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Gremory's Guide to Abbreviations


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Welcome everyone, to my personal seminar! Today I'll be teaching you about "Abbreviations". Better get that cotton stuffing out of your ears and listen up to the genius of the century!

In science, there are a ton of abbreviations... and it gets difficult to remember them all, even with my incredibly large brain! In the world of Closers, it's no different. So, out of the kindness of my heart, I'll be listing every abbreviation and what it means for you. You better be grateful, or I'll replace your head with one of my teddies!

Each section will have it's own post, along with it's own category. I'm making it incredibly easy for you to find what you're looking for! If you're still having trouble, you can use ctrl+f and type in the abbreviation you're having trouble with. If you have any new abbreviations that are not listed in this thread, message my subordinate @Icarus about it! I don't have time to constantly be editing this myself.

Oh, and the term "e.g." is going to be used a lot here. It means "example"! You better remember that.

Without further ado, here we go! Study hard.



Buying/Selling/Trading & Credits/Bits: [Click Here]
Dungeons & Info: [Click Here]
Unique/Rare Costumes, Gacha Costumes & Recolours: [
Click Here]
Staff Info & Other:
[Click Here]

A huge shout out to the community for helping this guide come to life!

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B> = Buying (e.g. B>Item/s, also seen as WTB> [Want to Buy])
S> = Selling (e.g. S>Item/s, also seen as WTS> [Want to Sell])
T> = Trading (e.g. T>Item to Other Item, also seen as WTT> [Want to Trade])
c/o = Current Offer (Usually the highest offer when someone is selling an item. e.g. S>Item 200m c/o)
b/o = Buy Out (Buy an item instantly instead of offering. e.g. S>Item 400m b/o)

PC> = Price Check (e.g. PC>Item)

wm/pm/dm = Whisper me/Private Message me/Direct Message me (Used for a quicker response)
ys/ms = Your seal/My seal (Some items need to be sealed before buying/selling/trading)
fresh = Freshly aquired (Never un-sealed, already sealed, etc)




k = Thousand (e.g. 1k = One Thousand)
m = Million (e.g. 1m = One Million)
b = Billion (e.g. 1b = One Billion}

PGC = PixelGameCard (The donation method to obtain Bits, will always be in code form. e.g. B> $50 PGC code)
For more information on PGC donations, check
[here]. (To be added!)

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Dungeons & Info:

PvE = Player vs Environment (Refers to dungeons)
PvP = Player vs Player (Refers to UNION Arena)

FM = Finishing Move (A special move used as a finisher)
PPR = Phase Power Release (Also known as Awakening)
AA = Angel Awakening

OA = Official Agent (Also known as OC [Official Crew] or Messenger/Contractor)
SA = Special Agent (Also known as SC [Special Crew] or Resolver)

TF = Task Force (Also known as Veteranus and the abbreviations below)
BH = Black Hand
GF = Good Fellas
QoH = Queen of Hearts
SnG/S&G = Sword & Girls
TR = Triaina Rebellion

PA = Prime Agent
FC = Fatal Crew
SA = Shadow Agent

LF> = Looking for (e.g. LF>Carry, sometimes can be seen as W> [Want] or N> [Need] or LFP> [Looking for Party])
ch = Channel (e.g. LF>Carry ch1)
tcp = Total Combat Power (People look for certain TCP for parties, e.g. LF>BB party TCP 3m+)
-N, N/N (Refers to party slots available. E.g. raid parties would have 1/12 or -11 slots, normal dungeons would have 1/4 slots, or -3. Depends on dungeon)
req = Requirement (e.g. TCP 3m+ req)
x = Times (Usually next to a number, e.g. 15x = 15 times, 15 runs, etc.)
Crew/Circle = Guild
contri = Contribution (Also known as order, currency used in the Order Shop)
daily/dailies = Order Dungeons (Refers to the top quests in the Order menu that change daily)
d/c = Disconnect (e.g. "I d/c'd" = "I disconnected")

