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[ONLINE] Extended Downtime


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Hello Agents!


I would like to apologize for the unintentional downtime experienced this weekend. There was an issue with data center's servers and due to the Easter holiday, they were not replying to till today.


Because of this, we have preprared a small compensation package that can be crafted at most [MatterMixer v3 'Allan'] NPCs.

This box can only be crafted till: April 23rd, 23:00 server time

The compensation box contains the following items:


Elite Status (7-Day) x2

Gardening Voucher (15-Day)

Maid Voucher (15-Day)

Mileage Point (1000)

Contribution Medal (1000)

Piece of Cake x50

J's Fresh Veggie Juice x50

Machine King's Legacy x22

Strategy Analysis Key Card x5

Cursed Bunny Ears x 100



With this downtime, a few changes have been made to the Buggsy Invasion:


The Invasion of Buggsy event will now end on May 2nd rather then April 25th due to the downtime period

Crafting will now end on May 9th instead of May 2nd

The original patch notes for this patch has been updated to reflect these date changes.


Buggsy now drops 6 Cursed Bunny Ears when killed


Buggsy now has a chance of appearing in the following dungeons:

  • Yod's Sea
  • Yod's Headwaters
  • Contamination Hell
  • Contamination Hell Overflowed
  • Contamination Hell Overflowed [Reversed]
  • Dragon's Execution Ground
  • Dragon's Execution Ground [Assault]
  • [Nightmare] Ancient Dragon's Prison Castle
  • [Nightmare] Ancient Dragon's Nightmare: Heart
  • [Nightmare] Deadly Poison Sandstorms
  • [Nightmare] Coercion Sandstorms
  • Misty Castle
  • Misty Guro
  • Misty Gangnam
  • Gremory's Central Laboratory
  • Advanced Central Laboratory
  • Bearland
  • Nightmare Bearland
  • Gremory's Science Facility: Mild
  • Gremory's Science Facility
  • Machine King's Tactics Storage
  • Mutation: Floundering Holy Place of Ocean King
  • Floundering Holy Place of Ocean King
  • Training Program: Misook
  • Training Program: Misook (solo)
  • Training Program: Untouchable
  • Training Program: Untouchable (solo)
  • Battle Program: Jina Grace
  • Battle Program: Omega Knight


Again, we do apologize for this unexpected downtime, and we hope you have an enjoyable rest of the week.



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