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[Collection / Archive] Skill Description Flavortext


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For preservation purposes, I've collected all the flavor texts that are used on skill descriptions in one nice and neat place. More will be added / edited as more refined translations become available. Thank you for your understanding!

2TReApf.png Seha


ekpnn6A.png Empowerment
"Use that power with caution." -Jisu Seo

DbdwSP8.png Shot
"I can't believe how both sloppy and effective this technique is…" -Seulbi

1ptvXZU.png Burst
"You need to be careful when you use the flame, Seha." -J

EG0sgtI.png Dash
"So you're using your fist to finish them off!" -Misteltein

HPixILX.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Sword Rage
"I'll try to use the ultimate move I saw in fighting games…!" -Seha

TDzVCtq.png Phase Aura Blade
"Hmm. That's just like a spirit sword." -Yuri

1B9x4sx.png Shock Wave
"That means we can hunt up together!" -Misteltein

lwgaWwS.png Pulse Cannon
"I wish we also had weapons with such powerful firepower…" -Commander Song

F9ECzv7.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Sword Meteor
"Huh? Get sink in to what, you say?" -Seulbi

RptzvIS.png Focus Fire
"Damn it! I hate that technique!" -Nata

k9PSbI5.png Sky Slash
"Always remember that the real battle starts after you're done slicing." -Yuri

V8O4C82.png Point Blank
"I don't want to nag, but please handle your weapon with care." -Yujung Kim

nlfndyK.png Fire Grinder
"Good. Set the flame inside you ablaze!" -J

sQJLcNW.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Combustion
"I'll try to use the ultimate move I saw in fighting games to create my own technique…!" -Seha

PvORLuH.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Supernova
"The moment you were born, you were my precious brilliant star." -Jisu Seo

baXdknT.png T. Rebellion Formation: B
"They always quarrel but have an amazing teamwork…" -Luna

XqimRYe.png Prime Agent - Target Murder
"The boy was focused on the target."

9wvVKUA.png Explosive Bomb
"You're able to control it better!" -Suyeon

xUQqrcA.png Super Acceleration
"I know you can catch up with it! I know you can…!" -Seulbi

zNRG3HO.png Ultimate Move: Dawnblade
"The night will end. I'll make it happen!" -Seha

vp9FXkB.png Seulbi


hB634do.png Phase Ductility
"Please stop using my game console to stack up your Bits…" -Seha

LAiNn8b.png Blades of Discipline
"Rules must be obeyed. There are no exceptions." -Seulbi

MtoB2mz.png Telekinetic Explosion
"Looks like no one can run away from you, leader." -J

XhSHjT7.png Supercluster
"It's amazing that she can keep maintaining the magnetic field for such a long time." -Yujung Kim

Idmr0Ns.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Bus Drop
"Wait… Isn't that the bus that I usually take?" -Seha

LOLGsdS.png Gravity Flux
"I feel sorry for the enemies that will be rammed onto the ground…" -J

Watou5j.png Magnetic Infusion
"So it works like a magnet! How interesting!" -Misteltein

02KEQy3.png Electric Storm
"My game console doesn't run properly whenever she uses that technique…" -Seha

DBqHPNb.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Ion Cannon
"I'll show you what Black Lambs is made of!" -Seulbi

aw8nDYs.png Psychic Satellite
"Wait a minute. Wasn't there a cat just now…?" -Yuri

PKhAK2y.png Railgun
"You'd get shocked if you get hit by it!" -Misteltein

EzUo33p.png Wormhole Buffer
"She always uses that technique to escape whenever I try to hug her…" -Yuri

I21mewP.png Space Elasticity
"Special Unit! Make sure you stay back whenever she uses that technique!" -Commander Song

IwnkFaL.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Satellite Crash
"It looks like I have to write another report…" -Yujung Kim

JjDADN4.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Subway Strike
"Oh, no… but it was such a wonderful train…" -Levia

DOH2RWK.png Queen of Hearts Formation: A
"Show them the power of the queen!" -Seth

t4Eo9qN.png Prime Agent - Charge Phase
"I'd use myself as a weapon and charge towards the enemies."

