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Good Night i have a doubt.


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3 hours ago, Mikifurukawa said:

I would like  to know if  the  game  will  close  as there  are no events. In what  I have  been  able  to  observe there  is  only   rotation  gacha and maintenance  game.

there will be an event (No Eta)  more like if you think spring will end and no event still, we sould wait untill it summer  so that's how it work
just be patient. Staff may busy with something else, and no clue when the exact time for the event :anna: 


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As others have said, events are more seasonal rather then just randomly about. There is currently one in the works as well, just with some issues on our backend happening, it caused us quite a bit of hassle to sort out.


But no, we're not closing or going anywhere anytime soon, but a stability patch containing just gacha updates and small changes are normal!

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