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Gacha Update and More!


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Hello Agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!





  • Enhancement Update
  • Bug Exchange Vending Machine
  • Material Reduction Addition
  • Additional Content
  • Monthly Login Rotation
  • Gacha Update




Enhancement Update

Enhancement rates for the Lucky Gear Booster Fuel and Gear Booster Fuel I have been updated and increased!

Rates for +11 and above have been increased and the chance of a no change failure has been decreased! The chances of obtaining a Success and Great Success enhancement have also been increased!




Bug Exchange Vending Machine


The Bug Exchange Vending Machine has been added to all Vending Machines!

Old bugs can be exchanged to newer bugs each week to help assist in creating gear for your main or alt characters!



Material Reduction


Material Reduction has been enabled on certain crafting items!

This change takes effect for all crafts done on every character on the account. The more it's made, the cheaper the item becomes to craft!

The following crafts currrently have this feature enabled:


Purification Ops:

Dark Prophecy Box

Saint of Fallen Beasts Title Ticket

Tindalos Priestess Robe (all characters)

Harpas Feather Dress (all characters)

Yod Overload Outfit (all characters)

UNION Division HQ:

Irina and Hoffman's Antique Gear



Speed-Star Module


Additional crafts may have this feature enabled in the future.




Additional Content

Character Storage can now be expanded for an additional 20 slots

Account Storage can now be expanded for an additional 10 slots




Monthly Login Rotation


Duration: September 20th, 2021 ~ October 11th, 2021

A new monthly rotation has been enabled!
Please be sure to obtain all available items before this rotation's end date!

The Piece of Cake on day 1 has been updated and should now stack with previous cake pieces!


* Note: Gear Boost Fortifiers on day 6 say they are Black Market Tradeable.
This is incorrect and the items will become nontradeable once claimed!






Duration: September 20th, 2021 ~ October 11th, 2021


In Wonderland (1 Color)


  • Set is available for all characters!
  • Contains an accessory called "In Wonderland Blindfold" and "In Wonderland Waist"
  • Contains an effect called "In Wonderland Glowing"



Ti-85 Pilot (3 Colors)


  • Set is available for all characters up to Seth!
  • Contains an accessory called "Ti-85 Pilot Wrist Watch"


For full previews of every single character and color, please check out our [Gacha Promotion] thread!

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