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  1. Hello! I'm making this post to share some of the ideas that have been brewing in my head for some interesting custom content that would be challenging to all agents. I would like to have a discussion with you agents to see which parts of my ideas you like, which parts you dislike, which parts you would change and we can discuss on how to improve the ideas further so we can make something everyone will enjoy for a long time. DISCLAIMER: Try to keep it within the realm of these ideas when giving feedback or suggestions to these ideas. Not everything may be possible and the ideas must be kept within reason. Also when discussing the potential rewards of said custom content amounts and specific items will not be part of the discussion, but instead will be used more generally as : "rewards useful for everyone/for progression" / "cosmetics" / "prestigious cosmetics". Idea number 1: A system similar to purification dungeons and the old team challenge content but with other current encounters like: Busan bosses, Centum bosses, Tiamat bosses or any other bosses that would be considered to have good/engaging mechanics. They would be scaled for 10 stages where they'd get increasingly difficult with the final stage being incredibly difficult and needing near max gear and skill to beat. The difficulty would lie in the sectors being time limited/ res limited/potion limited. I'll use the Jang Misook Battle program as an example. The time limit would be 3 or 4 minutes and on each stage her health would considerably increase, you would need to beat a stage to unlock the next one similar to purification dungeons. Stages 1-4 would reward you with a tier 1 material that would increase the higher the stage with stage 4 giving the maximum of the tier 1 material. This would be used for rewards that are useful for everyone/progression. Stages 5-7 would be a tier 2 material similarly to the tier 1 and would yield the maximum amount of the tier 1 material. This material would be exchanged for some more rare items useful for progression and certain cosmetics. Stages 8-10 would be the tier 3 material and would reward a maximum amount of tier 1 and 2 materials similarly to stage 4 for tier 1 and stage 7 for tier 2. This material would be used for prestigious cosmetic items only. Suggestions regarding this Idea that i would like to see regarding to: which bosses to use, how to increase their difficulty other than increasing their health or lowering the timer/res count/pot limit, or something else you would change that would fit within the logic of this Idea Idea number 2: A sector that would not be beatable unless in a group, that would be really challenging. (there's not much to this one, could be included in the first idea as a bonus sector) Idea number 3: A system similar to purification again but this time in a logic similar to babel program where there's mob clear sectors that are timed and constantly get harder per stage, and having a boss every 5 stages for a total of 25 stages. Then those stages would repeat again but would be significantly harder. Here again there would be tiered mats, for clearing stages 1-25 you would get a mat that can get you generally useful items for progression, and clearing 26-50 would be purely for cosmetics / prestigious cosmetics For ideas number 1 and 3 they'd be scaled appropriately for any player by being scaled for 8 mill TCP all the way to 45-50 mill TCP towards the end. The specific bosses that would be included in my vision would be something like : Busan bosses, centum bosses, maybe tiamat bosses, since those are in my opinion some of the best ones mechanics-wise. Other than that i would like to know which bosses you would like to see, which Idea you prefer, how would you tweak things on those ideas, or if you have a similar idea that follows a similar logic. Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback!
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