Pbo2tWa.png Neutron Buster
"Now's your chance to use the long-range attack, leader!" -Suyeon

HVoQLdR.png Electronic Chase
"Don't go too far so I can catch up with you." -Eunha

BUEG7Ud.png Ultimate Move: Lightning Flash
"Please watch over me and see what kind of path your daughter would take…!" -Seulbi

tqglS0w.png Yuri


xiDHE5O.png Lunging Slash
"Final strike!" -Yuri

uaPRBGz.png Rapid Fire
"Just how are the attacks getting hit even when she's not aiming the opponents properly…?" -Seulbi

snP96je.png Supersonic Slash
"She looks serious whenever she uses this technique." -Misteltein

eplYNzD.png Bullet Spray
"She instinctively knows how she can achieve victory." -J

79qPEcF.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: 5-Point Strike
"It looks like as if something is about to be summoned…" -Seha

1zkNP3l.png Overhead Barrage
"I came up with the name for that technique. Doesn't it sound awesome?" -J

JCS4Mtq.png Roundhouse Slash
"I can't believe you can pull that off with a wooden sword!" -Seha

I4KE427.png Yuri Slash!
"Her expression changes when she fights." -Seulbi

6oX6ZFM.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Blade Fury
"I'll work hard and earn a lot of money!" -Yuri

hbAc5n0.png Lightning Fast
"You're as quick and brilliant as lightning. How wonderful." -Violet

XRxWLZp.png Superspeed Assault
"It's so disorganized, but amazing!" -Commander Song

VG7A0dh.png Phase Flip
"It's time for Yuri to dominate the fight!" -Misteltein

6F7UoX8.png Suppressing Fire
"Fire all you want! I'll take the responsibility!" -Yujung Kim

meEsJEc.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Power Lunge
"I'll make this strike land for sure…!" -Yuri

jKAEEF0.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Invincible Yuri
"It's okay. You're not going to lose." -Jungmi Woo

tnlx0zu.png Sword and Girls Formation: A
"The swords of justice shall cut down all evil." -Bai

FnIX207.png J


jJPxQGS.png Health Drink
"Did you talk to your doctor or your pharmacist?" -Yujung Kim

bKx8lCO.png Punch Through
"That's a pretty cool technique…" -Seha

sHKtVxN.png Neck Grab
"This is just a dogfight…" -Seulbi

LmvGnzr.png Hundred Fists
"Let's compete to find out who is faster from time to time!" -Yuri

aFoVHRJ.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Morning Aerobics
"Huh? It's different from what I've learned in gymnastics class…" -Misteltein

zMKaUus.png Biomagnetism
"That looks fun, but only if you don't get hit by it!" -Misteltein

XC8SWWU.png Kung Fu Hustle
"You're trying to defend us even when you're not in top condition…!" -Seulbi

84GXzRk.png Groundbreaker
"You sure using this skill won't stress your knees…?" -Seha

jFz8Kn5.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Last Hurrah
"Please talk to your doctor or your pharmacist!" -Yujung Kim

dnV1L0i.png Full Body Massage
"Be careful not to strain your back…" -Yuri

sInWqrN.png Clothesline
"You'd need to be clairvoyannt to dodge that attack." -Trainer

Y8kqLYm.png Hit the Deck
"It's still less painful than Jisu's noogie." -J

1bxxqzk.png Sonic Jab
"You can stab really fast. It reminds me of a certain spear." -Jisu Seo

hQSTIFt.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Swan Song
"I see. It looks like the old instructor taught you that technique." -Tina

XE7WLkh.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Second Prime
"I know the war will end someday, but not today." -J

zGP7vGC.png Veteránus Formation: A
"Sir, please make sure you don't overstrain yourself." -Wolfgang

Fq0pjO7.png Misteltein


HwioQre.png Release!
"Use your lance to protect people." -Grandfather

AMSTI4E.png Aegis Rush
"Good! Keep charging toward them, Mistel!" -Seulbi

dCDKdB7.png Magic Lance: Midgard
"For some reason, looking at you and that lance cheers me up!" -Yuri

SGPkUf0.png Tempest
"He's a child, so he's full of energy…" -J

J5jBcf2.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Gungnir
"Releasing Magic Lance… It's time for hunting!" -Misteltein

XIPNtbG.png Air Lance
"It really is an amazing lance…" -Seha

dRWgasQ.png Magic Lance: Muspelheim
"He looks scary whenever he uses that technique." -Yuri

I4q1dK8.png Mjolnir
"Good. Just do as I've taught you!" -Seulbi

7VNmf3Y.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Ragnarok
"Activating Magic Lance… It's time for war!" -Misteltein

UqcXYTx.png Magic Lance: Fenrir
"Wolf, huh. That brings me back memories…" -J

sZBYkyM.png Magic Lance: Niflheim
"My knees are beginning to hurt…" -J

Dhluxau.png To Me!
"Okay, I'll let you take the lead!" -Seulbi

upcAOCW.png Laevateinn
"Gears that have that named are usually dangerous in video games…" -Seha

ffJdalr.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Valhalla's Court
"He can manipulate the environment of a space. And… it's also beautiful…" -Bona Choi

xbrINUz.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Yggdrasil
"From a lance stabbing an enemy to a tree supporting the world."

