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The worst update of skill points had 1800 skill points and the books I had saved for the update all disappeared from the crafter as many as the ones I had in the inventory. Now I have a couple of skills, and I am missing more than 10 passives, I can enter It could be an update failure but they can't put it in the store, from the NPC you can buy the skill points directly as a solution, now explain to me how we will get skill points now?

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Skill Point Book function has been removed by Naddic and they removed the item because it's no longer usable (will cause disconnected if you use it) and not all passive is useful.


If you feel confused by skill build, you can check skill build that Character Guide Specialist provide or you can check the skill build made by [FO] Dark



We also still open for Suggestions about Skill Points so you can also make a suggestion thread and say it there. Though it's better to be clear on why the character needs extra SPs, feel free to suggest the amount as well.

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