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  1. Hello, welcome to my guide thread! Ever since June 4th of 2020, I started creating guides to help players since I've noticed at the time not many closers players out there on YouTube made much to help others due to Closers in general not having a big player base. I noticed when I first started coming back to the game officially in November of 2019, I had to ask other players so many questions and was simply overwhelmed with so much to focus on at once! I would search things up on YouTube but could hardly find things specific to what I was looking for back then. It's was 2020 and I've learned a lot so I decided to try and start creating Guides to help you and many other people out there that may be stuck on something or simply want tips to better alternatives in grinding here in CODE: Closers! Throughout all that time, I've gained lots of knowledge thanks to the criticism and as well as the support from everyone. Over time this has become a passion to helping others and I will continue to do so and hope to see others helping each other as well! All About Flame King And Its Mechanics =================================================== All guides that are currently up-to-date are all listed in this spoiler! Ranging from credit, gear grinding, finding a main & much more! ------------------------------ Feel free to watch if you wish but this has some outdated content - the videos above this spoiler are updated content related to these subjects ------------------------------ Here's all of my guides if you wish to take a look for yourself: Miia's YouTube Channel Guide Playlist Looking for character guides? Simply leave this thread and the character guides are above the general guides section where each team is listed! Good luck, everyone and thank you! I hope this helps!
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