60NPY0q.png Good Fellas Formation: B
"Okay, fellas! It's time to penetrate them all!" -Soma

91GSyJO.png Nata


4KIApbw.png Shadow Hunting
"That was a good move." -Trainer

ON53HYI.png Torrent of Pain
"He's really agile, as usual." -Levia

7RUqk1g.png Confirmed Kill
"Nata will aim for your head." -Tina

V44ej8c.png Lasso
"Are you interested in becoming a thief?" -Harpy

jG4I6uZ.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Purgatory
"You're asking me what'll happen if I die? Who cares?!" -Nata

0naFFUL.png Guillotine
"How interesting. Let's fight and see who is stronger!" -Violet

ZbrACXQ.png Punishment
"He's just like a wild animal…" -Harpy

SUenhHU.png Night Hunt
"But they were my targets…" -Tina

Z7hf2Fe.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Infinite Hell
"When he's like this, he'll attack both the enemies and allies!" -Levia

fq57KFw.png Lunatic Explosion
"I see. So that's how your cry sounds like…" -Susan

4N68D3Y.png Grinding Blade
"He's not planning on going easy on his opponents." -Violet

AHlYJ7l.png Skin Slayer
"In the end, you're all just lumps of meat covered with skin." -Nata

otNCbW2.png Endless Pursuit
"Hey, when did he get behind me?!" -Seha

EB6WBKb.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Fireworks
"The name of the skill sounds romantic, but…" -Harpy

Hf6hmlb.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Hades
"Make sure you fight until the very end and survive…!" -Trainer

baXdknT.png T. Rebellion Formation: C
"Show me what you've got! I'll make sure the attack hits!" -Seha

J1z1ixJ.png Levia


vRCMtrz.png Summon Familiar
"Your potential has no limits." -Trainer

Va2mE3O.png Horn Smash
"Ha ha. Nice shot." -Harpy

V1pquv3.png Tail Whip
"She has superhuman strength. She'd be a good rival for my lady." -Hyde

3bkWCvJ.png Fang Stab
"Bite off the enemy's head! That's what our duty is!" -Nata

ZCEx9LH.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Black Sabbath
"I didn't want to use it, but you leave me no choice!" -Levia

eH18t1q.png Designated Sacrifice
"You dodge then you attack. That's a good combination of skills." -Tina

O6bUlPn.png Dimensional Singularity
"It's much scarier when a well-behaved child is angry." -Harpy

kL6Y9O1.png Snake Signet
"Hey, watch it! I almost got hit!" -Nata

uFc87S1.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Walpurgis
"Stay… away from me!" -Levia

MNBJtZs.png Hell's Trap
"Her reaction skills are impressive. Would you like to play video games with me if you have time…?" -Sully Han

mnKeFh3.png Serpent's Waltz
"Levia's eyes… have changed!" -Seulbi

guGuFsR.png Flash of Pain
"Even if it's painful, you need to look at your opponent carefully and attack." -Tina

1VMA3h1.png Mamushi Swamp
"Levia! The enemy is within your attack range!" -Violet

8SBk4d4.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Judgment Star
"I hope my heart can also shine…!" -Levia

3Vh4484.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Dragon of Salvation
"If that's the path that you've chosen… keep going and accomplish your will." -Trainer

60NPY0q.png Good Fellas Formation: C
"Levia! I'll buy time for you!" -Misteltein

zDdUnb0.png Fatal Crew - Rescuing Astaroth Tier
"It's ironic how the intense wrath brought about salvation."

evJWEn0.png Screaming Matan
"Don't cry out in despair, but fight your destiny. I'll fight alongside you." -Lucy

XQ0QMcv.png Possessed Spirit
"Bite your enemy and make them feel your presence." -Trainer

9ZWdyQJ.png Ultimate Move: Abraxas
"The egg doesn't disappear when it hatches, but it comes to life." - Levia

jaIRqPs.png Harpy


3FaGsWz.png Draw
"Have you ever tried to tell your own fortune with those cards?" -Trainer

