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Multiple Useful Guides In One!

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Hello! I create many guides ranging from gearing, credits, choosing your main, soon to be costume guide & many more! This thread will be updated every time a new guide is released! Feedback is always appreciated


This is meant to help players that are f2p to grind up credits if you are not confident or satisfied with your outcome. Please be aware that you have to be consistent in grinding. If you grind hard enough, players can potentially earn 500 to 1b a month.
Please keep in mind that the first few parts of the guide have some outdated content so be sure to check out the newer parts to be updated!

Part 1 - Contribution Dailies
Part 2 - Planar Gate & More
Part 3 - Buffs & Certain Dungeons
Part 4 - New Tiamat Conent Grind

his is where new, returning or even current players would look into. There are parts into this related to past gearing & then till now.
Please keep in mind that the first few parts of the guide have some outdated content so be sure to check out the newer parts to be updated!

Part 1 - Beginning
Part 2 - Purification & BB Gear
Part 3 - Triggers [BB]
Part 4 - Busan Gear
Part 5 - Asmodeus Gear Progression
Part 6 - New Chip System


These are just quick & easy tips that you can keep in mind of. This is something that you can look at on the side.
Please keep in mind some content may be outdated but the general information still does come across so it can still help you.

1 - https://tinyurl.com/5cmc4cnu - Handling you credits
2 - https://tinyurl.com/39b5k8fh - All about PNA Buffs

One video is enough for this unless you think I should state more. Feedback is always appreciated. Also please keep in mind that the tips stated in the video would also have the same idea with any other game you'd find where you'd want to choose a main. Also, be aware that there are players who play multiple characters & can't stick to one, so don't feel ashamed! Everyone's different.
One guide should be enough for now.



Despite it being a guide, remember that if you wish to be the "best crew" there is no such thing as such. There are may be crews better than others towards your liking but that does not necessarily mean everyone else feels the same way. Please be sure to note that this is only coming from my experience. It may be different than others. If you want to create a crew, be yourself and express what you enjoy doing! Make it unique - everyone has their own way of running things as we're all individuals with our own tastes & desires.

Part 1 - Basics & Rules


This will be a guide related to costume grinding, conversions, grinding fibers & so much more!


YouTube Channel Guide Playlist

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