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[Event] Union Paparazzi


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Hello agents!

Do you enjoy taking screenshots in-game, or showing off your brand new style? Then Union Paparazzi is the place for you!

Enter in your favorite screenshots or match the given theme for a chance to win!





As with all events, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed.

Failure to follow these rules can result in disqualification or bans from future events.


  • Follow all CODE:Community Guidelines
  • No +18 content is permitted
  • No stealing/copying of other's work
  • Display your entry in a spoiler
  • Include your character's In-game name in your entry
  • Do not submit more then 1 screenshot per entry
  • The screenshot must be taken within Code:Closers
  • Try your best to match the given theme
  • Do not use multiple forum accounts to spam likes or entries
  • If you have won in the previous entry, you cannot win for this one
    • Due to the time frame of the previous one, this rule can be disregarded for this week's edition
  • Any post that is not related to the entry shall be removed
  • You can only enter 1 Union Paparazzi at a time
    • If you enter into the discord edition, you cannot enter the forum edition and vise versa





Deadline: May 23rd, 2022


Theme: Spring/Summer

Spring is just about to end, and Summer is just beginning. Show us something seasoned to match these changing times!


Entry Format:

In-game Name:

Description/Title (optional)

Entry (in a spoiler)






Winners will be chosen by staff vote and will receive 3600 bits as their prize!

If you have not received your prize within a week of the winners announcement, please message @Harpy directly.

Only 1 winner will be selected from the forums edition!

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Thank you everyone for your entries!


The staff have voted, and the winner for this forum edition is @Beaniie! Congratulations!


The next edition of Paparazzi with a new theme will open on June 6th!

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