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Introduction to the Abyss!


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Abyss is challenging content for a wide range of player skill and gear that can be accessed in Fantasy World: Dream Theater <<Reverse>>.

There's 3 different iconic bosses you can fight: Abyss Misook, Abyss Muska and Abyss Vitus. These bosses are split into 10 stages requiring increasing equipment and skill to complete. You have only 5 minutes to beat them so make sure you hurry up!           

You can fight each of these bosses 5 times per week and on multiple characters.







Descending the Abyss you will be met with a variety of rewards, including items that will increase your strength, and luxurious cosmetics. These can be accessed from the Point Shop Tab in every vending machine!

 One of the major additions to the crafts will be the new Ultimate special PNA genes: Ultimate Power and Ultimate Speed!

 You can choose one of these to put in the new custom 4th Special PNA slot, that can't be used by previous special PNA genes, also the new Ultimate genes cannot be put in the old 3 special PNA slots.





The Gene Ultimate Power goes up to level 30 and maxes out at 5% Physical/Magic Total Raw and 600 Phy/Mag Flat Raw.


The Gene Ultimate Speed goes up to level 30 and maxes out at 10% Attack Speed/Movement Speed and 600 Phy/Mag Raw.


You can upgrade these genes only with the new PNA material "Ascension"! Which is obtained from Ascension pills you can get through the crafts.




As you descend the Abyss, each next stage clear will yield 2 more Malek Crystals and increasing amounts of PNA experience than the last!

On stages 1-3 you can also find the first material "Abyssal Fragment". Using this you can craft many things used for progression in the crafts.

On stages 4-6 you will find the maximum amount of Abyssal fragments and also "Abyssal Crystal" which is used for some progression items and some cosmetics.

On stages 7-10 you find the maximum amount of Abyssal Fragments and Crystals, but also the final material: "Refined Abyssal Crystal" which is used to craft the most prestigious cosmetics.


You can enter each of these bosses 5 times per week!



Some of these cosmetics include custom Frames, Nametags, Fonts and Titles!


Name Tag: Abyssal Challenger


Name Tag: Warrior of the Abyss


Animated Frame: Aura of the Descender


Animated Frame: Aura of the Descended Champion


Font: Heart of the Void


Font: Abyssal Madness







Entering The Abyss Comes with Extra PNA Experience 50%

Descending the Abyss Comes Bonus Credits 20% and Found Item Bonus 20%

Void warrior is purely cosmetic!





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