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The name is Miia!

I main Mirae & Levia! 

Hello there! I am a dedicated Mirae & Levia main that enjoys drawing, graphic design, & animation. It's always been nice being able to express your feelings through different medias of art such as music! I do enjoy singing as well but that's something I've always done in my private time. I guess you can say I enjoy mix matching clothing as well to look nice ♥ Fashion is something that I enjoy allot on Closers - the fact that they're complex designs rather than simple ones that we've seen (at least in the U.S for me) makes these cosmetics so much fun to mess around with! You can make so much out of it - even express how you're feeling in the moment! Maybe you're feeling "edgy" or "cute" then go ahead and spread those wings ~

If you want to know more about me, you can always message me on Discord: Miia#6516


As you know, I love fashion but which costumes do I usually go for if you're curious? Well, as you know I main Mirae so I always have her as a main priority since 1. shes expensive & 2. always having to maintain my credits because I may look rich but that doesn't mean I have all the credits. I spend it pretty often when I actually grind or drop things to sell. In fact, I'm selling lots of Levia costumes which is how I'm managing my way through this grind without having to consume lots of time as of right now. Anyways, For costumes, I mainly go for what type I like best (usually A types though). Sometimes I'd get all 3 or usually 2 types most of the time!

Here's my shop if you're curious

918311469160988674.webp?size=96&quality=losslessMy Shop



918311469160988674.webp?size=96&quality=losslessMy Youtube
If you didn't know, I create YouTube content dedicated to this server! Ranging from Gameplay, Livestreams, Challenges, Discussions & Guides!

♥ Here's the YouTube link for my channel on this forum ♥

...and if you're interested in my guides, then check this one out!:

If you with to support some more, you can also follow me on Twitter where I just post a bunch of news, fashion & more there: @MiiaTzu

918311469160988674.webp?size=96&quality=losslessMy Crew

I also own a crew of my own with many active members - I've ran crews for such a very long time that I've learned so much from this alone. It's helped me & the crew grow as better people! ♥

♥ Here's the link to the crew if you wish to apply ♥


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