as well as each other)


Mindworks, Bodyworks and Gremory's Central Lab can now be entered [1 time] per day per account


Nightmare Bearland can now be entered [2 times] per day per account


With entires now shared across most dungeons, Gremory Entrance Tickets have been updated. Older versions can now be exchanged in the craft machine under the [Change] tab.



Machine King and Beast King Update



The Machine King and Beast King raids have been updated and changed into a general dungeon!


These dungeons can now be accessed through Commander Subjugation Supporter - LeBlanc.


To access this NPC, you must have the quest [Dream Theater: Reverse - Over the Curtains] completed.


These 2 general dungeons also require their original quests to unlock them, [Audience with the Machine King - Master's Secretary, Or] for the Machine King raid and [Beast King Confrontation - Guardian of Providence] for the Beast King raid.


The difficuly for both of these sectors have also been lowered, and their achievements and Union Watch missions have been updated to reflect this change.


The craft for the [Forewarning Letter of Challengers] found in the [Fantasy World: Dream Theatre - Behemoth: Confrontation] has been adjusted along with this change.

  • The amount of pebbles required to craft has been reduced from [180] to [5]
  • The amount of credits required to craft has been reduced from [500,000] to [100,000]
  • This craft is now limited to 100 per account per week




Skill Point Changes





Miserable Abyss Season 2


Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ January 29th, 2024 (removed with maintenance)
Level Requirement: 89

Entry Count: 1 Per Character per Day
Crafting Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ January 29th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)
Crafting Location: Events Tab of the Vending Machine
Required Quest Completion: White Night Fortress - [Gate to the Future - Father]


Mephisto has sent projections of the self proclaimed Sandman and Misery into our world.
You have been placed in their trap, forced to fight off these deceptive images of themselves to save your own soul.

She will continue to attack you until she's fullfilled her mission - Find the Closers who humilated Mephisto and take their souls away, no matter the cost.


[Misery of Nightmare] has returned as our end of the year [Season Content]!

The sector can be entered once the full [Season Content] Misery of Nightmare questline has been completed. All members of the party must have this quest completed in order to enter the dungeon.


Once the quest, [Season Content] Misery of Nightmare - War of Souls has been completed, you may enter the sector through the Artifical Portal Stone in Planar Gate. This is the same NPC that allows you to enter into the Subjugation sectors.


This dungeon is a continuation of our previous season - your previously crafted costume pieces will not be reset. Continue your crafting journey and claim the new version of the Miserable Abyss Costume set alongside Aeri's Type A set!




Because both Aeri's [A] and [B] types are releasing at the same time, her pieces are available for a discounted material amount! This is to give all our Aeri mains a chance to get both sets, like all other characters before her.




Halloween Union Pass


Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ December 4th, 2023 (removed: 11:00pm Server Time)



Halloween Union Pass Information

  • Choose from the Free Tier, Premium Tier and Special Tier and earn your points to level them up!
    • Purchasing the Special Tier will give you extra points for each mission you complete
  • Points can be earned by clearing daily missions
    • Mission License Booster can be purchased from the cash shop (in New items, or the Item -> Expendables tab) to instantly clear a mission of choice
  • Premium Tier will give you access to the rewards from both the Free Tier and Premium Tier
  • Special Tier will give you access to the rewards from the Free Tier, Premium Tier and Special Tier
  • You can upgrade to Premium or Special Tier at any time during this event!



Complete the given missons to win prizes like the new Bubbling Cauldron Frames and Name tag!





Additional Content Updates & Changes

Please click on the spoiler to see the full list!


Content Updates


  • Code:Fusion
    • With the introduction of the immediate dungeon retry once the boss is killed, its forcing us to rethink Code:Fusion - how it fits into the game and how it'll effect the health of the game.
    • We have decided to take Code:Fusion "offline" and remove Warp Fragment drops for the time being.
    • We already have this new system planned out and ready to go on our end - it has a focus on rewarding players for playing parts of the game they would have already done (say for contribution dailies), rather then spending hours upon hours mindlessly farming 1 dungeon.
    • Unfortunately though, we hit a few snags when we went to implement this change and have had to pull back on it.
    • Rather then delay this patch even further, we have decided to remove warps as a drop, remove the work already done for the new system and push out the Code:Fusion revamp in the next few weeks.
    • Crafts for Code:Fusion will remain up at this time (an end date will be provided once the new system is released), but when this change is applied, you will no longer be able to gain warp fragments, and all crafts for the new system will be with a new material.
    • I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we'd rather not delay this patch anymore then we already have, and get this out to you guys as soon as possible.


  • Character Resource Window
    • Each character now has a special UI that visibly shows how many stacks and buffs pertaining to a skill or passive is currently available
    • This option is enabled by default but can be disabled in the [Options] menu


  • Refined Passives
    • New passives have been added for each character!
    • These passives can be obtained once your character has reached their Prime Agent, Fatal Crew, and Shadow Agent promotions
    • To enable your refined passive on the character's skill, the skill must be at it's max level.
    • When leveling and selecting a passive skill, it will not consume addition SP


  • New Awakening Cubes
    • New Awakening cubes have been added for all characters!
      • These cubes can be obtained through Army Program and through Cube Synthesis!


