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Misteltein Guide (From Zero to Best Supporter in the game) (12/21/2021 Patch on [Code:Closers])


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Hello! My name is Chloe - my IGN is ChloeChisaki, a Misteltein main. And im here to help you how to start with Misteltein (Or Tein for short ^-^) from Lv1 to Lv89, and if you wanna main him, then i will try my best to give you a guide for Tein as good as possible i can do ^-^)b. LET BEGIN!!! (and sorry if my English bad, im not good with it T-T)

I. Misteltein first view:

"The Rising Star of the UNION who has shown remarkable talent as a Phase User ever since he was born" - Misteltein is a 12-13 year-old boy, his weapon use is Lance

            => Class: Lancer

                           1. DAMAGE TYPE: Magical - Psi 

Misteltein - Tein is a Psi Users (Magical Users) with high Utility from his buff to ally, medium DPS. His job is quitely simple - Place Lance, Give buff and Survive to boost Teammate DPS as much as possible.

His main Damage Type is Magical. With proc Air and Back mostly from his skill

So what is he Pros and Cons?

     1. Pros:

          - (Maybe) Best Buffer in the game

          - Easy to learn and play 

          - HP/MP "overflow" (since his skill give a lot of HP/MP Recovery) => no need Recovery Pot

          - Good on solo

          - TRAP


     2. Cons:

          - Long Cooldown (sometime all skill will go on Cooldown about 5 second) 

          - A little bit hard to stay on the Air

          - Medium Damage 

          - Not much [Invincible] Skill

          - CHEAP COSTUME (maybe it is a Pros :3)


II. Misteltein Skill:

1. Empowered Stage: Misteltein image.png.9f41c10bb8de1aaf5b3eb43ea4326934.png

Misteltein released Phase Force and give him a buff image.png.0e90d300f9e841651f6fe6d8a7c0e1ae.png

2. Cancel: Misteltein image.png.266e119e39cb26308a0f31d32aae3a8b.png

Cancel a move - give you Invincible (1 + [0.2/skill Lv]) second

3. Combat Dodge image.png.2200ad51f8806cff5b19498172e96843.png

Quickly move backward to avoid enemy attack - Reduce 60% Dmg incoming while dodging and become Invincible if timed perfectly with the enemy's Attack


Because Tein is a Lancer. So the Lance Skill made him special and it made him become the best support in the game, let learn how to use it first

NOTE: All this Lance skill below will not affected by Skill Cooldown Reduction

1. Magic Lance: Midgard image.png.5f8690398d4036d7b5abff20118a58d5.png 

Misteltein summon the Lance of Light - Green Lance that give the [Man's Will] buff for 10 second (15 second after unlock Master Cube)

[Man's Will] buff give Physical/Magical Critical Damage Bonus + 10+[0,5%/skill Lv]% 

Normal Green Lance image.png.4d008fcc2e078b6861eaa589a8520c56.png + [Man's Will] Normal image.png.c62918edff73637c28e6502f43f0be48.png
and Enhanced Green Lance image.png.3ad2e7f171c0f408535243e35b9a58b2.png + [Man's Will] Enhanced image.png.9de139d0246671b5c6f79c928c4140ef.png

12/21/2021 Update: 

- Skill cooldown has changed from a fixed 8 seconds to 7 seconds. (Excluding PVP)
- When Einheri Mode can be activated, the skill icon is changed to the enhanced version.

- Firestorm (E Mode) counts as [Back]. (Excluding PVP)
- Fire Storm (E mode)'s damage has been increased. (Excluding PVP)

2. Magic Lance: Muspelheim image.png.8e2959bf11132ed702bc14f07af0993e.png

Misteltein summon 2 Lance of Darkness - Red Lance (1 if Red Lance is Enhanced) that give the [Scorched Land] debuff for 10 second on enemy      

[Scorched Land] debuff give Incoming Damage for all enemy + 5+[0,25%/skill Lv]% (And Critical Damage Resistance -30% after unlock Master Cube)

- After learning FM4: Magic Lance: Muspelheim always summon Enhanced Lance

Normal Red Lance   image.png.e2d70425a15527e5090c2c19b81dc55c.png
and Enhanced Red Lance image.png.83a76b620b820a48c94c031c52ee992d.png

12/21/2021 Update: 

- Skill cooldown has changed from a fixed 11 seconds to fixed 8. (Excluding PVP)
- When Einheri Mode can be activated, the skill icon is changed to the enhanced version.