FAz44tb.png Wind Sting
"She's quite fast…!" -Nata

He3bHUl.png Air Drive
"The attacks are as fast and accurate as a bullet." -Tina

3h2CTe2.png Sonic Boom
"That technique must be strong enough to cut through the wind…" -Levia

qCsnBWJ.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Lunatic Typhoon
"Ha ha. Looks like you didn't hear the weather report saying there'd be a typhoon." -Harpy

rdcd6Gq.png Zephyr Combination
"Now I can see why you were called the phantom thief." -Violet

grFDdcY.png Exciting Again!
"Damn it! How dare you use me as your footstool!" -Nata

AKtZ11r.png Cyclone
"It feels cool when I'm close to it. I like it." -Tina

NTGuPfn.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Icarus Fall
"If I can't prevent myself from falling, then all that's left is to make an impact…!" -Harpy

SRIGQAb.png Four Cards
"I'll tell your fortune." -Harpy

uGlrYGC.png Ventus Impact
"Did you just say that you used this technique to flip over the tables at casinos?" -Violet

J0oANWb.png Interlude Squall
"That technique looks like it would really hurt…" -Levia

CHBtcWK.png Harpy Strike
"Just looking at her makes me feel dizzy…" -Misteltein

rrxiSUM.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Bionic Rampage
"Good. It's time for you to kick your enemies…!" -Trainer

4bPFNrn.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Fortuna Revelation
"I hope that you overcome your destiny and fly." -Mamba

DOH2RWK.png Queen of Hearts Formation: B
"Go! I'm right behind you!" -Seulbi

jY1iWs9.png Tina


IZOMBhh.png Dive
"I see. Now I get why you were called Wraith." -Trainer

QoZSQdR.png Close Combat
"She had already defeated the enemy before I realized." -Levia

28XV4Zo.png Thunderbolt
"It's unfair that you're using a huge weapon like that!" -Nata

d0YXwjX.png Sharp Shooting
"Her attacks are quick, accurate, and merciless." -Harpy

pjfWq2N.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Peacemaker
"This is the sure method to bring about peace." -Tina

9bzoGhk.png Rapid Fire
"It only took her 5 seconds to take them down." -Violet

lzEwfns.png Heat Shot
"I see. You have to think outside the box." -Violet

IZ7u3Pg.png I Want to Be Alone
"Hey, empty robot! How long are you planning to stay in there?!" -Nata

0HD2GdZ.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Battlefield
"I remember the manual." -Tina

pBWJd3t.png Cool Your Head
"Did a refrigerator drop from the sky? Am I dreaming right now?" -Levia

tjCRoPQ.png Trick Shot
"Sometimes, you need to use tricks to win the fight." -Harpy

Dy3rB21.png Pot Shot
"I love the way you fight!" -Yuri

Ii2YdyU.png Phantom Snipe
"Good night, baby." -Tina

1AJ4gIk.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Finish Them
"It would be a hassle to clean up the mess, but it can't be helped." -Trainer

8Qf6hlz.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Fatal Device
"I want to end this war! So…!" -Instructor

zGP7vGC.png Veteránus Formation: B
"That's right. The war isn't over just yet." -J

7s7dSdc.png Fatal Crew - Deep Dive
"The heart of steel won't stop pounding even in the abyss."

9tMDMOx.png Golden Bullet
"It's a bit blinding…" -Trainer

rhmWhbl.png Wild Shot
"I see. I've learned something from it." -Chulsoo

KiyFVs2.png Ultimate Move: Imaginary Cannon
"You can leave the rest to me, instructor." -Tina

E6WT80w.png Violet


uHwEL76.png Exceed
"Looks like nobility comes from strength." -Trainer

Exwdd6s.png Exceed Pulse
"Ugh! I can't believe how reckless this woman is…!" -Nata

bOsXgdg.png Camellia Drop
"It's a useful technique that helps me tend the garden." -Violet

UZyeYXQ.png Burst Blade
"I see. So you're only going to keep moving straight." -Tina

u3inz7F.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Noblesse
"I have to admit, it's such a graceful technique." -Harpy

pptzK2Z.png Exceed Artistry
"It's time for me to fight seriously." -Violet

YwRVIIf.png Stinger
"Whoa… I couldn't see anything…!" -Levia

yVbZFMk.png Post-Initiative
"There's just no way weaklings like you can ever hit her!" -Nata

lgrcOwy.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Transcendence
"It feels like she's shining brighter as the times goes by!" -Levia

lFZYl5c.png Hyde!
"As you wish, my lady." -Hyde

x255CgI.png Exceed Strikes
"I wonder who has made her angry. Ha ha." -Harpy

WvSl5oM.png Reinforced Blow
"It's as destructive as when it is hit by a long sword." -Tina

yzxUnZK.png Rose Cutter
"There are times when you have to cut the flowers off to help better flowers bloom." -Trainer

olAABQL.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Fluttering Blade
"Never say that flowers don't belong on the battlefield." - Violet

