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Text Revamp Is Underway! - Announcement


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As you've no doubt noticed, there have been large-scale changes to the way skills are worded in game. I wanted to address some of the changes here. Primarily the "What" and "Why".

Why did you change them?
A number of responses spring to mind when this question pops up.

  • To ensure that more players can read the most important bits of information regardless of resolution
  • Simplifying core concepts that are needlessly wordy
  • Clarifying further on unexplained concepts
  • Ease of access for primary skill features to newer players
  • And lastly, the fact KR themselves have introduced a revamp like this themselves

What are the changes?
Skills have largely been overhauled in terms of text. No longer a straight port from officials, this translation is inspired by KR, and created personally by me. Now, I want to address one thing, first and foremost. Skill cubes. On officials, skill cubes were left untouched when this text revamp hit. I felt that sorely lacking, considering there are buffs that are exclusive to skill cubes in the same way that they're on skills. So, I updated it. But while I was at it, I took it a step further to simplify, and in some cases correct, skill cubes.

The short version of the above paragraph is
Skill cubes are no longer 1:1 the exact wording from Officials.
They're CC original, localized from on KR, and stylized in the same way skills are.

To go over all the changes here would take forever, so to surmise, here are some bullet-points:

  • Pointless flavor text has been entirely removed (For character quote flavor text, you can check them here)
  • Overflow text has been reduced to a minimum
  • Some terminology has been changed (and will continue to be improved)
  • Older awakened skills have been entirely revamped to closer match the new style (Officials also did not update these)
  • As previously mentioned, exclusive to CC, Skill cubes have been updated to mimic a similar format to the Skill text itself.
    The most notable change because of this is that skill cubes will now list their buffs

I fully intend to continue to improve what has been changed, but I would like to extend the conversation to the community.
[Text Revamp Feedback Thread] // [Erroneous Text Report Thread]
Please use these threads liberally. If you think something can be improved, say it in the proper thread.

Known issues
Text that appears on equipment / set effects.
Some names are wrong now, as well as some things could use further clarifying with the new way things are written.
This will be fixed in a later update. We thank you for your patience while this is resolved.



Lastly, I'd like to leave you all with a largely Work In Progress

Equipment Text Revamp
Left is the Current text, Right is the Newer Version
NOTE: Pictures below are actively being worked on, and are in no way final

Glutton Core (Physical)


aM7Ty2L.png Et8BElG.png

Glutton Mods (Physical)


cb57mqb.png 8r9FQqh.png

Asmodeus Core



Asmodeus Mods


sc1uKS7.png UuRA0AL.png

Belphegor Core


QrqnVqv.png qybZ513.png

Belphegor Mods


H5M5xJ6.png tLrvooP.png

One more revamp that is, again, CC Exclusive.
The new way things are written is very neat and clear, and so, the process of adapting it to equipment is now underway.

As is inarguably showcased, the next is neater, more concise, but this comes at the price. The text longer is much longer now.
Seeing as even now players of higher resolutions need to scroll, there was little point in trying to mitigate the issue, instead, efforts have been solely focused on making it as user-friendly as possible.
As stated above this revamp is largely in its infancy and still currently being worked on, so nothing here is final.
But I wanted to give the community the opportunity for feedback.



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