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The Awakening of the Alterego!

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Hello Agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!





Server Downtime Compensation

Due to the unexpected server interruptions that occurred earlier in the week,
we have arranged a small compensation for the inconvenience that these interruptions may have caused.

February 2021 Compensation Pack

  • 2x Elite Status (7-Day)
  • 5x Tiamat Freepass Selection Box
  • 10x Operation Area Freepass Selection Box
  • 50x Piece of Cake

The February 2021 Compensation Pack can be claimed via Planar Gate's MatterMixer Allan!

Make sure to claim your compensation pack before March the 1st at 23:00 Server time!





Patch Notes

  • New Rattus Member - Lucy (Alterego)
  • Rattus Task Force - Black Hand
  • New Area - Centum City
  • New Dungeon - Dragon's Sentence
  • Dress Room System
  • Additional Content Updates & Changes
  • Monthly Login Rotation
  • Gacha Rotation
  • Cash Shop





New Rattus Member - Lucy (Alterego)


Lucy, the Alterego has entered Code: Closers!

This cute (but very deadly) Hybrid agent is part of Team Rattus and can now be recruited!



Lucy's Welcome Party


A special CODE: Representative Lucy Portrait has been added to the Monthly Login as a special welcome gift for Lucy!

Make sure to grab yours between February 26th and up to March 22nd!

Credits to our [FO] Viruska for creating this amazing Lucy portrait!



Lucy's Agent Information

  • Lucy is the 2nd Hybrid character to join Team Rattus
  • Lucy will be level 67 upon character creation
  • Her agent promotions go up to Resolver via story quests
    • "EP05. The Real Shadow Island" in Backside of Trash Island will promote Lucy to Contractor
    • "EP25. Attitude of Collectibles" in Hunter's Night will promote Lucy to Resolver
  • Lucy gives a teamwork buff called "Please receive my prayers"
    • Increases Physical & Magical Attack by +55 (at max level)
    • Increases Back Attack Critical Damage by 9% (at max level)
  • Loves munching dimensional monsters

Credits to our [FO] Viruska for creating this amazing Lucy portrait!



Lucy's Finishing Move: Ruler of Aratta




Lucy's Finishing Move: Babylonia's Wedged Needle




Lucy's Finishing Move: Uruk's Executioner





Rattus Task Force - Black Hand


The long-awaited Black Hand Task Force promotion for team Rattus is finally here!
(Special note: Lucy is not included!)


To promote your awesome Mirae, Chulsoo & Eunha to Black Hand, you'll have to meet the following requirements

  • Reach level 83 with your Rattus character
  • Promote your Rattus character to Resolver
  • Access to Fantasy World: Dream Theater

Once all the requirements have been met, head over to Fantasy World: Dream Theater for the Black Hand quests!


Black Hand Promotion Quest Line

  • Black Hand - The opening of the tragedy
  • Black Hand - A tragedy
  • Black Hand - The pinnacle of tragedy
  • Black Hand - The end of tragedy



Mirae's Finishing Move: Reaping the Dead Night



Chulsoo's Finishing Move: Better Tomorrow



Eunha's Finishing Move: Meteor Smash





New Area - Centum City


After preventing a crisis and dealing with the nightmare that loomed over Busan,
a new challenge is waiting right around the corner in Centum City.



Centum City Information

  • "EP17. To Have Faith" & "EP34. Busan's Nightmare" quests in Busan unlock the Centum City main quest line
    • "EP17. To Have Faith" only applies to Team Black Lambs, Wolf Dogs & Wildhüter
    • "EP34. Busan's Nightmare" only applies to Team Rattus
  • "EP01. State-of-the-art Research Facility" & "EP01. To Centum City" in Busan unlocks the Centum City area
    • "EP01. State-of-the-art Research Facility" only applies to Team Black Lambs, Wolf Dogs & Wildhüter
    • "EP01. To Centum City" only applies to Team Rattus
  • "Area" & "Sector Epic Gear" crafts are available at MatterMixer EX Ver. 1
  • New Story Dungeons
    • Mirak Waterfront Park - Day
    • Centum Underground Waterway - Day
    • Suyeon Yacht Stadium - Day
    • Mexico Lobby - Day
  • New Training Program
    • Training Program: Gina Grace



Story Dungeons Drops

The following accessories can be dropped from any of the 4 story dungeons on Assault difficulty


  • Helm of Burnt Fly (Head Accessory)
  • Louver of the Burnt Fly (Waist Accessory)
  • On 3it will provide 2-piece set effects
    • +150 Physical & Magic Power
    • +12% Air Strike Crit Damage Increase
    • +12% Back Attack Crit Strike Damage Increase
    • +12% Chase Crit Damage Increase



Training Program: Gina Grace Crafts

In the new training program you'll be able to obtain Swift Bug Chunks by defeating Gina Grace.
The Swift Bug Chunks are used for the brand new
Sector Epic Gear crafts.


