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[Another Lucifer / Ash] - Boss Overview


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Table of Contents
A1. Introduction
   AA1. Gear and TCP
   AA2. Drops
B1. Attacks and Patterns
   BA1. Attacks
      BAA1. Guardian's Feathers
      BAA2. Guardian's Gust
      BAA3. Guardian's Descent
      BAA4. Guardian's Rush
      BAA5. Guardian's Territory
      BAA6. Guardian's Singularity
   BB2. Patterns
      BBA1. "Thick with ashes and dust"
      BBA2. "Praise, despise, the false guardian has come"
      BBA3. "Haha. Who is the useless child?"
      BBA4. "If you don't want to be pierced, run"
      BBA5. "Like falling starlight"
      BBA6. "In the beginning, there was darkness"
      BBA7. "Shall we go a little noisy?"
      BBA8. "For my capricious sister"
      BBA9. "Who is it that turns to ashes and dust? !"


A1. Introduction

As of writing this guide, the illusionary menace of Another Lucifer has descended in CODE: Closers. While this boss may seem a bit daunting, he's actually fairly simple, so long as you know his primary patterns and use I-Frames / Damage Reduction liberally. In this post, I'll go over a number of points which should increase your longevity in this fight.

For the sake of brevity, this guide shall refer to Another Lucifer as Ash, for obvious reasons.

AA1. Gear and TCP

First and foremost, I'd like to give my own opinion on what kind of gear you should have upon entering this raid.
I won't be giving you a number for what you should strive for, I feel like skill level will ultimately play the biggest part here, nevertheless here are my two primary pointers related to gear.

1. Minimum Busan + Asmodeus gear (+13 and moderately tuned of course)
With this you should be plenty ready for tackling the raid. Anything above will simply make it faster.

In the interest of transparency, this is the gear I used to clear the [Normal] ver for the quest.
Note: No additional patterns are added between [Normal] and [Hard.
So if you can play perfect, and have the patience, it is highly do-able even at this TCP.
(The rare costume isn't even tuned, lol.) I am fast

2. Have over 50k HP.
It doesn't matter how, but once you enter the dungeon, you want your character to have some amount of HP above 50,000 at least. When the dungeon starts, his very first mechanic is an un-avoidable 50,000 True Damage attack. Meaning if you have below the threshold, you will immediately lose 1 res upon starting the dungeon.

Some pointers for achieving this HP at lower gear thresholds

1. Check through your titles, some give ~1,000+ HP or so.
One notable mention is Hellish Tour Guide which is acquired for completing Contamination Hell 50 times and is account-wide.

2. Place SP into Endurance Training or Task Force / Black Hand Defense passives.
Each of these give HP% as they are leveled.

AA2. Drops

Ash does not have any cosmetic drops at all. No wings. No Armband. No A12 accessory. Nothing.
His primary drops consist of the 3 things you'd expect from an A12 raid.
Immortal Dust, Immortal Crystal, Immortal Bug Lump, and Supreme Factor.
(Keep in mind the Immortal Crystal is only a chance drop)


B1. Patterns and Attacks

BA1. Attacks
On any other boss, I wouldn't bother mentioning these attacks, however, Ash's attacks have 1 beneficial usage in pattern BBA3, as well as pose an additional threat in pattern BBA6, so I want to mention them. None of these attacks have official names, so I'll be making up names as I go.

BAA1. Guardian's Feathers

A simple attack that sends Arrows in opposing directions (Left/Right) on different sides of Ash that pull the player as they go.

BAA2. Guardian's Gust

A stationary attack in a wide linear AoE in front of Ash that features tremendous knockback.

BAA3. Guardian's Descent

Ash soars into the air, before descending in a diagonal downward direction, tearing up the ground in the process.

BAA4. Guardian's Rush

Ash rushes forward with a pretty lackluster hitbox, despite what the warning indication might suggest.

BAA5. Guardian's Territory

Ash soars up and slams down in a circular AoE, knocking the player into the air.

BAA6. Guardian's Singularity
Ash creates an orb that travels forward. This attack is almost always immediately followed by any of his other attacks. This attack has almost no knockback.

BB1. Patterns

BBA1. "Thick with ashes and dust" (Start of Dungeon)



This attack deals 50,000 true damage at once. There is no way to avoid this.
In order to avoid wasting a resurrection, you MUST have at least 50,000 HP at the start of the sector.

