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  1. In the beginning of the YoD phase, use since it activates the quickest. After that, quickly use and Dragon's salvation resets the cooldown of Snake Signet. P.S: If your Levia doesn't do enough damage, something Snake Signet wont be enough to defeat YoD in time due to lack of DPS. However, you can use other things like her Ultimate. It's not recommended to use it though since it takes longer than if you were to skip using and damage him over time.
  2. A new guide all about credit grinding has been posted! β™₯ Thanks to your votes, this was made - I worked really hard on this so please make sure to watch before asking questions that are already answered in the video for you!
  3. NEW GUIDES REGARDING THE NEW UPDATES New guide covering Night Maze dungeon in how to run it is complete! ---
  4. You have to continue the questline. Mirae gets her next promotion later down the story after Hunters Night
  5. Good luck on the recruits β™‘
  6. You have to make sure the character you're on for rattus specifically, runs the main questline to get promoted. Despite playing Mirae all the time, I'm not exactly sure when Mirae gets promoted but if you're still running the main questline missions, it means you're doing fine and just need to keep going until you've been promoted. If I remember correctly, her promo is in between busan or early on if you haven't received it yet. Also, I'm happy to hear that I've been able to help you! If you want to, apply to the Guild, Origin, so we can assist you in-game at anytime β™₯
  7. Hello, Siath! Welcome back to C:C β™₯ Try back tracking to Hunters Night. Usually the mission that starts you off for Asmoedeus is there - called: 7th Type Encounter. the Mystic or Misty dungeons: If you completed this though, you need to defeat the core boss for Asmodeus (the NPC located in the middle of reverse theater underneath the Beelzebub raids) As for Shadow Agent promo, that's something regarding the Rattus team. For Rattus, you must complete all the main questline missions up until Busan to get the promotion! If you want also, I have a guide covering everything regarding the gearing process and where each quest is located. Time stamps are there too so you can find specific things: Here's the guide - I hope this helps! Guild wise, it's best to check discord for "lfg-circle" channel or check in-game rankings maybe and see what interests you? However, our Guild, [Origin], is always willing to recruit anyone knew or old so if you wanna know more about our guild check this link:
  8. New Guide uploaded on my channel which covers everything you need to know regarding the gearing process! forgot to update the post here as well I hope this helps you! Make sure to let me know if you have any questions
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