[Expert effect change]
- Damage during Empowered State increased from 5% → 10%.
- Magic Lance: Muspelheim counts as Chase. ( including PVP )

- Whirlwind (E mode) counts as [Back]. (Excluding PVP)

3. Magic Lance: Niflheim image.png.f785d81bb8772a73e9b201076d06f636.png

Misteltein summon the Lance of Ice - Blue Lance that give the [Glacial Impact] buff for 10 second     

[Glacial Impact] buff give Damage Bonus during Phase Force Release + 10+[1%/skill Lv]%

- After unlock Expert Cube: Niflheim give you 3 second [Invincible]

- After unlock Master Cube: Niflheim give [Frost Gaint's Grace] that give you Damage Bonus during Phase Force Release + 10% and Magical Damage Dealt +10%

Normal Blue Lance   image.png.1484369619d9dc6c2cf3064d2becce7b.png + [Glacial Impact] Normal image.png.c512fe75d7dcf98e4fecd0e86ef24021.png
and Enhanced Blue Lance image.png.5da59e6ba862fef339bedccf9f029024.png +[Glacial Impact] Enhancedimage.png.34a1bc573ee4775918683157133f5e7c.png

12/21/2021 Update: 

- Skill cooldown has changed from a fixed 14 seconds to fixed 9. (Excluding PVP)
- When Einheri Mode can be activated, the skill icon is changed to the enhanced version.
- The Giant Frozen Fang (E Mode) counts as [Back]. (Excluding PVP)


     1. Chivalry image.png.c1ec8bbe6ac8ed4ca28ec1f70c2a9270.png (Unlock when you create Misteltein)

He gain a buff everytime Tein summon his Lance. Max 3 Stack image.png.ce0b86da5009114c50480ed628d70193.png image.png.138a42a8fd4e426c73d3a6547fc52d23.png

- The buff will give 4% Magic Power/stack which mean 12% Magic Power at Max Stack

     2. Einheri Mode image.png.be82a738652db18e30cac0145ac6a55e.png (Unlock when you get Special Agent Rank)

Misteltein Enhancing the next Magic Lance skill when [Einheri Mode Stack] count to 3 (image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png - when [Einheri Mode Stack] is stacking, image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png - when [Einheri Mode Stack] got full stack). The Enhanced Lance last for 20 second (the normal lance is only 10 second) and it does not disappear even using Release! image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png

The Enhanced Lance will give speical buff when it summon on the field  


- The image of Lance change when in Enhanced mode unknown.png



1. Release! image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png 

Misteltein release all the Lance on the field, dealt Damage in their range and disappear after use (except Enhanced Lance skill) and recover MP and Phase Force depending on how many Lance he released 

(MP Recovery + 4[+0,15%/skill Lv]% And Phase Force +3%)

12/21/2021 Update: 

- Skill cooldown has been changed from fixed 7 seconds → fixed 9 seconds. (Excluding PVP)

2. Tempest image.png.fb4bf8b7821a37cb29d61573ad8fe30b.png 

Misteltein spin around, grabbing enemy and damage them, reduce 80% incoming damage while casting

- After unlock Expert Cube: This skill count as Air/Back/Chase

- After unlock Master Cube: Hold the up key to cast skill immediately 

- After unlock Einheir Mode: Give 1 [Einheir Mode Stack] after cast

3. Aegis Rush unknown.png

Misteltein gather energy and charges forward, pushing enemy and damage them. Reduce 80% incoming damage while casting

FM1. Rank 1 Special Move: Gungnir unknown.png

Unleashes Power from Tein's Lance, dealing damage in front of him. Reduce 80% incoming damage while casting 

- After unlock Expert Cube: This skill count as Chase


12/21/2021 Update: 

[Change master effects]
- Magic Crit Damage bonus has been increased from 15% → 30%.
- Aerial Damage Bonus has been increased from 15% → 30%.