JH1XuEM.png Exceed Double
"There are two of her… It's like a dream come true." -Hyde

eLqGRab.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Grand Cross
"I'll fight alongside my team. That's the path that I've chosen!" - Violet

tnlx0zu.png Sword and Girls Formation: B
"It's such an upright and magnificent sword. I know it will never break!" -Yuri

QUERm7H.png Fatal Crew - For the Queen
"It's because she doesn't want to be seen as a queen that she's even more queen-like."

Q6umgLq.png Armor Breaker
"Even wearing Phase Armor would be useless now." -Kim Mask

UNd5Tge.png Flower Wind Blow
"A flower on the battlefield. It's a crazy dream, but if it's you..." -Trainer

5DfRgLn.png Ultimate Move: Queen's Judgment
"With the technology of the Vultures and the dedication of Hyde, there's no way I'll ever be bored." -Violet

AM6ojJF.png Wolfgang


dgdIm5F.png Ritual – Absorption
"Don't let the book devour you, Wolf." -Jaeri Kim

sg3kkw3.png Ritual - Sanguine Grasp
"So this is what cramming education is like." -Bai

jseXkzZ.png Summon – Eligos
"Oh, please. It hates following orders." -Wolfgang

u9S2OKH.png Ghost Bow
"Is there an arrow that can make you fall in love when you get hit?!" -Soma

os253gd.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Sanguine Blades
"I've trained a lot to block that attack." -Luna

PrNAWte.png Iron Claws
"Oh! Let's see who can claw better!" -Seth

5tDJ4UB.png Dark Portals
"That skill is good for assassination." -Bai

iBfxbrO.png Ritual - Dark Matter
"Ugh. Is that… a "barrier"?" -Soma

BwCImiC.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Belial
"I have no idea what that is, but it obeys me well for some reason." -Wolfgang

0BFd989.png Ritual - Exsanguinate
"It seems like that book is always hungry." -Seth

RVG6k7O.png Ritual - Iron Teeth
"They are pointy and cool!" -Seth

jB0ZW5b.png Breaking Strike
"I almost fainted in shock when I first saw that thing…" -Luna

ZmvixFz.png Waning Moon Strike
"You keep saying that you hate it, but you're fighting in perfect harmony." -Alice

8ayG6ee.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Inferno
"Is this what your true feelings look like?" -Bai

j4bLKKf.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Release Shub
"Wolf, we're still friends, right?" -Shub

zGP7vGC.png Veteránus Formation: C
"I'll cover you. Open your book, librarian." -Tina

VuSWQL6.png Luna


1VyudHM.png Defensive Posture
"Accomplish your will with your shield." -Wolfgang

ON8LWfe.png Raven Wing
"Tip: Luna is scared of crows!" -Soma

x1wGn4d.png Homing Aegis
"Oh! The shield is flying! Seth will go after it!" -Seth

r22oPQD.png Orion's Hunt
"I… thought you were a Closer who is specialized in defense." -Bai

zrv1A4t.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Astraea
"Shine like the stars in the night sky…!" -Luna

1DK8ggk.png Aegis Charge
"Tip: Luna is scared of lions!" -Soma

Hxx01cA.png Hydra Strike
"Be careful not to let your emotion get the better of you." -Wolfgang

smwLEI7.png Harpe Strike
"Looks like you got the idea from Wolfgang's magic sword." -Bai

MoLzyJ3.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Ariadne's Crown
"I-It's not like I've dreamed of having a crown…" -Luna

NsQ8mRT.png Meteor Jump
"You're floating on the air like a star!" -Seth

LRAzQVd.png Pegasus Kick
"Good! Kick those enemies hard!" -Alice

iVXSkz5.png Starlight Circle
"It's looks like you've made a choice to protect someone." -Wolfgang

cbVNLgP.png Winter Triangle
"Luna's skills all shine brightly like the stars." -Jaeri Kim

tEccFI8.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Universe Strike
"I'll create the universe inside me with my shield!" -Luna

hZwPp7a.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Cosmic Strike
"There you go. You can do anything with your shield." -Anna

baXdknT.png T. Rebellion Formation: A
"Who cares if it's a shield? Anything becomes a weapon if you use it to beat them up!" -Nata

ZG7QvtQ.png Prime Agent - Artifact Synchronization
"Become the indestructible goddess and hold up your shield."

