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Space Walk and Content Changes!


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Hello Agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!




The following changes have been made with this patch
NOTE: Please click on the spoiler to see the full list!

  • Adjusted the Solomon's Vestments, Shining Star, Wheel of Trinity Quality Assurance Seal cost to their original values
    • Footprints have been increased to match all other accessory cost from 8 -> 20

  • We have reset all character skills again and have adjusted each SP value on a per character basis - allowing for more freedom within your builds and to greatly help those that were hurt by the blanket KR change
    • We understand the reset is not the most ideal since you will have to re place points again, but it is a necessary evil to do any changes to the system
    • The new points are as follows:
      • Seha: +52 SP,         979 ->1031
      • Seulbi: +12 SP,     979 ->991
      • Yuri: +14 SP,         979 ->993
      • J: +102 SP,         979 ->1081
      • Mistel: +32 SP,     979 ->1011
      • Nata: +82 SP,         979 ->1061
      • Levia: +32 SP,         979 ->1011
      • Harpy: +32 SP,         979 ->1011
      • Tina: +12 SP,         979 ->991
      • Violet:+64 SP,         979 ->1043
      • Wolfgang: +52 SP,     979 ->1031
      • Luna: +12 SP,         979 ->991
      • Soma: +84 SP,         979 ->1063
      • Bai: +44 SP,         979 ->1023
      • Seth: +118 SP,         979 ->1097
      • Chulsoo: +67 SP,     909 ->976
      • Mirae: +67 SP,         909 ->976
      • Eunha: +47 SP,         909 ->956
      • Lucy: +47 SP,         909 ->956
      • Aeri: +7 SP,         919 ->926

  • We are still open to any other possible changes to these values, but we do ask that when giving feedback for a character you may play - give thorough details as to why you'd like the change to happen and for what reason they may need the additional points.
  • Some characters will have received much more points then others - for example J and Seth.
    • Seth and J for example both have very good FM and skills that require high amounts of points to do damage - meaning that they cannot sacrifice SP from their skills without throwing away damage


  • Machine King was given a craft similar to the Beast King craft - allowing for an exchange of [Machine King's Legacy] into [Strategy of Analysis Key Card]
    • This craft can be found under the [Fantasy World: Dream Theatre Reversed] tab and sub tab [Belphegor: Confrontation]




The following bugs have been fixed with this patch
NOTE: Please click on the spoiler to see the full list!

  • Fixed Mirae, Eunha and Lucy Caregiver pieces to be fully tradable
  • Added Young-i back into the pet gacha
  • Fixed the gold border around the Adult Gremory pet in pet gacha
  • Fixed upgrading of custom costumes/effects/accessories
    • They'll now use the correct amounts and phase fibers to upgrade
  • Shadow Crush now appears in the Costume Encylopedia
  • Fixed our custom nerf for T4 Chip requirements
  • [Wheel of Trinity Footprint] will now count for the 10/10 character customization
  • Several areas of strings have been updated and fixed
  • Fixed Solomon and Shining Star Footprints
    • They can now be repacked at 99/99 to match all other uniques
  • Fixed the Golden Scavenger - it will now spawn correctly in Gate Wave
    • Please be sure to report bugs like these on the forums. We were unaware this was even bugged until someone mentioned it directly to us!





Duration: November 6th, 2023 ~ November 20th, 2023 (removed with maintenance)



Space Walk (3 Colors)


  • Set is available for Yuri, Misteltein, Nata, Luna, Bai, and Eunha
  • Contains an accessory called "Space Walk Lunar Backpack"




Currently Active Gachas

Moonlit Night (3 Colors)
Duration: November 1st, 2023 ~ November 13th, 2023


  • Set is available for all characters!
  • Contains an accessory called "Moonlit Night Banquet Lights"
  • Contains an effect called "Moonlit Night Phase Light"



This set also has a matching name tag available from the gacha!


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