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[Updated 8/5/2022] a simple guide for Seulbi


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Hello everyone. you can call me Mochi or Flatchi. 
This is the first time i wrote a guide. My english is far from perfect but i hope this guide will help you a bit.



if you have any questions about seulbi, please contact me via discord Sleepo#9011

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Update 2/18/2022 :

-Add new awakening Psychic Satellite description and delete the old one

-Add new skill rotation


i will also attach some short video about skill rotation tomorrow or later today.


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  • Mochi changed the title to [Updated 8/5/2022] a simple guide for Seulbi

Update 8/5/2022

-Add Prime Agent skill detail (really sorry for Neuron Buster skill desc.)
-Add skill damage value based on lv1 and max skill (without any level bonus from equipment and skill tune) and change almost all skill detail/description.
-New Skill rotation (with video).

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