II. Novice Agent

1. Air Lance unknown.png

Misteltein throws the Lance upward and inflict Damage

FM2. Rank 2 Special Move: Ragnarok unknown.png

Misteltein summon numerous lance that rain down over an area, dealing damage and release all summoned lance on the field (only active the release at the last hit), dealing damage with the same amount with Release! image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png

- After unlock Advenced Cube: This skill give [Black Lamb Mascot] buff image.png.fb287ee34dd8262fdfe6d4c95791c536.png image.png.0abb111bdb3a8bc6bbdd33dec48ea156.png

that give Physical/Magical Critical Damage +10%, Move/Attack Speed +10%

- After unlock Master Cube: Automatically sets up normal Midgard and Muspelheim on the field and give 2 stack image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png


12/21/2021 Update: 

- Additional AoE Explosion's damage factor has been changed.

[Expert effect change]
- Magic defense penetration rate 20% effect and description has been deleted.
- Magic critical damage has been added by 20%.
- Rank 2 Special Move: Ragnarok counts as Chase.

III. Regular Agent

1. Magic Lance: Fenrir image.png.aeb4bc9d06b846c3fa5d0fc78c0a4d05.png

Misteltein summon a Psychic Lance that dealing Damage, Fenrir can be only use when [Fenrir's Fang] stack image.png.c08512b3c4edfc1f0e6a4d33d5deb20d.png above 3 (max 6 stack). Continuous summon the Fenrir deal double damage

- After unlock Einheir Mode: Magic Lance: Fenrir enhanced and count as [Direct Damage]

12/21/2021 Update: 

[Expert Effect Change]
- [Magic Defense Penetration] and [Magic Crit Rate] stats have been changed to [Back Crit Damage], and [Aerial Crit Damage].

[Change Master Effect]
- The reduce maximum HP effect has been changed to count as [Back / Chase]. (Excluding PVP)

- The reduce maximum HP effect has been changed to count as [Back / Chase]. (Excluding PVP)

2. To Me! image.png.87965c686ad64ec6efda104a5d235a32.png

Misteltein summon a Flag, give a [To Me!] image.png.676e4b17a0186725b5da9d72e479e4b9.png buff surrouding allies in the range with a same amounts duration and give [A Wild Myth] image.png.4d09449aafd2dfeb8d5764a400f2f47a.png to the caster

[To Me!] buff give Magic Crit Rate + 20[+1%/Skill Lv]%  Back Attack Critical Damage and Magic Critical Damage + 15[0.75%/Skill Lv]% image.png.2c923f1a15c9eb08aca3513940fff552.png

[A Wild Myth] buff give Back/Chase Critical Damage +10%[+2%/stack]% (Max 5 Stack) image.png.1f55d02d29a0db74e701099917505fe0.png

- After unlock Expert Cube: This skill count restore 10% Phase Force for all Allies in range

- After unlock Master Cube: Increase Range Buff by 50% and give caster +20% Movement Speed

To Me! Zone image.png.34a027890c6a7ee0d827250b0c55937b.png

12/21/2021 Update: 

- The Magic Crit Chance buff has been changed to Back Attack Crit Damage.

3. Laeveteinn unknown.png

Misteltein summon a magical sword that deal damage 

- After unlock Expert Cube: This skill count as Back/Chase

- After unlock Master Cube: Every 3rd use cast, this skill cast will deal double damage (image.png.a024cadd913a93468af0343aa79e7417.png - count skill)

12/21/2021 Update: 

[Change Master Effect]
- Changed so that each cast is a Sword of Frenzy Summon.
- The damage factor for Sword of Frenzy Summon has been changed.

4. Mjolnir unknown.png

Shoot out a lightning globe, drags them together and explodes, dealing damage

FM3. Rank 3 Special Skill: Valhalla's Court unknown.png

Summon the mythical hall in a form of a dome, give [Invincible] to caster and allies while inside the dome for the skill duration. Always count as Air

- After unlock Expert Cube: This skill count as Back/Chase and skill damage +30%

- After unlock Master Cube: The dome restore 5% HP/s and extend duration from 2 sec to 5 second

Rank 3 Special Skill: Valhalla's Court Zone image.png.895a6daf679145c5d7a95c5b4d115855.png

IV. Specical Agent

1. EX Aegis Rush unknown.png

Misteltein rapidly charges forward thought enemy and deal damage, give [Invincible] when cast on the first cast

- After unlock Advenced Cube: Give 1 additional cast

- After unlock Expert Cube: Give another 1 additional cast 

- After unlock Master Cube: Using Release! image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png after this skill increase Release! Damamge by 50% and count as Air/Back/Chase (this apply on Release from FM2)

