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[CONTEST] Code: Official Guide

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Do you consider yourself to be the most knowledgeable of your character?

Do you have a wealth of knowledge that could be useful to other players?


Now is your chance to share it on our forums and get rewarded it for!

Create a guide for Code:Closers and receive bits in return! Those who are in our discord server will get extra perks for having their guides selected!






With our old forums being wiped, we're missing a lot of guides that were seen as useful and important to old and new players alike.


To help get some of these important guides back, we'll begin rewarding players for submitting well thought out, updated and useful guides! Guides that meet our standards will be moved to the "Official Guide" section of the forums!


Rules and Regulations:

  • Follow all CODE:Community Guidelines
  • No +18 content is permitted
  • No stealing/copying of other's work - the guide must be your own and cannot be a copy of other guides already posted for any version of Closers.
  • Please only use assets you make or were given permission to use
  • Do not use multiple forum accounts to spam likes or entries
  • The guide must be updated and viable for our current version
  • If you use abbreviations, please be sure to clarify what those abbreviations mean!
    • Try to see your guide in the eyes of someone completely new to Closers!
  • Existing Guides can be submitted to this event, but you must be the original writer and the guide must follow the rules and regulations listed here
  • Apperance matters! Please be sure to use lots of screenshots and images to help show off your guide topic!
  • If you would like to participate in the Discord portion of the event, please submit your guide to the #code-forum-guide channel!
    • This is optional!
  • Link your guide submissions to this thread once they're completed!






Deadline: August 30th, 2021


While we appreciate every guide and the helping hand that someone can give, we do have to have additional regulations for the guides itself. We reserve the right to deny a guide's submission to this event if we feel is does not match the standards of being an Official Guide, or pinned to their character section.


Types of guides we're looking for (but not limited to):

  • Character Guides
    • Including information like:
      • Skill builds & rotations, skill cubes, PNA Builds, Chips, Gear and Title Progression, etc


  • Chip Guides
    • Including information like:
      • How to obtain chips, how to upgrade chips, move chips from gear to gear, etc


  • PNA Guides
    • Including information like:
      • How to unlock PNA, how to get PNA strains, explanations of custom PNA strains, PNA combinations, etc


  • Gear Progression
    • Including information like:
      • Gear per level progression and locations, transcendence of gear and how it works, where and how to obtain accessories, gear enhancements and methods, etc.


  • General New Player Guides
    • Including information like:
      • Farming Credits, what to focus on getting during events, in-game & custom systems (e.g Order shop, M-Points in cash shop, costume fusion, CODE: Fusion), etc.


  • General Raid Information
    • Including information like:
      • How to unlock raids, general info & mechanics per boss (BBv1 & 2, Asmo 1 & 2), raid UI and how it works, raid opening time, claiming the reward upon completion, gear belonging to each raid, how and where to use the dropped key item (Temple's/Corrupted Beginnings), etc


This is just a list of example guides we're looking for! Anything you feel would be a valuable asset to newer/returning player, or even an older one, is a guide we're looking for!





The winners will receive 5500 - 9500 bits and this special Frame! Bit amounts vary based on the effort put into the guide and the detail of the guide.


Those who submit their guide link to our Discord server (#code-Forum-guide) as well, will receive the Guide Specialist role on discord!


If you have won please contact @Harpy on the forums if you have not received your prizes within a week.

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