  • Army Program
    • 2 new types of Army Program are now available [IRREGULAR] and [INFERNAL]


  • Character Customization
    • Portraits can now be used when the costume is in your locker or wardrobe
    • All saved sets have been unequipped and reset
    • You can now preview cut scenes by selecting the portrait and clicking the [Cut Scene] button


  • Post Processing
    • Several filters and sliders have been added, allowing you to change how your game looks!
      • Choose between filters like Black and White, Retro, and Autumn!


  • Black Market
    • The Black Mark has been overhauled!
      • Purchase Reservation is now available
        • Allows you to select and pre-order items you want before they go on sale
      • You can now check the lowest and recent prices the items sold for before listing
      • Selecting a category without a search term will show all items in that category
      • Clicking on an item that's being sold will give you detailed information about that item


Content Changes


  • Crew Changes
    • Crew Dungeon improved
      • Difficulty for the dungeon has been lowered
      • TCP, Entry Level and Gear Level has been changed to reflect this
      • Rewards have been adjusted
    • 2 New Weekly missions added
      • Army Program (IRREGULAR)
      • Ancient Dragon Ruin: Mirage


  • Union Watch
    • Mission have been updated for the various changed and updated dungeons
      • Added the following:
        • Army Program
        • Gremory related dungeons
        • Ancient Dragon Ruin: Mirage
        • Night Maze


  • Farming Changes
    • Dragon's Execution Ground
      • Drops have been increased
      • Entry count changed to once per week
      • Resurrections increased to 3
      • Sector Pass - Dragon's Execution groun has been removed from crafts
    • Another Lucifer/Dust
      • Dungeon difficult has been eased
      • Drops have been increased
      • Immortal Dust and Immortal Crystal cost for gear has been reduced


  • New Player/Returner Buff
    • New and Returning player mission have been updated
      • These missions are more geared towards the latest end game content
      • Rewards for completing these missions have been updated with newer gear to help get people right into the action!


  • Character Balancing
    • Almost all characters have received some form of balance change
    • The full details of these changes can be found in @VioletHime's guide



  • Other
    • Quest EXP have been greatly increased
    • Unique Costumes can now be repackaged [99 times]
      • Repackaging Consumables have been removed
        • Unique costume seal cost has been increased to account for this change
        • To account for our difference in price for the repackaging consumables, the seals given when right clicking this item has been decreased from 20 to 7 per item.
      • Seals have been removed from dungeon drops in most dungeon
    • Required Seals to repack legendary equipment has been reduced
    • Operation Free Pass Selection Boxes found in War Games crafts have been changed to [per account] crafts rather then [per character]
    • Certain dungeons can now be retried by pressing [F2] as soon as [Mission Cleared] appears






Gacha Rotation

Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ November 13th, 2023


Moonlit Night (3 Colors)


  • Set is available for all characters!
  • Contains an accessory called "Moonlit Night Banquet Lights"
  • Contains an effect called "Moonlit Night Phase Light"



This set also has a matching name tag available from the gacha!





Currently Active Gachas

Railway On-Time (3 Colors)
October 23rd, 2023 ~ November 6th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


  • Set is available for all characters up to Lucy!
  • Contains an accessory called "Railway On-Time Armband"





Cash Shop Sales and Changes


The following items have been added or changed in the cash shop

  • Quality Assurance Seals have had a price decrease
  • Quality Assurance Seals can now be purchased in larger bulk quantities for a discounted price
  • Mini Aeri Pet Box has been added to the Pet tab


Pirate (3 Colors)
November 1st, 2023 ~ November 20th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


  • Set is available for all characters up to Violet!
  • Contains an accessory called "Pirate Eyepatch" which can be purchased separately from the pack
  • A pack containing all 3 colors can be purchased for a bundled discount price
  • Wearing all 6 pieces will unlock a special Pirate Emote!



Noble (2 Colors)
Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ November 20th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


  • Set is available for all characters up to Wolfgang!
  • The Midnight and Daybreak Noble boxes from the cash shop will be updated at a later date with the newer characters!
    • If you want the set for the newer characters, buy the box and hold onto it until this update is released.



Deadman Recolor (4 Colors)

Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ November 20th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


  • This set is available for all characters!
  • It has a matching color accessory piece called "Deadman Headdress"
  • This set also comes with a matching effect called "Falling Talisman"
  • A pack containing all 4 colors can be purchased for a bundled discount price



Halloween Night (3 Colors)

Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ November 20th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


  • This set is available for all characters up to Bai!
  • Contains an accessory called "Halloween Night Lens" which can be purchased separately from the pack



Nightmare (1 Color)

Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ November 20th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


  • This set is available for all characters!
  • Contains an accessory called "Nightmare Eye Patch"
  • Contains an accessory called "Nightmare Tail"
  • Contains an accessory called "Nightmare Wings"



Check Point (3 Colors)


  • This set is available for all characters!
  • Contains an accessory called "Check Point Bridge" which can be found in the Costumes -> Accessory tab
  • Full sets of the Check Point costume can be found in the Package -> Costume tab
  • This is a permanent addition to the cash shop!
  • This set is also dyeable!




Pet Gacha Update



Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~  November 20th, 2023

Adult Gremory is now available at an increased rate in the Pet Gacha for a limited time!

During this period, you have an increased chance of getting Adult Gremory when obtaining an Elite pet!

After this event, Adult Gremory's rate will be lowered to match all other Elite pet rates.

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