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Creating Rare and Unique Costumes


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Having trouble figuring out the Costume Conversion system (also known as Synchro) in the game? Or just want to have those cool outfits and poses you see everyone wearing? This is the guide for you!

This step-by-step guide will help you learn how to use the Costume Conversion system, which creates costumes known as Rares or Uniques.



What are Rares/Uniques?: [Click Here]
How to Obtain Rares/Uniques: [
Click Here]
Example: [
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What are Rares/Uniques?

Rare or Unique sets are costumes with special benefits that you couldn't normally get from normal event sets, gacha sets, or free sets. They all come with a special idle pose, intro animations, portraits and much more!
Uniques are considered a step higher than Rares, since they have more benefits and better stats than Rare sets.


The current Rare sets are:

  • Dark Command (All characters)
  • Cybernetics (Up to Wolfgang)
  • Zenith (All characters)
  • Dark Zenith (All characters)
  • Draconian (Up to Chulsoo)

The current Unique sets are:

  • Shining Star (All characters)
  • Solomon's Vestments (All characters)



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Learning about the Costume Conversion system is a bit confusing at first, but once you've got the hang of it, it's easy!

Costume Conversion requires some key components before starting. These components are:

  • Costume Conversion Fiber

Depending on the Rare or Unique set you want, it will have it's own special conversion fiber that you will need. You can choose to buy these from other players or buy them yourself through the Cash Shop!

  • Costume Pieces (Character Specific / Type Specific)

You will need two pieces of the same costume type (e.g. Hair + Hair) that will be used as the Base (Character Specific) and Fodder (Type Specific, not Character Specific). Costume conversion only has a chance to succeed. The rate varies from Rares to Uniques, and each requires specific starred costume pieces in order to work!


  • 2 Star Costume + 2 Star Costume = 10% Chance
  • 3 Star Costume + 3 Star Costume = 100% Chance


  • 3 Star Costume + 3 Star Costume = 50% Chance
  • Rare Costume + Rare Costume = 75% Chance

Finally, the last item you need is credits. Converting to a Rare costume costs 100 000 (100k) credits for 2 star costumes / 1 000 000 (1m) credits for 3 star costumes, while Unique costumes costs 5 000 000 (5m) credits for 3 star costumes / 0 credits for Rare costumes. Once you have all these items, you're ready to convert!


How do I obtain the accessories?

Rare and Unique accessories are only available through Bitna's Gacha. You have a chance to get a 4 Piece Box for Rare accessories, or a Random Box for Unique accessories. You can also buy them from other players.

Something to note: If you do not wear all 10/10 pieces for a Unique set (and say, instead use 6/6 Unique and 4/4 Rare), it will not give you the full boosted stats. Mixing Rares/Uniques (6/6 Unique + 4/4 Rare) will give you the stats as if you were wearing a 10/10 Rare set.

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This section will show you a step-by-step example for creating a Rare costume piece.
The example character I've used is
Violet and the example set I've used is Zenith.


Step 1: Choosing the Costume Fiber


In this image, if you right-click a Costume Fiber or use the Costume button or Hotkey (It is the ' key by default), it will open the Costume Conversion page. Select the fiber you want to use.


Step 2: Choosing the Base Costume


Once you're finished selecting the fiber you want to use, click on the Base tab. Select the costume piece you want to use from the list. The example I will be using is a 2 Star Top.


Step 3: Choosing the Fodder Costume


Once you're finished selecting the base, click on the Fodder tab. Select the costume piece you want to use from the list. I have some spare top pieces from other characters I don't need, so I will be using one of those 2 Star Tops.


Extra Step: Option Transfer

This allows you to use an Exchange Silk item if you'd like to keep the tunes from your old costume that is being used as a Base. I tune my costumes after I get the piece I want, so I will be skipping this step for this example. You're free to do this if you have tunes you wish to keep! You can buy the Silks from players or from the Cash Shop.


Step 4-1: Failure


Because I used two 2 Star Tops, the success rate was 10%, so I failed to convert this time around. But don't fret! If you do fail the conversion, you can choose to either keep the Base costume you used, or choose one from the Fail Pool. Some people use this in order to get costumes in the Fail Pool that they'd like, since the success rate is so low.

If you used an Exchange Silk and failed, the item will be returned to you.


Step 4-2: Success


This time around, I upgraded my 2 Star Tops into 3 Stars, which made the success rate jump to 100%! I succeeded and created a Zenith Top!
Your Base and Fodder costumes will be used up, along with any Exchange Silks you used in this conversion.


There you have it! Good luck converting!

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