  • Afterimage of Swiftness (Craft Material)
  • [Physical] Speed-Star Module
  • [Magic] Speed-Star Module
  • [Hybrid] Speed-Star Module




New Dungeon - Dragon's Sentence


Powerful enemies have gathered and teamed up in Dragon's Sentence.
Do you have what it takes to defeat Alraune, Astaroth, David, Dr. Hoffman, Irina & Veronica?



Dragon's Sentence Dungeon Information

  • Location: Ancient Dragon Historic Site
  • Required Lvl: 88
  • Weekly Entries: 3
  • Difficulties: Normal (10m TCP) & Very Hard (99m TCP)
  • Requires quests to unlock
    • "Another Nightmare - Proof of Theory" unlocks the normal difficulty
    • "Dragon's Sentence - Astaroth's Judgement" unlocks the very hard difficulty
  • "Sector Epic Gear" crafts are available at MatterMixer v3 Allan


Dragon's Sentence Drops


  • Origin Agate (Crafting Material)
  • Memory of Betrayal (Crafting Material)
  • Traitor's Yoke (Crafting Material)
  • Traitor Dragon's Amplifier
  • Traitor Dragon's Expander
  • Traitor Dragon's Tracker




Dress Room System


Always wanted to use the character customization options from rare & unique sets without it taking up your inventory space?
Then this brand new Dress Room system is for you!


The Dress Room system can be accessed via the Wardrobe function from the Skill Cube NPCs in any location.
It allows you to store up to 3 costume sets while being able to use the matching character customization options and get various bonus stats that stack!


Please keep in mind that you can only store 1 unique costume at a time and that you can't store the same rare costume twice!

Available Dress Room Sets

  • [Unique] Shining Star
  • [Unique] Solomon's Vestments
  • [Rare] Dark command
  • [Rare] Cybernetic
  • [Rare] Zenith (Authority)
  • [Rare] Zenith (Mini Authority)
  • [Rare] Nightfall (Authority)
  • [Rare] Nightfall (Mini Authority)
  • [Rare] Dragonian (Wings)
  • [Rare] Dragonian (Left Wing)
  • [Rare] Dragonian (Right Wing)




Additional Content Updates & Changes

Please click on the spoiler to see the full list!


Content Updates

  • Cap level increased to lv. 89
  • Character & Task Force skills have been rebalanced
  • Crew leaders can promote 5 crew members to Crew Deputy
  • Combat Power % Ranking System
    • You'll be able to obtain TCP rewards based on your total combat power percentile
    • You will not be able to claim the rewards until ranking resets tomorrow, Saturday the 27th of February.
  • Trigger System
    • Pre-set triggers functionality is now available
    • Triggers can be enabled inside and outside of dungeons
  • War Game System
    • War Game Support Terminal has been added to Planar Gate (located next to Bona)
    • Pick up the quest "Measurement of Growth" in order to access the War Game Support Terminal
    • Fight powerful dimensional bosses to obtain cumulative score points
    • A new ranking has been added called "War Game (%)"
  • Seth's missing "Stonewashed All-Star Jeans" added to the cash shop (special credits to Wolf for their [Report]!)
  • Brown Bear Pajama & Black Bear Pajama full-body costumes have been added to the cash shop for all agents
  • Shining Star accessories in the Washing Machines & Gacha rotation have been replaced with 4 Unique Selection Boxes (Lens/Hat/Back/Cheek) where you get to select either Shining Star or Solomon's Vestments
  • The costume conversion fail pool has been updated with a new set (Sporty) for every agent


Content Changes

  • New Recruit's All-In-One Briefcase has been changed for all agents
    • The Draconian full set box (7 days) has been removed
    • The Dark Command 10-piece Set (15 days) has been removed
    • The Zenith Costume Box (15 days)  has been added
  • Purification Ranking is no longer available
  • Purification equipment requires 3 steps to be fully transcended instead of 5
  • Busan's Receivers have been reduced in credit & material cost by 50%
  • Locust Hell Equipment & Transcendence Stone crafting cost has been reduced
  • PNA, Luck & EXP Potions cooldown time has been changed to 999 seconds
  • Premium buffs will only display pop-ups once per character login
  • New notifications for Chip crafting have been added
    • When you're running out of credits
    • During the transfer of overclocking experience
  • Names and icons for Force, Psych & Cross items have been updated
    • Force has been changed to Physical (P)
    • Psych has been changed to Magical (M)
    • Cross has been changed to Hybrid (H)
  • Credit Cost and Splended Fiber Cost for the Costume Fusion Phase wings has been slightly reduced




Monthly Login Rotation


Duration: February 26th, 2021 ~ March 22nd, 2021


A new monthly rotation has been enabled!
Please be sure to obtain all available items before this rotation's end date!


* Note: Gear Boost Fortifiers on day 6 say they are Black Market Tradeable.
This is incorrect and the items will become nontradeable once claimed!