LygU5LQ.png Argo Chase
"The shield is spinning fast… Looking at it makes Seth's eyes spin fast too…" -Seth

J6MwQzs.png Andromeda Shooting
"The enemies went flying! They'd even reach the Andromeda galaxy!" -Soma

zJ0WYDB.png Ultimate Move: Big Bang
"The times that I spend with Aegis will shine forever…!" -Luna

ZN44830.png Soma


VLTYPEU.png Mantra
"Helping oneself comes first. That's how everything begins." -Wolfgang

5U1VLqr.png Asura's Stance
"Ugh. She's beating the dimensional monsters with a smile on her face…" -Luna

drE53xq.png Indra's Stance
"Stop tackling me with that technique!" -Wolfgang

F8UlDZH.png Two Moons
"That looks fun! Use it and pull Seth too!" -Seth

496gjfY.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Divine Fire
"If you can't come up with a joke, you just have to blow up everything!" -Soma

emx1WQc.png Destructive Strike
"Can you please stop giving weird shouts like that…?" -Alice

9jfYecg.png Skanda
"Hey! Stop right there!" -Wolfgang

05sJh53.png Phase Wave Bullet
"I see… So you'd have to shout "bam and wham" for the attacks to work." -Bai

cSjsPMs.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Divine Spear
"I've found the dimensional monsters! Now…… it's time for them to die." -Soma

CbR3kss.png Lion's Roar
"Seth can do it too! Roar~!" -Seth

NgOm7m8.png Sky Breaker
"It felt like Soma had vicious eyes just now…" -Luna

y4qGntp.png Lightning Dance
"Huh? What is Ora Ora?" -Seth

m3m3i6P.png Karma
"Everyone has a karma." -Bai

cggLmqr.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Divine Light
"Keep moving forward, Soma. I know you can do it." -Jaeri Kim

foVpIBP.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Blessed Elixir
"Stand up again with a smile on your face." -Anna

60NPY0q.png Good Fellas Formation: A
"Until the day we can greet each other with a smile…!" -Levia

RNjTxyj.png Bai


MLi6FRm.png Freeze!
"It looks like you don't like using that technique." -Wolfgang

ikDXr88.png Piercing Point
"I'd like you to help me train to strengthen my shield!" -Luna

VxKDB4c.png Approach and Slash
"Bai and the sword are dancing together!" -Seth

ZKjUfPo.png Wedge Throw
"I want you to be on my team if we ever have a snowball fight!" -Soma

lz9dUfq.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Mystery - Show Off Dance Moves
"My dance… isn't anything special." -Bai

bZXdZCZ.png Cast Sword Shield
"I don't think this is the right time to go and talk to her…" -Luna

uSN7GF0.png Strike at an Opening
"The cold air will flow into the body through the wound…" -Jaeri Kim

w8S5qa6.png Draw and Slash
"Bai drew her sword! It looks like something is about to get sliced!" -Seth

u5wYTyK.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Mystery - Dance with the Air
"I wonder if the day would ever come when we'd face each other and dance together again…" -Bai

3vVSQFn.png Freeze Even Tears
"You idiot. It's okay to cry at times like this, partner." -Wolfgang

yTBMh5v.png Charge and Slash
"It would be good to use it on a Closer who is always slacking off." -Alice

MozwJrU.png Take a Life
"What comes into your mind whenever you take away a life?" -Shub

ZUS9BXr.png Wail, Sword
"The wind sounds as if it's wailing…" -Seth

naVOd9l.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Mystic Art - Sound Slash
"Please mutter, "It looks like I've sliced a worthless opponent again"!" -Soma

IGLlsYg.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Overkill - White Snow
"I can hear the sound of snow falling. Can't you hear it?" -Xue

tnlx0zu.png Sword and Girls Formation: C
"Remember, you're they only one who can use that sword." -Violet

M7TJB1T.png Prime Agent - Polar Sword
"I can slice anything as long as I can hear it breathing."

xAymH6E.png Cutting Off With Double Blades
"It's as if two swordsmen are attacking together." -Luna

JiavEEB.png Everlasting Flow
"Just let it keep flowing until those kids grow up." -Wolfgang

HzmSXDf.png Ultimate Move: Absence of Ego - Words to the Pole
"You're right. I've finally heard it, Xue." -Bai

nthVRu7.png Seth


y26xBOM.png Feral Release
"You're a king who cannot be tamed." -Bai

xNMEpfN.png Horus's Assault
"It's as if she's claiming that this is her territory." -Luna

