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Young-i's Pumpkin Town!


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Hello Agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!






  • Young-i's Pumpkin Town
  • Additional Daily Login
  • Code Alchemy
  • War Games Season 11
  • Content Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Gacha Update




Young-i's Pumpking Town


Duration: November 20th, 2023 ~ December 11th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)
Crafting Duration: November 20th, 2023 ~ December 18th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)
Location: Closers School
Level Requirement: 92
Recommended TCP: Easy - 15,000,000 & Hard- 30,000,000

Entrance Count: 2/2 per day, per account - difficulties share entires


Young-i is back again, but this time... she's a bit different. She's attempting a lesson in the town center, but all of her students are trying to stop her!

Defend Young-i from the waves of students and dimensional monsters to help her finish her lessons!

But be warned, if her health gets too low, she'll think you're one of them and attack you too!


Complete her challenge to get rewards such as Alt Young-i costume pieces, Young-i Portait B, and some of the TW exclusive portraits!





Additional Daily Login


Duration: November 20th, 2023 ~ December 10th, 2023 (removed: 11:00pm Server Time)


A special daily login has been enabled!
These rewards can be claimed each day from the Event Menu.







Code: Fusion's successor has finally arrived!

This new system is a mix of old and new, allowing for most main rewards to be claimed by doing your everyday dailies, while also giving the people who want to endlessly farm something to farm for.


Code Fusion crafts will remain open until February 5th, 2024.


[Dimensional Vials] replace the warp fragments, and will drop from all sectors. Limited entry sectors will drop more vials then an unlimited sector will.

[Dimensional Flasks] can only be obtained through completing Alchemy's Weekly Union Watch Missions, exchanging for Contribution in any Vending Machine, Timed Login Rewards, and through Abyss material exchanges.


[Dimensional Vials] can now be exchanged for items like Black/White Force Costume Packages, PNA Growth Activate Agents, Random Epic Skill Cubes, Fuels, Plugs and more!


[Dimensional Flasks] can now be exchanged for items like Training Wolf (A/B/C), Hot Springs Costume Package, Slot Modification Device, Shape Memory Device, Advanced Mutation Material, 3 new nametags and matching titles (made by @Icarus) and more!







War Game Season 11


Season 11 of War Games has started!

New rewards have been added and have replaced the weekly rewards!

Previous Season Crafts will remain up until: December 18th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


With this War Games, you can obtain the new Signature Ticket: Keyboard (currently misnamed as the top most Burning Flame in-game)







The following changes have been made with this patch
NOTE: Please click on the spoiler to see the full list!

  • A craft has been added to the Change category, allowing you to exchange the Greater Phase Fiber boxes into Phase Fibers directly
  • Crew Activity Point Shop in all Vending Machines has been updated
  • Housekeeper A/B/C will now unlock the Housekeeper emote when upgraded to 3-Stars
  • Left Over School Supply Box can now be placed in account stash
  • Automatic Growth gear has been updated
    • Stats have been adjusted and increased from their original base value
    • Growth gear no longer expires


The following bugs have been fixed with this patch
NOTE: Please click on the spoiler to see the full list!

  • April Fools Armbands have been fixed and will now count towards the portrait when worn or in your costume locker
  • Zenith Costume Box (15 Days) can no longer be account stashed
  • Automatic Growth Equipment Box [Core/Module] can no longer be account stashed
  • All growth gear can now be destroyed
  • Fixed the duplicate stats on all growth gear
  • Re-added the No Enchantment Effect to the Enchancement Effect menu





Duration: November 20th, 2023 ~ December 4th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)


Holy Night Bunny will be our first gacha to test out the Purchase Reward system!

This system gives you additional rewards for purchasing rolls in the gacha. These rewards include Hair pieces, Costume pieces, Full Set Boxes, Unique Accessory Pieces, Unique Costume Sets, Rare Accessory Boxes and more!

The system was designed around the median amount of items people have purchased on past gachas. The main rewards are situated towards the middle of the claims, while everything beyond it is just a bonus. We don't expect anyone to max it out, but it's there for those who continue to spend more then the median on gachas.

With this change as well, we are also disabling the Character Release gacha, and will be changing that up a bit as well. All characters (aside from Aeri) that are 2 years old (tentative period) willl be placed in a separate purchaseable box in the cash shop at a later date.

Aeri's starter set will remain as a gacha for her alone until she also reaches this 2 year period (tentative) .


Holy Night Bunny (1 Color)


  • Set is available for all characters!
  • Contains an accessory called "Holy Night Bunny Hairband"
  • Contains an accessory called "Holy Night Bunny Tail"
  • Contains an effect called "Holy Night Bunny Phase Light"




Currently Active Gachas

Housekeeper (4 Colors)


  • Set is available for all characters!
  • Contains an accessory called "Housekeeper Kind Volunteer Armband"
  • Contains a footprint called "Housekeeper Footprint"
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