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BattleLords, Level 10 Crew


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Yes, after all this time, I am finally recruiting.

Yes, the guild is level 10.

Yes, we have buffs.



Yes, we have reputation buffs.




No, we don't have a fucking inactivity rule. 


Yes, we don't give a fuck if you're new, experienced, or whatever the fuck.


Yes, we do crew dungeon here. Whatever works.


The only thing we ask of you is to act like you have some fucking common sense and don't do any stupid shit. That's literally all we ask of you.

Now, before I place this discord link down, we're going to have some ground rules.

- Keep in mind that you will be in MY discord. Try to join just to start some shit and you will find out how much of a bitch I can be. This is a new discord. I threw my old one out. Try to come in just to be petty and I'll make sure you get the reaction you're looking for.

- I help people outside of my guild too. If you're coming in just for help, sure. If you're a friend of mine and coming in just to be a guest, sure. Leave the bullshit at the door and we'll all have a good time.

- Come in with the intention to CHILL. I had to underline that because some people are hardheaded as fuck and don't know how to read.


Imma warn you again. 

If you come in to start some shit, expect the reaction you may or may not be looking for. Nothing but Space and Opportunity.



If you're interested, you can either apply in-game, slap your IGN here or whatever rocks your boat.


If you need to find me on discord to talk about joining the crew...or guild...whatever.


Finding me in the C:C discord is not that hard. If you're too lazy to join the C:C discord, then add chiharuhyuga, I guess.


Please do not join my crew just for the sake of stirring up drama. I promise you that you will regret it later on. I only ask if you join solely for the sake of wanting to chill.



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