BBA2. "Praise, despise, the false guardian has come" (Below x95 Bars Remaining)


When Ash says this, he'll follow it with one of four phrases, cycling between a combination of 2 key words for each half of said phrase.
"Come" or "Go Away"
"Praise" or "Despise".
Depending on what he says, you need to either move closer to Ash or farther away AND look in Ash's direction or look away from Ash.
If ANY party member fails this, Ash will say "You're not worth defending" and wipe the entire party with an attack that cannot be dodged.

To reiterate, the key words are

Come / Go Away
Come = Move within the center circle / Go Away = Move outside of the center circle
Praise / Despise
Praise = Look in the direction of Ash / Despise = Look away from Ash

His exact quotes as of writing this guide.
"Come and praise" = Move within Ash's circle AND face toward him
"Go away and praise" = Move outside of Ash's circle AND face toward him
"Come and despise" = Move within Ash's circle AND face away from him
"Go away and despise" = Move outside of Ash's circle AND face away from him

BBA3. "Haha. Who is the useless child?" (Below x85 Bars Remaining)

This pattern will initiate one of two attacks.
Either the 'Spotlight Phase' and 'Trapped Phase'.
There is no way to determine which he will use.

'Spotlight Phase'

During this, all members of the party will have their vision darkened, only seeing the spotlights surrounding the party members. While their vision is obscured, they will be pelted slowly with 4 arrows. Afterwards, Ash will let loose a screen-wide attack. This final screen-wide attack deals around ~42,000 true damage give or take and cannot be fully dodged.

'Trapped Phase'

When Ash says this, he will pick a random party member and trap them in writhing hands. These hands will quickly drain the trapped player's HP so they will need to actively use potions in order not to die instantly. For a player whom is entirely solo in this, the best advice is to use potions and pray. Ash has many high knockback attacks, so as long as you are not in a corner, there is a chance he'll knock you free.

BBA4. "If you don't want to be pierced, run" (Below x75 Bars Remaining)


Ash will shield himself in the center of the arena, making him completely invulnerable. In order to break his shield, you'll need to bring the surrounding 'Guardian Swords' to him. It's worth mentioning that you do not need to dodge the sword as it falls on top of you after bringing it to Ash. If you're unable to break his shield, he'll wipe the entire party. There is no limit to the number of swords any party member can carry.

BBA5. "Like falling starlight" (Below x60 Bars Remaining)


When Ash activates this pattern, he will mark every party member to be struck with a sword meteor when he says "Go away". While marked, the ally can move where the Sword Meteor will land. It is completely alright to follow allies to the same corner, but make sure to move out of the way before the sword meteor lands. When the meteor lands, Ash will shortly after say "and, blow up." signaling a barrage of lightning strikes on the marked areas.

BBA6. "In the beginning, there was darkness" (Below x50 Bars Remaining)



This pattern is another one of those that can kill uninformed players, but on top of that, while wiping isn't necessarily possible, it is possible to impede other players. Two players cannot share the same 'Safe Zone' illuminated in a blue circle. In addition, more safe zones will only appear as they become occupied. For the sake of safety, it might be worthwhile to say which spot you're taking when the pattern arises, or before entering. Since it's very easy to get another teammate killed or doom other teammates in this pattern.

BBA7. "Shall we go a little noisy?" (Below x45 Bars Remaining)


This is essentially the final phase. While there are BBA7. is merely an addition to this pattern, and BBA8 is the final HP check of the dungeon. When Ash says "Shall we go a little noisy?" he will move to an area, and position feathers to fly across in linear waves encasing his position. When Ash says "Come on, it's a festival." he will fire these arrows. He will repeat this until you trigger BBA7.

BBA8. "For my capricious sister" (Below x25 Bars Remaining)


As stated above, this is more of an add-on to the previous phase rather than a new mechanic. Ash will trigger a tornado to encase the battlefield. Mentioned way further above, but this is where Ash's tremendous knockback becomes deadly. Ash will interchange his attacks between enhanced variants of his original attacks with larger AoEs in multiple directions and the attacks of BBA6. Being hit by his knockback and sent into the tornado will propel you upwards for a very long time, dealing a lot of damage in the process. I'd say this is more inconvenient than anything really, but makes sure to use your pots efficiently or use the Cancel skill to break free quickly if you're caught in the tornado. 

BBA9. "Who is it that turns to ashes and dust? !" (Below x1 Bar Remaining)



This attack deals 100,000 true damage at once. There is no way to avoid this.
In order to avoid wasting a resurrection, you MUST have at least 100,000 HP at the end of the sector.

Suggested tactic? Have 1 res left. Or have the party lead use the J Dungeon skill (Ctrl + T) as soon as possible.

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