NuMOSPl.png Nephthys's Grace
"I see. Now that's what you call a battle instinct." -Wolfgang

hyVP0IM.png Anubis's Judgment
"Seth never gets hit by the same attack twice!" -Soma

VeFsrZD.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Osiris's Death
"You've made your king angry!" -Seth

gSfVsMw.png Selket's Seal
"Yikes! A lot of spikes are coming out…!" -Luna

haKVWO6.png Thoth's Collection
"I see. So the enemies would have to pay with their lives." -Bai

yVr9wPI.png Neith's Arbitration
"I can never win whenever I play hide-and-seek with her." -Wolfgang

ocm4Kfi.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Obelisk's Consecration
"Giant God Soldier! Can you also summon Giant God Soldier?!" -Soma

7RQQitw.png Bastet's Mercy
"She moves like a cat… But I guess I can't take her home with me." -Alice

UotCjcH.png Apophis's Confinement
"She's just like a small beast…" -Jaeri Kim

EKmCVcq.png Isis's March
"The king is marching, so don't get it the way!" -Seth

zC0Z4x7.png Medjed's Stare
"I didn't know that "looking someone dead in the eye" wasn't a figure of speech!" -Luna

wn5v9ix.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Amon Ra's Anger
"I wonder what's been done to make you so enraged?" -Bai

nx7IsgS.png Rank 4 Finishing Move: Ennead's Rest
"I've always found peace whenever I was by your side." -Anna

DOH2RWK.png Queen of Heart Formation C
"Our little king, please show them what you've got." -Harpy

ukb4tkt.png Chulsoo


Sq26Opq.png Tactical Stance
"Mercy and Judgment mean the same to him." -Chulsoo

3ROeRlm.png Double Tap
"I'm going to charge in." -Chulsoo

n4Ae3rc.png Mercy - Silencer
"How are you controlling the trajectory of the bullets?" -Soohyun

jyMokeX.png Sense - Raging Soul
"I never thought that fighting too well can also become a problem." -Suji Jeo

nKdTZoE.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Death Warrant
"It's no use hiding." -Chulsoo

YbWOkqY.png Judgement - Blaze Gun
"I didn't know you can use the gun like that…" -Soohyun

rrPBPTA.png Judgement - Claymore
"At times, chaotic attacks work best." -Chulsoo

hYcYke5.png Sense - Explosive Soul
"You're eyes are really scary." -Suji Jeo

cP5RlzG.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Killer Queen
"Who are you going to shoot with your last bullet?" -Soohyun

IdjqCf4.png Mercy - Desperado
"You never waste a single bullet." -Celine

v0kgpOT.png Air Raid
"Is that what firecrackers are like?" -Ara

14Qkejo.png Judgement - Trigger Happy
"I've never felt happy whenever I pulled the trigger." -Chulsoo

uQCjrip.png Mercy - Ricochet
"I knew it. You're not an ordinary person." -Pan

PZwSxte.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Execution
"Chulsoo, are you going to shoot?" -Mirae

ZUdWAF0.png Black Hand Finishing Move: Better Tomorrow
"It's all for the better tomorrow. If a door to it is closed, then I'll force it open." -Chulsoo

ootuDyv.png Mirae


GfTltjT.png Shadow Call
"It's easier to fight when the shadow looks like me." -Mirae

UaDV6Ym.png Twilight Slash
"It would be easy to clean the fallen metal scrap." -Suji Jeo

onRmj7M.png Duskify
"Considering how the skills are used, I'm guessing that she is a Space-bender type…" -Soohyun

0YqU1WB.png Sunset Cavort
"I saved a kid who was falling while playing on a cliff." -Mirae

VdbCrG4.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Lullaby
"I like looking at the sea that is glowing with sunset." -Mirae

UWWk8ms.png Moonwalk
"Is it really necessary for you to fall by spinning?" -Suji Jeo

dqyX6hU.png Stargaze
"I think this scythe can be enhanced…" -Soohyun

OIbzmaP.png Night Fog Cleave
"I don't want to look at the opponent's face whenever I pull the scythe." -Mirae

EBuEvcK.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Time to Sleep
"Please make a little noise before you suddenly talk to me." - Suji Jeo

7oXocdB.png Azure Wail
"I believe that you possess that power for a reason."

eYEfmRi.png Waiting for Dawn
"I see… It will be easier to restrain the opponents if you form it into vines of thorns." -Soohyun

Eb5HuJ6.png Dewdrop Scatter
"It's exhausting to control many shadows at once." -Mirae

3SVNQUy.png Daybreak
"Ah, the morning has come. I hope everything goes well today too." -Suji Jeo

hEUe5HG.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Curtain of Shadows
"It's so dark. It looks like it's time to go to sleep…" -Ara

t595ZTU.png Black Hand Finishing Move: Accept Dead Night
"I'll remember all the nights that have perished, no matter what the future holds." -Mirae

eeJOY5f.png Shadow Agent - Dreaming
"The wings with dreams will guide them."