NOTE: Im testing it since now we can use Release! image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png with Damage +50% and count as Air/Back/Chase with a single press, im not sure that the detail of this skill is wrong or something but when im try it on Training Room, it give a same amount of Damage (even on FM2)

12/21/2021 Update: 

- The skill range of EX Aegis Rush has been greatly increased. (Excluding PVP)


2. EX Air Lance unknown.png

Misteltein throws the Lance with powerful Phase Force upward and inflict Damage

- After unlock Advenced Cube: Increase 1 stack of [Einheir Mode] image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png

- After unlock Master Cube: This skill count as Back/Chase and Increase 3 stack of [Einheir Mode] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png

12/21/2021 Update: 

[Expert Effect Change]
- Increase damage dealt to enemies below 15% HP by 75%
   → Increase damage dealt to enemies below 50% HP by 50%

3. EX Mjolnir unknown.png

Summon a gigantic thunder hammer (Thor's Hammer :3) and swings it frontward, dealing damage and give image.png.ce0b86da5009114c50480ed628d70193.png to max stack, reduce 80% incoming damage while casting

- After unlock Advenced Cube: Every use of Magic Lance reduce is Cooldown of this skill by 1 second

- After unlock Expert Cube: This skill count as Back and +25% Damage to Enemy with >60% HP

- After unlock Master Cube: This skill count as Chase and [Direct Damage]

12/21/2021 Update: 

- The skill range of EX Mjolnir has been greatly increased. (Excluding PVP)
- The attack speed of EX Mjolnir has been increased. (Excluding PVP)

FM4. Rank 4 Specical Skill: Yggdrasil unknown.png

Manifests the World Tree, dealt damage to enemy in range and -80% incoming damage while casting, if the skill is start of the Chain skill, this skill Cooldown is reduce by 10 second

- After unlock Advenced Cube: Every use of FMs reduce is Cooldown of this skill by 5 seconds

- After unlock Expert Cube: This skill applies [World Tree's Blessing] image.png.3b7d3011aa5364d851aa56eeab3157c0.png  to all member in the party for 20 seconds

- After unlock Master Cube: [World Tree's Blessing] is enhanced, +10% Damage received by all enemy and immediataly restore 100% HP/MP/PF

[World Tree's Blessing] detail: image.png.6b5f4213ff4f21affda889918a8f0c95.png

This is what the World Tree look like ^-^) image.png.9f56ef8cfdeb77e5ec872afb921f5704.png 

12/21/2021 Update: 

- Skill damage is increased. (Excluding PVP)
- The advanced cube has had a description added regarding Magic Lance: Muspelheim.


1. Goods Fella: Misteltein image.png.e89a3439db288bfe925d8bf0000292a7.png 

In short that this passive give additional explode on FM1 when start casting, dealing Damage surrounding 


2. Task Force Skill (Goods Fella Formation A/B) unknown.png

Another FM skill, and this skill always count as Air/Back/Chase



Try to use [Condensed Phase Release Damage Increase I/II/III/IV]  image.png.94ce928d5a2bfc3899d3008c63009736.png in all your option skill cube. The Misteltein main DPS skill is EX Mjolnir unknown.png so you can give it the best skill cube you have, and Rank 2 Special Move: Ragnarok unknown.png / Rank 3 Special Skill: Valhalla's Court unknown.png provide the highest damage belong with 5 FMs skill, so that you can give them the best skill cube: Special skill for it

If you dont have [Condensed Phase Release Damage Increase I/II/III/IV] image.png.82a523fe3b23b763458efdfec7753203.png, use any skill cube that give Damage Dealt, Damage Bonuss during PF and replace to [Condensed Phase Release Damage Increase I/II/III/IV] when you have it



- The skill that can be skip animation is: 

1. Magic Lance: Midgard image.png.5f8690398d4036d7b5abff20118a58d5.png

2. Magic Lance: Muspelheim image.png.8e2959bf11132ed702bc14f07af0993e.png

3. Magic Lance: Niflheim image.png.f785d81bb8772a73e9b201076d06f636.png

4. EX Air Lance unknown.png

5. Rank 4 Specical Skill: Yggdrasil unknown.png

6. Task Force Skill (Goods Fella Formation A/B) unknown.png

- The skill that you must full cast or cancel it in right time to deal full damage:

1. Tempest image.png.fb4bf8b7821a37cb29d61573ad8fe30b.png

2. Rank 2 Special Move: Ragnarok unknown.png

3. Rank 3 Special Skill: Valhalla's Court unknown.png

4. Magic Lance: Fenrir image.png.aeb4bc9d06b846c3fa5d0fc78c0a4d05.png

5. EX Mjolnir unknown.png


unknown.png (Reduce 10s CD + image.png.3b7d3011aa5364d851aa56eeab3157c0.png) -> unknown.png (Max image.png.ce0b86da5009114c50480ed628d70193.png stack) -> unknown.png (with image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png)-> image.png.5f8690398d4036d7b5abff20118a58d5.png -> image.png.8e2959bf11132ed702bc14f07af0993e.png -> image.png.fb4bf8b7821a37cb29d61573ad8fe30b.png (give 1 image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png) -> unknown.png -> unknown.png (fully image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png) -> image.png.f785d81bb8772a73e9b201076d06f636.png -> image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png


unknown.png (with a lot of Enhance Lance on the field) -> image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png -> unknown.png (cancel Animation - only get the TF Damage Passive) -> unknown.png



Always keep an eye on [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png, try to use 

1. Magic Lance: Midgard image.png.5f8690398d4036d7b5abff20118a58d5.png

2. Magic Lance: Muspelheim image.png.8e2959bf11132ed702bc14f07af0993e.png

3. Magic Lance: Niflheim image.png.f785d81bb8772a73e9b201076d06f636.png

with full [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png. With full Stack, all of them will summon the Enhanced one, which is strengthen your buff and won't disappear after Release! image.png.55ef0d471e5aa9cb72c5cb00a2aef9d7.png

Since the Magic Lance: Muspelheim image.png.8e2959bf11132ed702bc14f07af0993e.png always Summon Enhanced after learned FM4, so you can summon it anytime with the Lance always Enhanced, that why when [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png max, it only cost when you summon Magic Lance: Midgard image.png.5f8690398d4036d7b5abff20118a58d5.png or Magic Lance: Niflheim image.png.f785d81bb8772a73e9b201076d06f636.png 


SKILL WHICH GIVE [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png IS 

1. Magic Lance: Midgard image.png.5f8690398d4036d7b5abff20118a58d5.png (Normal - give 1 [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png)

2. Magic Lance: Niflheim image.png.f785d81bb8772a73e9b201076d06f636.png (Normal - give 1 [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png)

3. Tempest image.png.fb4bf8b7821a37cb29d61573ad8fe30b.png (Give 1 [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png after get Special Agent)

4. Magic Lance: Fenrir image.png.aeb4bc9d06b846c3fa5d0fc78c0a4d05.png (Give 1 [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png)

5. Rank 2 Special Move: Ragnarok unknown.png (Give 2 [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png after unlock Master Cube)

6. EX Air Lance unknown.png (Give 1 [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.729e5d6204201667ebf651637c2170ef.png after unlock Advenced Cube - Give 3 [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png after unlock Master Cube)


=> The 3 Lance Enhanced Combo: Start with full [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png -> Magic Lance: Midgard image.png.5f8690398d4036d7b5abff20118a58d5.png -> Magic Lance: Muspelheim image.png.8e2959bf11132ed702bc14f07af0993e.png -> EX Air Lance unknown.png (give full [Einheri Mode Stack] image.png.add4c51a3595142be22cc159da20eecd.png) -> Magic Lance: Niflheim image.png.f785d81bb8772a73e9b201076d06f636.png


III. Misteltein Gear Tuning/Chip

- Since Misteltein is the Magical Users so try to get Magical Tune as much as possible, and because he dont have much Chase procs on his skill so get Air/Back Tune too. And because Tein dont need Attack Speed too much and he can be easily to enter the PF so get the Damage Bonus during PF is better than Attack Speed (if you go on TCP then Attack Speed give more TCP than PF)

Weapon: Additional Magic Power/Magic Crit Damage/Back Attack Crit Damage/Damage Bonus During PF/Back Attack Damage or [EX Mjolnir  + 1]unknown.png 


Mod: Magic Crit Damage/Back Attack Crit Damage/[EX Mjolnir  + 1]unknown.png 


Trinket: Total Magic Power/Magic Crit Damage/Air or Back Attack Damage


Trigger: Total Magic Power/Magic Crit Damage/Air or Back Attack Critical Damage/Air or Back Attack Damage or Damage Bonus During PF or Attack Speed