Gacha Rotation

Duration: February 26th, 2021 ~ March 22nd, 2021


Cheer Up


  • Set is available for all agents
  • Contains an accessory called "Cheer Up Band-Aid"
  • Set and accessory are available in 3 colors


Midnight Crusader


  • Set is available for the following agents
    • Black Lambs: Seha, Seulbi & Yuri
    • Wolf Dogs: Nata, Levia, Harpy, Tina & Violet
    • Wildhüter: Luna, Soma, Bai & Seth
    • Rattus: Mirae
  • Contains an accessory called "Midnight Crusader Luminous"
  • Set and accessory are available in 3 colors


For full previews of every single character and color, please check out our [Gacha Promotion] thread!





Cash Shop

Basic & Premium Starter Packs


Brand new starter packages with lots of awesome goodies have been added to the cash shop!

Please click on the spoiler to see the full content list!


Basic Starter Pack

  • Title: Starting Closer
  • UNION Name Tag
  • Elite Status (15-Day)
  • Maid Celine Voucher (7-Day)
  • Gardening Voucher (7-Day)
  • x5 Combined Talisman Box
    • Contains a Triple Talisman (1-Day)
  • x10 Holy Water
    • 30% Bonus EXP, Credits & Drop Rate
  • x10 Union Special PNA Comformity Rate Stabilizer
    • 150% Bonus PNA Experience
  • x50 Dual Recovery Capsule (20%)
    • Recovers 20% HP & MP
  • [1★] Blue Rising Force Effect


Premium Starter Pack

  • Title: Premium Closer
  • UNION Name Tag
  • x2 Elite Status (15-Day)
  • x2 Maid Celine Voucher (7-Day)
  • x2 Gardening Voucher (7-Day)
  • x10 Combined Talisman Box
  • x20 Holy Water
  • x20 Union Special PNA Comformity Rate Stabilizer
  • x30 Satellite Explosion Candy
    • HP & MP Recovery
    • 5% Movement speed
    • 12% Skill Cooldown Reduction
    • 14% Physical & Magic Crit DMG Bonus
  • x50 Tel Botol
    • Recovers 60% HP & MP
    • Recovers 50% Phase Force
  • x75 Dual Recovery Capsule (20%)
  • [1★] Reding Force Force
  • [2★] Han High School Costume Box
    • Contains 6 costume pieces - weapon, hair, top, bottom, gloves & shoes
    • Suitable for every agent





New Unique Set - Solomon's Vestments



This amazing unique set is a must have and is available for every agent!

Solomon's Vestment set comes with the following

  • 6 costume set pieces that can be obtained via the Solomon Synchro Fiber
  • 4 Accessories that can be obtained via selection boxes in Gacha & Washing Machines
    (can choose between Shining Star & Solomon's Vestments accessories)
    • Unique Lens Selection Box
    • Unique Hat Selection Box
    • Unique Back Selection Box
    • Unique Cheek Selection Box
  • The achievement Synthesizing Solomon's Vestments Costume will give you a Solomon's Vestments Ticket Collection Box containing a title, visual frame, signature ticket & name tag
  • 6-Piece Set Effect: Selectable Special Effects, Summon Solomon Emote & Town Emote
  • 10-Piece Set Effect: Voice, Animation (Sector/Victory), Portrait, Special Cutscene & Skill Effects




Lucy's Rare & Unique Sets


Lucy's currently available rare & unique sets are the following

  • [Unique] Shining Star
  • [Unique] Solomon's Vestments
  • [Rare] Zenith
  • [Rare] Nightfall



Washing Machine: Ancient Dream


A brand new Ancient Dream Washing Machine is now available for Lucy!
The washing machine contains the Ancient Dream (3 colors) set and has a chance to drop Unique Selection Boxes!



New Pet Arrivals


Always wanted to fight side by side with Eunha, Misook or Lorelei?
Then today is your lucky day!

Mini Eunha Pet Egg Package & Adult Pet Package can be obtained from Pet Gacha or purchased right away.
Mini Misook Pet Adult Package & Mini Lorelei Pet Adult Package can be obtained from Pet Gacha only.



White Union Academy Set


This set is available for all agents and comes with a weapon, top, bottom, gloves & shoes.

Special credits to BlackCoffee for their [Add old costume set] suggestion!



Ash Hairstyle


The Ash hairstyle is only available for Seha, Seulbi, Yuri, J, Misteltein, Nata, Levia, Harpy & Tina!




Lucy's Basic Hairstyles


44 basic hairstyles have been added for Lucy!




Lucy's Fantasy World Full-Body Costume





Known Bugs

While we make every attempt to fix the bugs prior to release, there are a few that we are aware still exist. These bugs will be fixed in a later patch and we apologize for any inconvenience they may cause.

  • Eunha's Cheer Up Emote plays her solo Shining Star Cello Music
  • Lucy's Shining Star Emotes do not play her solo or team music

If you find any more bugs, glitches or errors please be sure to report them in [Report a Bug]!

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