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Regarding the Recent Bans


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As this was posted on our discord, I have decided to repost this on the forums as well with a small update.


As of this post, the group of people that were caught up in the chargeback that has already been cleared have been unbanned. If you are still banned, we do recommend that you place in a ban appeal [here] for updates or so we can contact you if necessary.

Unfortunately PGC is still working on fighting the remaining chargebacks, which does effect the majority of players and we do not know how long it'll be before the issue is resolved.



Original message that was posted to discord:

We're aware of the "random bans" issued by PGC and they have informed us of fraudulent activity that went between 2 players. Unfortunately we cannot release the names of the 2 who caused this.

But, these 2 players have took it upon themselves to chargeback huge quantity of cards, effecting roughly 82 accounts.

If you have been banned and have traded with these players in the past, this would the reason.

1 of the player's attempted chargebacks have been denied and the money has been returned to PGC, meaning that those who would've been banned from that player will receive an unban on their account. PGC has alerted us though that we do need to wait for all the chargeback cases to be closed to be sure that those who caused this are the ones punished and still punished when we start unbanning.

There is a chance that if your account is not unbanned after this then the chargeback linked to you may have gone through, causing a negative balance on your account. If this is the case, then you will need to speak to PGC in order to clear up this.

We do apologize that some of you have been effected by this.

We would like to remind everyone that we highly suggest against trading/buying PGC for credits as something like this can happen to anyone.

Thank you

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I have spoken with PGC in order to find a solution to help get people in game as soon as they possibly can be. Unfortunately it's not the ideal, but the option is there for those that wish to use it.


If you wish to clear the chargedback amount yourself, you are able to do it through us in our Ban Appeal section. You will have to purchase a card equal to the amount the player has chargedback and leave it unused on your PGC account. Once the card is purchased and on your PGC account, reply to your Ban Appeal thread (or make one if you haven't) with the unused card code and we will "cancel" the card for you. Once the card has been "cancelled", we'll be able to unban your account.

Should PGC be able to successfully block all the chargebacks and get the money for them back, we will credit your account with the amount of bits you would have received from the you card purchased.


This is completely optional, but has been requested by a few players that have been banned. If you'd rather wait it out to see the outcome of the case, you're more then welcome to.


Note: This is only available while PGC support is down. Once their support page is back online, all PGC related issues will have to go through them again.

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PGC have given us an update to the chargeback situation, and all of the claims have finally be cleared. They have also given us a list of the outcome for all those effected and have acted on them accordingly.


If you have cleared the chargeback yourself, and your chargeback was won by PGC, we have creditted your account with the bits you would have received from the card you purchased.


If you have not cleared the chargeback yourself and your chargeback was won by PGC, your account has been unbanned. There is nothing you need to do in this case.


If you have cleared the chargeback yourself but your chargeback was lost by PGC, you will not receive the bits for the card you purchased. There is nothing you need to do in this case since you have already cleared the chargeback.


If you have not cleared your chargeback and your chargeback was lost by PGC, your account will remained banned. You will have to speak to [PGC Support] in order to clear this chargeback and have the ban removed from your account.



I have gone through and mentioned on most ban appeals the status of your case and the outcome of it, so please be sure to check that thread for additional details of your case in particular.


Since PGC Support is back online, we would like to remind everyone that all appeals and issues regarding chargebacks should be brought back up with their support. The staff at C:C will no longer be able to assist in chargeback cases.


Please be careful when purchasing PGC cards through other players. Should they charge the card back, your account will be the one banned for it!

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