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  1. Thank you for applying, we'll accept you in as soon as possible once the servers are up again EDIT: Apply whenever!
  2. A new guide created for the purpose to introduce new equipment!
  3. Welcome back! β™‘ Welcome! β™‘ Thank you both for applying! β™‘ Feel free to hit up the crew in-game whenever you're available
  4. Hi! Thank you for applying β™₯ It's nice to see some players that actually enjoy PvP We're definitely active, so you made a great choice! Welcome to the crew, guys
  5. I'm glad my videos are helpful! If you need help in-game, feel free to ask us at anytime β™₯ Thank you for applying! Feel free to apply in-game at anytime & make sure to check out the "About" for the discord link β™₯
  6. @Yachiba @Tabe Thank you both for applying! β™‘ Hop online and apply to the crew whenever you're available!
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