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code closer does not want his community


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a question why the contribution event can only receive the first 5 of the classification table because it does not put a minimum of hours to compensate for all its delays and thank the rest that supports the content and also plays but for work reasons no It can give you a lot of farming time, why don't you expand the recommendation list or put the direct purchase advice in the store through an affordable amount to support the content of code closer, I know that what I say you will never take into account but you should to listen more to the community before launching events that only benefit people who have plenty of time to use bots and farm the same scenario all day for days to be in the top and you don't want to admit it, but at least you should think more generally that it would be okay for all the different types of players you have if you didn't lose interest from a lot of players who support the game by not listening to I only express my disagreement with the community about how they managed the event, the rewards are good but it is not worth so much effort and not many have that time either, they have to improve their vending system and think of everyone and not just the top players that they have a lot of time for it, greetings and thanks for ignoring this message.

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If I'm understanding your post correctly, your concern is that this Fireworks event is not catered to people who have extra free time? 

While the top prizes are indeed not necessarily aimed at people who are working and don't have much free time, the crafts included in the Vending Machine are what you would normally see in other events. I personally view the top rewards as an incentive for those who wish to go above and beyond on their farming efforts. The crafting requirements for the necessities are very generous, and all 5 weeks' worth of crafting can be farmed within 3 total hours across 4 weeks (if you choose to farm them in Busan/Centum/Antarctica for example). 

Events are, at the end of the day, optional to participate in. You are not obligated to participate in reaching the top 5 rankings for the Fireworks event, but I believe that if you are doing the bare minimum with Code:Closers in terms of daily sectors, you will have more than enough to keep up with everything that the event has to offer. 

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With all due respect, I know that you are trying to cheer me up with the event, but it is unfair that no one can take out the SS/SV accessories IN AN EVENT just because they can only have 5 people in the entire server, it is something very unfair, crafting events are always good but that content that you put is an insult to the rest of the community and you know it because you don't think of the rest, only of the players who are supposed to maintain the greatest activity and this event is right, thanks for answering me, but there is a great gap in the affection for the rest of the people who play that if they are starting to get the accessories it would be something of vital importance in every way because it will be a great boost, and the people who are currently at the top are veterans who already have the accessories up to various per pjs in your account.

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