JVRf1Sd.png Dropping the Crescent Moon
"I think it would come in handy in the underworld." -Eunha

2yC4QcO.png Dyeing Rose Color
"It may look like it is in vain, but I know it will bloom again." -Lucy

pgPD4m0.png Ultimate Move: Fly to the Dawn Sky
"I know the butterfly will be able to fly until dawn." -Chulsoo

Wz4lHcJ.png Eunha


oL2beU2.png Echoing Scream
"The screams from the back alley always echo." 

ZXzrXG4.png Pierced Skin
"The restaurant staff tried to confiscate my weapons at the entrance. Pfft." -Eunha

KJi7VJY.png Marked Scar
"It is said that scars that aren't healed bear emotions." -Huimang

h7paHr9.png Cut Sashimi
"Is that how you really fillet raw fish?" -Ara

ffEP9Z5.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Heartless Path
"Just forget everything. That's how things work around here." -Eunha

utr7HIr.png Protruding Teeth
"Please don't use it when I'm nearby. I beg you." -Ken Han

5x7gWVB.png Six Section Strike
"Anyone would run away if you charge at them like that." -Ken Han

G8W2Jsg.png Bonecutter
"Do you usually drink a lot of milk?" -Eunha

y6vXuqx.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Cruel Trade
"That was a great deal. It's a shame that we won't ever meet again." -Eunha

M5KXvHQ.png I Told Ya, It's Gonna Get Rough
"If you've bumped into someone, you need to apologize." -Eunha

t4KBwbJ.png Flying Fangs
"So it's like being bitten by a shark." -Celine

4MyXYde.png Sever Moonlight
"You just cut it and slice it upward afterward. Easy, isn't it?" -Eunha

K4it3i3.png Fallen Starlight
"You look so sad when you're falling." -Soohyun

xLgN2z0.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Ruthless Night
"The darker the night is, the brighter the blade shines." -Eunha

tylMGdk.png Black Hand Finishing Move: Meteor Smash
"I was just a single star, but as for you, I hope you become someone who can embrace countless stars." -Hyeseong Eun

G1kAh5t.png Lucy


1tgJe5E.png Awaking Nergal
"I'd feel even more thirsty… But it can't be helped." -Lucy

9hcNgNy.png Chewing Shamash
"Those sharp teeth are charming." -Celine

D0ivS68.png Rushing Enlil
"Are you practicing long jump? Let's do it together!" -Ara

Xkwo3dj.png Furious Ea
"You're like the centrifuge itself. Can I come to you when I need one?" -Ken Han

mtA1xQ4.png Rank 1 Finishing Move: Aratta's Ruler
"It isn't powerful as before…… but I won't be depressed!" -Lucy

T8wj6Ds.png Guardian Marduk
"Please give me the power to protect everyone." -Lucy

KJe0OWB.png Savior Ziusudra
"It's important to save everyone, but also yourself…" -Huimang

J4pgWkv.png Judge Adad
"That hammer looks nice. Would you like to sell it to me?" -Pan

aORpdbn.png Rank 2 Finishing Move: Babylon's Wedge Hook
"I'd put that nail together with my weapons." -Eunha

xRDJWJb.png Cheering Ishtar
"Gosh. I thought it was an earthquake." -Ken Han

2cWufYQ.png Singing Aruru
"I'm curious about how it's like inside, but I'm not willing to go inside." -Soohyun

NETSXh4.png Frolicking Gugalanna
"It reminds me of an amusement park. Let me ride on it someday." -Eunha

0Ajt496.png Indomitable Anu
"This is how I drove out the swarm of bugs in my family's bakery!" -Lucy

WtnVJ5T.png Rank 3 Finishing Move: Uruk's Executioner
"Mostro! I choose you!" -Lucy

3YdTrVj.png Black Hand Finishing Move: Akkad's Sparkle
"I thought that nothing could be achieved through prayers." -Eunha

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