Receiver (Busan or Lower): PF Charge Speed/Magic Crit Damage


Receiver (Traitor Dragon): Magic Power/Magic Crit Damage/Air or Back Attack Critical Damage/Air or Back Attack Damage


Costume: get Magical Tune as much as possible, and because he dont have much Chase procs on his skill so get Air/Back Tune too


- About Chip, like Tune, Misteltein is the Magical Users so doing like you do with tuning :3

Weapon: Blue + Green Chip (T2 or T3) And Platinum: Aerial/Back [Magical] (T1/T2/T3 depend on what you have) image.png.95cbe0cd8d576fbf1f1ff6b7196cbc82.png

Mod: Green Chip (T2 or T3) And Platinum: Aerial/Back [Magical] (T1/T2/T3 depend on what you have) image.png.5975beaa367ef7f22c4048edc3990e3e.png

Trinket: Green Chip (T2 or T3) And Platinum: Aerial/Back [Magical] (T1/T2/T3 depend on what you have) image.png.b59605cb77a6ad5c840194f35a8ba7a6.png

Receiver: Tiamat Black Chip + Tiamat Green Chip + Tiamat Purple Chip/Platinum: Aerial/Back [Magical] image.png.6c2c1a660af10de79ed330b9df51457d.png 


IV. Misteltein PNA Use

- Once again, as i said, Misteltein is the Magical Users so (you know what to do :3)

1. Offensive Trait:

Array Genes: Magic Power (Rate) image.png.1b19a484f6fa78c4e4d6c67ef5f1975c.png

Combination Genes: Physical/Magical Defend Penetration image.png.b6dba73ff279684d59d07314457fa5f3.png

Mutation Genes: Air/Back Attack Cri Damage Bonus image.png.de1471cf0b6686ed82367dd5dad223df.png

2. Defensive Trait:

Array Genes: HP (Rate) image.png.680cfaf2cbc2ec4bbe73337dde5cdcca.png or Physical/Magical Defends image.png.5f71d3e3cc0f1c5543449f242a28f72a.png

Combination Genes: Physical/Magical Defends image.png.986c0d70023cf541da23ca39da895e47.png

Mutation Genes: HP (Rate) image.png.e4946daaad21ddfa41525516ebae9506.png or Physical/Magical Damage Reductionimage.png.80fd29484ad62346332ca54d0e90b78c.png

3. Utility Trait:

Array Genes: Movement Speed image.png.3adb4d5f7c9c8b247d9f2957293bef3c.png 

Combination Genes: Damage Bonus during Empowered State image.png.5945c1d2b65a652e8bc7faab4ddf81dd.png 

Mutation Genes: Damage Bonus during Empowered State  image.png.bca702cdb762c80a9a20e715ff6d6ff3.png

 4. Special Stain: 

- Weapon Affinity + Aerialist + Backstabber


5. Amplifier (using Code:Closers PNA Exclusive)


(All PNA is Perfected, if you dont have it, try to find Attack Power on Red, Air/Back/Chase Crit Damage on Blue and anything on Green)

(if you use the Normal one) image.png.bca7f8ac8b6e4abb652b43ec7d08c5da.png

IV. Misteltein Title Progession

1. One Who Has Taken Back the Blue Sky image.png.7fb04d17c3c989a3cf055da554eac266.png (obtain it at Puri - MatterMixer V.1)

2. Next in Line for Purification image.png.edf2adeccfa76c86d7511838c5794ec3.png (Clear Overflowed [Reversed] 50 time)

3. Saint of the Extinct Beasts! image.png.9502e5b6f7cf85faecc2b429b6d701e2.png (Obtain it at Puri - MatterMixer V.1 using Sea of Pollution Materials)

4. Faceless Stranger image.png.2edc3e691288f8ada9c96033d00e4fde.png (Clear Battle Program: Untouchable 50 times) - Optional Title

5. He who broke Contradiction image.png.65f730af459d65d17121016bc3ea38c9.png (Clear Training Program: Gina Trace 100 times) - Optional Title 

6. Screaming Tiamat image.png.5651a94c129c7ed4c77f75875a491205.png (Obtain it at MatterMixer Allan V.3 at Ancient Dragon History Site - Tiamat Zone using Wyrm's Eye)

and the Screaming Tiamat is the best Title in the game now





See you in game, im Chloe from Code:Closers Server


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12/21/2021 Update
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