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  1. Don't know if this is the right place to talk about the Battle Pass, but some are speaking about it, so I will. The Battle Pass is great! It is now affordable and the dailies and weeklies are definitely better than before. HOWEVER, there's still a lot of issues with it. Now, for the issues I have of it: -The Dailies are the main issue I have with it. Even though they are dailies, they are still a pain to do. Especially because they are randomized between everyone, so you can't even make parties for battle pass without asking if you have the same quests as me. And that's a question you have to do daily, so it gets tedious to even try to get a party for them. Also, Assault 10 times, Rift 5 10 times, Busan 5 times, Nightmare 2 times, and 400 Enemies. The numbers are still terribly high and uncomfortable. I will go by each one of them to give my view about it. Assault 10 times: The main problem is that it is a long dungeon of nothing worth getting. It is a long stage that you run and kill mobs. This can easily take more than 2-3 minutes and that's mainly because of the running and the loading between stages. Add all that and that's 30 minutes wasted. Rift 5 10 times: Rift 5 has an entry of 8. It is plenty easy to do, but the number 10 makes it so you actually have to run out of entries in one and then go to a different one. It is a switch that isn't comfortable, and again, 10 times is way too much. Not as bad as Assault though. Nightmare 2 times: Nightmare is a stage I don't find worth in doing. It takes long, and gives few benefits compared to running the lower versions. Also, it is NIGHTMARE, so most people would need a party...for a daily. I speak for myself here, but I prefer if my dailies were left as something I can finish on my own. Leave the difficult quests to maybe the Extras or something. 400 Enemies: This one isn't as bad, but that's because I do Nightmare Gremory where there's A LOT of enemies to kill, but I noticed that aside from that place, others don't have that as many to easily fill this number up, and the ones that do are pretty boring to do every day. Moreover, 400 enemies that YOU kill yourself. So if you are in a party running those types of dungeons, then you would be taking kills from your party member, which is another point that takes away from being in a party. -The Bonus. I actually like the addition of the bonus quests, but 525 for Ash and Dust respectively in order to get the points? That's a tall order. That could roughly take 10 hours each, and that's 35 hours for only one of them and 35 more for the other IF you finish in 4 minutes each run. I am counting spawn speed of mobs and the cutscenes. -The time limit for the Battle Pass. This is still the same problem as before. Why is there not an extra week of breathing room to finish more dailies? This is not a job, it is a game. Some people can't log in every day to do dailies to finish the Battle Pass. Yeah, you could say you don't need to finish the battle pass, but it feels bad to miss out on things. I still don't know why the time limit is so tight, so if there's a reason, then I would like to know. All in all, the Battle Pass is better than before. I would say the BEST thing about the battle pass is the price and the weeklies. The weeklies have been made simple. Use Stamina, you good; kill monsters, you good. Why can't the dailies be as simple without some skewed numbers? Maybe make them so they can be done in conjunction with the dailies of contributions? Make them the same number. We already have the dismantle, salvage, and tuning, enhance, and union watch that makes it different from the contribution one. Dailies of contribution take a lot of time. Maybe 1 hour or 2. I can actually manage that. BUT add that to the dailies of the Battle Pass and what do you get? If you had a bad draw, it would be an hour extra added or more in maybe dungeons that don't even contribute to your progress in the game. Sorry if it was a long one. But TL;DR: the battle pass weeklies and price are good. Weeklies are simple and Dailies should be as well. Make the dailies the same for everyone in that day so it can incentivize making parties not some weird gacha. Give more time to finish the pass. An extra week or two of dailies would be nice breathing room. Some people can't log in every day and do all the dailies. I hate to bring out Genshin Impact, but I have to admit their Battle Pass is one of the best out there. The dailies are simple and you only do what is basically what you do every day. It doesn't even take 15 minutes. Even less than that. And there's no daily contributions, so it takes even less. The Bonus are easy to do because they are events and they give a LOT of points. Enough to level 2 times. Here it takes weeks to do, only gets 1.5 of progress and they are not as many as in Genshin. My suggestion for dailies is to GET RID COMPLETELY of the unique quests in the dailies and just boost up the simple ones like stamina, contributions, dismantle, and all that jazz. You simplified the weeklies, so why not the dailies that are even more tedious? Also...whoever made the 525 for Ash and Dust respectively...please...get some help. And...did you even do those yourself before putting that number there? Anyways, that's all! Hope this gets seen. I love the Battle Pass, but the dailies and the time limit that are given stress me out. Again, this is a game, not a job. I should be able to relax some days and not do the Battle Pass. Or come in and just use a few minutes or less to finish them and not make sure I have 1 hour of time every day to do them.
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