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[Sky] Lvl.10: Big Family English Crew ~ We'll guide you along with us ♥

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Level 10 PvE/PvP Crew
Yes, PvP is actually pretty relevant in here

Our crew is all about enjoying the game together as we create bonds & friendships. We are not striving to be the best - we simply just want to have fun, help one another & do the best we can not for the numbers but for the friendships.  We don't expect much from players except for everyone to be respectful to one another & simply enjoy the game.

We have an inactivity limit of 1 month due to the amount of players that would apply to the crew nowadays. Our crew has about 16+ members online daily. We are always willing to welcome any kind of player whether it'd be new, returning, or veteran players. We're looking forward to playing with you - even if you're shy, so no need to hesitate, we're here because of you ♥



IGN: Lylan

You can call me Miia or Lylan - whichever you prefer. I enjoy helping others as much as I can & I love making everyone happy. Levia is my main & I have been playing her since 2017 but not as a main, just as an alt back in the day. I enjoy collecting as much fashion for her as that is really my only motivation to continue grinding. However, even just helping members when they need it is also a big part of my motivation! I hope you enjoy your time here with us as a member both in-game & discord or just as a guest in our discord


IGN: Gangster

Hello, I am Gangster and It’s an honor to help run [Sky]. We are looking forward for to you joining us and take part of our crew. We hope to make even more memories with you all and I will do my best for our crew. If you are interested feel free to message anyone of us. Thank you for taking the time looking through our thread and have a good one.


IGN: Yustabamari

Hello! I'm Sola, a Mirae main. I'm honored to be one of the crew deputies from now on. Welcome to [Sky]. I can't wait to be friends and have fun with you all. If you have any questions regarding equipment, skill, item, etc just let me know. I'll help as much as I can. Also, don't be shy if you want to ask for carry! Everyone has been carried before in the past.


Veterans are always able to earn their rank even if there is no room for it in-game! Which means veterans are able to earn their rank through discord ♥




Our discord has many benefits you can use than just playing in-game! Here's some things to look at:



Everyone has those bad days... so we have a reminder up to remind players and even guests good things to at least hopefully make their days feel better in the slightest.unknown.png

We have Korean Update channel where we can update players on what is happening on KR!unknown.png

Our Roles:

And of course PvE roles in #pve-roles channel! ♥

1.) If you have an issue with someone, please report it to me or the staff
2.) Do not ask for ranks, you must earn them
3.) Be sure to let us staff know if you want to invite a guest to the discord
4) No 18+ jokes or sexual jokes/images of any kind!
5) Inactivity for one month results in kick
Potentially Instant Bans
-RMT (Real Money Trading) 
-Bot using
-False report (if caught or found out)

Some screenshots of the crew CAUSE WHY NOT? xD







Sola: Best UI



Kite (aka Blue/Gangster)
Luna: "Let's make Kite use this as his pfp!" 
















Reason to join:

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45 minutes ago, Morfeus said:

IGN: EinaYu
Member/Guest: Member
Discord: Kirschtaria#5499
Reason to join: i would like to join to have fun with new people around

Hello ♡ thank you for joining us! We'll accept you in as soon as possible :maidlove:

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1 hour ago, Regidicinal said:

IGN: Regidicinal
Member/Guest: Member
Discord: Regidicinal#1738
Reason to Join: I recent left a dead crew, hopin' to join ya'll because it seems fun and playin' alone gets borin' real fast

Hello ♡ Feel free to apply in-game & we will accept you in asap! I'll send the discord link over to you as well :maidlove:

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4 hours ago, amatsukaze said:

IGN: Rizura
Member/Guest: Member
Discord: Reira#4994
Reason to join: i need someone to guide me since i'm overwhelmed by the content xDDDD

Thank you for applying! We don't mind helping you, so you're in luck ♡ Feel free to apply in game & I will send you our discord link!:leviahappy:

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