EV = Event (e.g. LF> EV party, EV on icons)
CD = Crew Dungeons (When you join a crew/circle new dungeons became available to you)
PG = Planar Gate (Sometimes they will have numbers after them, e.g. PG75. That is a dungeon in Planar Gate that requires level 75 to enter)
Puri = Purification Ops (Can refer to the area or the gear)
SOP = Sea of Pollution (Refers to the dungeon in Purification Ops, also known as Yod's Sea/yod sea)
Hell/OF = Dungeons (Refers to dungeons in Purification Ops)
HN = Hunter's Night (Refers to the area)
OC = Overclocked (Refers to the Wolfgang & Hoffman boss dungeons)
BB/BBv1 = Beelzebub (Depending on context, refers to the first Beelzebub Raid or the side dungeons. Beelzebub can be refered to as the Binge King)
BBv2 = Beelzebub Raid (Refers to the second raid dungeon, e.g. LF>BBv2 carry)
NM/Tia/Tiamat = Dungeons (Depending on context, refers to the Tiamat nightmare dungeons or the depth and castle dungeons. NM can also refer to the costume Nightmare)
Asmo = Asmodeus (Depending on context, refers to the first Asmodeus Raid or the side dungeons)
Asmo v1/Asmo1/Asmo Ver1 = Asmodeus Raid (Refers to the first raid dungeon, e.g. LF>Asmo v1 party)
Asmo v2/Asmo2/Asmo Ver2 = Asmodeus Raid (Refers to the second raid dungeon, e.g. LF>Asmo v2 party)
MK = Machine King Belphegor Raid
Belph = Machine King Belphegor Raid

win7 = Windows 7 Users allowed in party (Usually in Raids, certain things can cause a Windows 7 user to disconnect)

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Unique/Rare Costumes:

SS = Shining Star
SV/SoV = Solomon's Vestments (SV can also refer to Summer Vacation)
WoT = Wheel of Trinity

DC/BoD/SoD = Dark Command (Also known as Brilliance of Darkness or Splendor of Darkness)
CN = Cybernetics (Also known as Cyber)
ZW = Zenith (Also known as Zenith Wings)
NF/DZW = Nightfall (Also known as Dark Zenith Wings)
Draco = Draconian



Gacha Costumes:

Alt = Alternate (Some sets have alternate pieces, can also refer to alternate characters)
Acc = Accessory

AW/ABW = Aqua Wave (Also known as Aqua Blue Wave)
AG = Arcade Girls
BnS = Bitter n Sweet
CU/CUB = Cheer Up Boys
CW = Cozy Winter
DC = Dear Crescent (Not to be confused with d/c, disconnect)
EBR = Eternal Black Rose
FP = Floral Picnic
GD = Ground Division
GK = Goodnight Kiss
HK = Housekeeper (Also known as Domestic/Domestic Housekeeper)
HNB = Holy Night Bunny
HnH/HH = Half and Half
IE = Ice Elf
IG = Imperial Guard
LD = Little Devil
LL = Lovely Lace
LT = Lollipop Twist
MB = Marching Band
MC = Midnight Crusader
MM/MsM = Midsummer Melody
MS = Magic Shuffle
MSC/MiS = Miracle School (Could potentially be abbreviated as MS)
Neo Fox/NSFS = Neo-Seoul Fox Spirit
NM = Nightmare (Can also refer to the Tiamat dungeons)
OR = Ocean Romance
OL = Office Life (Can also refer to Overflowing Lustful Gear)
PO = Private Outing
RB = Rhapsody Beach
RG = Racing Girl
RM = Relaxed Morning
RW = Royal Winter (Also known as Snow Princess)
SD = Starlight Dreamer
SF/SkF = Sky Fleet (Can also refer to Spring Fairy)
SF = Spring Fairy (Can also refer to Sky Fleet)
SH = Santa's Helper
SI = Summer Island
SM = Serving Master
SO = Sparkling Ocean
SP = Sweet Punk
SV/SuV = Summer Vacation (Can also refer to Solomon's Vestments)
SW = Sunshine Wave
SpW = Space Walk (Could potentially be abbreviated as SW)
TS = Track Shooter
TrS/TSh = Trouble Shooter (Could potentially be abbreviated as TS)
TW = Training Wolf
USS = UNION Secret Service
UW = Urban Warrior
VoL = Vow of Love
WB = Windbreaker
WD = Wild Downtown
WL = Wonderland
WR = White Rabbit

WS = White Suit
BS = Black Suit
PS = Pink Suit



NOTE: These will always have "CC" infront of them to clarify that they are custom to our server.

CCIE = Ice Elf Recolour (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald)
CCRW = Royal Winter Recolour (Claus, Pine, Twilight)
CCWB = Windbreaker Recolour (Scarlight, Neon, Pastel)
CCWL = Wonderland Recolour (Lost, Royal, Dreamy, Mad)

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Staff Info:

Dev = Developer
CM = Community Manager
FO = Field Officer
Head FA = Head of Forum Analysts
FA = Forum Analyst




TSP = Transcendental Elixir (Also known as Transcendence Stone Preservative)
OF/OL = Overflowing / Overflowing Lustful Gear (OF can refer to the dungeons in Purification Ops, OL can also refer to Office Life)
PS = Precise Sloth Gear (Can also be referred to as RF)

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