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[CLOSED] Field Officer Applications


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Greetings Agents!

We will be opening applications for our Field Officer staff position!

Applications will be open from August 1st, 2023 to August 17th, 2023 and will be taken through Forum Messages!

If you are interested, please submit your application as soon as possible! Those submitted after the deadline will not be considered.




When we open these applications, we look for people who we feel would be a valuable asset to the team!

When applying, you should be aware that there are a few regulations we try to follow when hiring a staff member.

Some of these regulations include:


  • Be active in game and on discord
  • Must be a player of CODE:Closers prior to applying
  • Be aware of the CODE:Community guidelines and have not been banned in the past
  • Be fluent in English and active on our staff discord for the sake of staff discussions



When someone is hired to the team, there are requirements expected of them.

Some of these requirements are:

  • Assist players, especially new ones, with questions and anything involving C:C
  • Enforce community guidelines (both in-game and in discord), reporting it or taking the appropriate action against the broken rule according to our guidelines
  • Assist staff with patch work, including testing and planning
    • You have an opportunity to help shape the patches you play on!



This position is one that constantly changes and evolves as the game goes on, so everything that encapsulates it cannot be put into a single thread!



How to Apply

If you wish to apply, please submit your application to @Harpy via Forum Messages.

Please make sure to follow the instructions given below for the application. Failure to follow and answer the required questions may disqualify your application.


In the subject line of the message, please format it as: FO Application - Ingame Name


Answer the following questions within the body of the message:


# Character names:
# Country and Timezone:
# Languages spoken:

# Do you have anything that could interfere with your position here? (Work, school, etc)
# Why do you think you'd be a good fit for our team?
# Tell me a bit about yourself and about the time you've spent in C:C
# What do you enjoy the most about Closers, and what do you enjoy the least about Closers?

# What is your Discord name?


Please also keep an eye on your forum messages as well. If I have any additional questions I'd like to ask you, I will ask them there!

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Thank you everyone for your applications.


This was one of the hardest pools of people I have had to choose from in a long time, so this decision was quite a difficult one to make. But I do believe the people selected will be positive additions to the team.


Those who have been selected have received a forum message. Please follow the instructions given to join the rest of the staff!


Once all of the selected candidates join, they'll be announced and presented to the rest of the community!

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